Last Chance is SUNDAY…

I recently announced an irresistible special offer for you to join me for 3 days of live training (all me, all 3 days) at Feminine Money Mastery, happening this October 12-14.

This live training is for you if you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, therapist or practitioner, and you want to own your worth from the inside out (that’s the only way it really happens) and shift into making more money. Like, A LOT MORE.

This is specifically for you if your clients are corporate, entrepreneurs, small business or individuals.

Right now you can pick up your ticket for just $197. This special ROLL-BACK 90% OFF SAVINGS ENDS SUNDAY, August 2nd (click here for details).

Why participate in this 3-day Feminine Money Mastery training with me? To achieve for yourself, results like these women did who attended last year:
  • Like how this training was the catalyst behind one participant struggling at $30k per year to now reaching her $150k annual income goal.
  • And how another participant went from massively over-delivering to cutting her work hours and spending more time each week with her daughter. Oh, and raising her fees, filling her group and starting a waiting list in the process.
  • And how another participant doubled the number of people signing up for her program, at a 30% higher fee and delivered in less time.
  • And how another participant leaped her income forward by 6-figures within a few months of the training while having her team free her time.
This is what owning your worth looks like: Being of service & making fabulous income, with awesome boundaries and a high quality of life.  


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Details are on this page.

Listen carefully: this is NOT one of those dog-and-pony show “events” full of selling from the stage.

This is ALL ME live for 3 days. Powerful exercises. On-the-spot coaching. Tons of interaction. Awesome networking.

Feminine Money Mastery is the training that makes the difference. For you owning your worth. For you increasing your income.

Plus, with your workshop materials I’m including done-for-you word-for-word scripts on how to handle life’s messiest situations in business (saving you TONS of time).

I’m giving you templates on 5 simple ways to increase your cash flow, a keep-forever checklist of how to easily raise your fees, 6 specific ways to increase results of your sales conversations and so much more.

Plus you’ll get a cheat sheet of powerful weekly coaching questions that will keep you connected to money, making more and loving your business.

Here’s to you taking action from the place you want to be!

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To be clear, Feminine Money Mastery training is YOU shifting about money, from the inside out.

Plus me teaching you the exact places in your business to make simple changes so you immediately begin making more money, and with feminine grace and ease.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?  Like the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for in your business.

Let’s see if this is a fit for you:
>>> Click here NOW to lock in the 90% off ROLL-BACK SAVINGS TODAY through THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 2nd. 

Remember always, I believe in you, like no other!