A coaching mindset about pricing?

Have you ever felt unsure of how to help a client figure out her ideal pricing?

Maybe because you didn’t feel 100% confident with your OWN fees?

Here is my belief that will solve this for you…

As a coach, your role is NOT to know the perfect price someone should charge (that would take one heck of a crystal ball!)

Your role as a coach is to ask *powerful questions* (like the ones I give you in my free training).

Knowing which powerful questions to ask is how you coach your client to quickly get unstuck about her pricing and see the value of what she offers in an entirely NEW light.

The moment that shift happens is magical!

Your client’s energy goes ‘bing’ and instantly, she’s choosing a higher price she now believes is possible.

And she so appreciates YOU for being a rock star coach.  
Isn’t creating these shifts exactly why you wanted to be a coach in the first place?


I have powerful questions I ask my clients that instantly spark them into aligned action about their pricing, no pushing needed.

I’m happy to share them with you!

You’ll find them in my new, FREE online training workshop — www.TheSoulofPricing.com —  that you can get access to over the weekend.

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