A coaching secret for creating client accountability

Have you ever felt unsure of how to hold your coaching client accountable?

Maybe because you didn’t want to feel like you were pushing them or that you were coming on too strong?

Or maybe it was the opposite for you, and you were hesitant to pin them down to an action commitment?

Here is my belief: Your role as a coach is to help your clients get unstuck and moving forward QUICKLY.


So your client quickly gains confidence in themselves and experiences first-hand what they’re capable of accomplishing.

It’s all about stretching their envelope, which is what they are hiring you for!

Here is a really important mistake I see coaches make – jumping straight into asking their client what action step they want to take and by when.

Asking this question too soon means your client either gives you an answer they’re not truly committed to…or they don’t know what action to take and now feel even more doubtful about what to do.

So how do you coach your client into an aligned action that they’re sure to accomplish quickly?

First, remember that knowing what action to take comes easily AFTER you coach your client to get their inner game lined up with what they say they want.

Here’s how you do that:

  • 1st, Coach your client to get clear on what their ultimate outcome is (you’ll be surprised how often this step unleashes your client’s power to take action quickly!)
  • 2nd, Coach your client to connect with their ‘why’ (I call this ‘feeling into the outcome’)
  • 3rd, Coach your client to let go of any people pleasing that might stop them from taking action (this is often where their doubts or fears are coming from)

When your client is clear on what they want, passionate about their why, and feels confident about handling the people around them, THEN asking what their action step is simple and feels exciting for your client to answer.

So how long does this type of coaching take to accomplish?

Only 5 – 15 minutes, when you know the right, powerful questions to ask and have a framework for your coaching calls.

And here’s something else…

I have a specific question I ask my clients that instantly sparks them into aligned action, no pushing needed.

In fact, the question I ask is so elegant and easy, your clients will WANT to get into action…and they’ll think that you’re a rock star coach for helping them stretch.

I’m happy to share with you what the question is (and when the right time is to ask it).

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