Are you tolerating this?

woman-lanternFor women entrepreneurs, money isn’t something just to be tolerated.

It’s bigger than that. And a lot more personal. Like, in-your-face-can’t-avoid-it personal.

Money is your spiritual path.

One that is deeply emotional. Sometimes complicated. And always mirroring what you believe is possible for yourself.

Which brings me to you and your business.

Did you know that the results of every marketing or business growth strategy you try to implement this year hinge on your relationship with money?

Yes, it’s that powerful of a force.

So why wouldn’t you want it to be rock solid, confident and empowered?

The Whole Money Thing. And What It Means For You.

This autumn I’ll be coaching, teaching, inspiring (and yes, kicking some butt) at my signature live workshop, Feminine Money Mastery.

Tickets are on sale TODAY through Saturday, June 13th for just $197.

Then they will go up.

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This isn’t just a ticket to a workshop…it’s your pass to eliminating the internal conflicts with money that have been diminishing your self-confidence.

It’s your pass to learning exactly how to end the arguments about money you have with your partner (I’ll teach you my Courageous Money Conversation skills. You’ll love them. He’ll love them. You’ll both be happier.)

And it’s your chance to learn my insider’s business secrets to making more money so you can feel amazing about yourself.

Attending Feminine Money Mastery is stepping out of the shadows with money and into your light.

It’s practical training + emotional edginess + my special brand of fierce love and coaching.

And it’s all for you because you deserve the best in a money breakthrough, and this is it!

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No more tolerating, okay?

This is going to help you like nothing else can or ever will.

With this, you’re going to feel like you’ve turned a corner. Where everything about you and money in your business (and in your life too!) feels like it clicks into place.

You’re going to see results and save 90% off your ticket here.

I can’t wait to see you at Feminine Money Mastery!

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Love to you,


PS – This is the ONLY training of its kind. Because everyone else focuses either on trying to get you to understand deadly boring spreadsheets (please!) or tries to hype you up on a flavor-of-the-month strategy that may or may not even work for your business, or tries to get you to chant a new mindset.

Seriously?! If that’s all it took for women to be successful in business, everyone would be a billionaire.

The truth is, I’ve created a business that generates multi 7-figures year after year.

I’ve had to face my own money stuff in a big way.

I’ve learned.

I’ve created amazingly simple systems, templates and money strategies that will transform your business revenue…and give you the confidence you’ve been seeking.

Just one thing…Feminine Money Mastery is for you if you’re willing to be brave…even if you at moments feel afraid (that’s a perfectly normal reaction every time you’re up to a big, personal breakthrough).

This is for you if you’re willing to be vulnerable…so that you’re no longer held back from creating that next level of success you’re hungry for (yes, I get that you are an achiever. Me too. It’s all good).

It’s for you if you’re willing to step up into making more money in a beautifully powerful, aligned way that integrates the practical actions + the emotional edges that this topic always calls forward.

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PPS – Remember how I said making fabulous money is part of your spiritual path?

At Feminine Money Mastery there will a moment where a light goes on within you, and you say, “I got it!”

I’ve coached thousands of women entrepreneurs to have that moment. Now it’s your turn!

Only…you won’t have that moment sitting home. And no, this workshop is not recorded for sale later, and it won’t be offered via live stream.

The only way to get this for yourself — my best training on empowering you with money in your life and business — is by joining me live this October.

Tickets are on sale TODAY through Saturday, June 13th for just $197.

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