My mentor really got this WRONG

Years ago one of my early mentors advised me, “I shouldn’t coach women on money because other people were already doing it.”


Now I can shake my head in wonder, because that advice was so crazy wrong, it’s laughable.

But at the time, when she said it?

It stopped me in my tracks.

It got me thinking that maybe she was right…

In a snarky way it played right into the “Who do you think you are?” self-doubt that at that time, lied lurking just below the surface of my self-confidence.

For months I allowed what she said to sabotage the progress of my business, until one day (in the shower, of all places) I blurted out, “She’s WRONG!”

That moment was one I will remember for the rest of my life…

Because it’s when I began embracing a high-end business model that was life changing for me and for my clients.

(High-end meaning charging fees that honor the beautiful value you bring to your clients.)

The results of that choice?

Creating multi 7-figures in coaching income year after year…and certifying other women entrepreneurs to achieve their highest income goals.

What emerged from that experience was a simple mindset I created to help me make the soul shift from under-charging to embracing my worth.


It’s a fascinating mindset because you can customize it for yourself…here’s the formula: Read More


Are you hanging out with HER?

There I was…standing up during a networking meeting, nervously sweating the moment coming up, where I was about to recite the dreaded “What I do is…” introduction.

This was back in the first year of my business and I didn’t have a clue…about who my ideal client was (or who I was!) and what they were on fire to solve that I could help them with.

Somehow I stammered out a sentence or two. I think it was something about how I helped people change limiting beliefs.

Wow. So. Not. Powerful.

In a room full of my ideal clients it felt as if I had an invisible barrier separating them from talking with me.

I nearly went broke that year…

So very close to going broke that I had to make a new choice…

So what changed that allowed me to transition from going broke to creating a multi 7-figure coaching business year after year?

At that moment when I was at a crossroads of ‘do I or don’t I give up?!’ I took an honest look at who I was serving and the offer I was putting out into the world.

And I made a new choice.


I decided to choose a new ideal client (I call her my Perfect Client). Read More


Would these beliefs change your commitment?

I’ve been a big believer in charging premium fees for your coaching since early on in my coaching career.

So much so that years ago one of the first phrases I trademarked was “How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It!®.”

It’s really more than just a phrase, it’s a mindset — a perspective — that can change your entire business…

…and challenge the beliefs that are likely holding you back right now from creating 6-figure+ in your business.

Beliefs like, is it even right to charge higher fees? What if someone tells me they can’t afford it, don’t I owe it to them to lower my fee and make it comfortable for them?

Great questions!

Questions like these tell me that you are someone who cares about others, and someone who wants to run your business with total integrity.

Integrity is one of my company’s core commitments. What that means for us is doing what we believe best serves the interests of our clients.

When I first made the switch to charging premium fees I discovered I had to own up to a few key truths, facts really, that quickly became my new beliefs and made it crystal clear I was being fully in integrity by honoring them.


Would you like me to share my beliefs with you? Read More


Article #115: How Long Do Your Coaching Sessions *Really* Need To Be To Deliver Rock Star Results For Your Clients & Income For You? (The Answer May Surprise You)

Are your coaching sessions more than 30 minutes?

Do you end a coaching session feeling like you could have (should have) given more to your client?

If yes, then sister, we need to talk and here’s why…

Women are naturally born to be amazing coaches.

We’re awesome listeners, highly intuitive, creative, and we know how to create deep and meaningful connection.

But the desire to be of service and really help someone can also set you up to let your coaching sessions go too long, costing you time and putting you at risk of losing clients.


Here’s how women get caught in the over-coaching trap… Read More


My favorite new year gratitude exercise

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This year has been focused on intense change.

At the beginning of the year I knew I had to start breaking the rules of who I WAS so that I could redefine and step into who I was meant to BECOME.

I stepped away from lucrative but soul-sucking income streams that were no longer in my “soul of genius”.

And instead courageously said yes to my core strengths and what I love to do most in my business.

Throughout this past year I created a wealth of exercises and new strategies that work synergistically so that today, I’m living into my new vision powerfully, creating income and impact at a new level that is exciting and brings me the ultimate in joy and fulfillment!

As my new year’s gift to you I created a short audio, where I coach you through one of the simple, powerful exercises I designed and used for myself.

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In 15 minutes you’ll create a grounded, specific vision for yourself that pulls you forward.

Sound good? Click the audio above to listen to this free coaching exercise now.

If you’re currently at multi 6-figures and you yearn for 7-figures, this exercise will help you start breaking the rules on how you create + lead your business forward with greater grace and ease.

If you’re not at multi 6-figures yet, this exercise will help you clarify what you need to do to get there.

This free coaching exercise is my gift for you, so ENJOY and Happy New Year!


Leading your own certification program

My predication for 2017 is that we will see a rapid rise in the number of women entrepreneurs offering certification programs as a key piece of their business model.

The reason why is because the ‘certification model’ is lucrative, can easily leverage your time so you’re creating freedom, and speaks to women entrepreneurs who are at heart, leaders.

I truly ADORE the certification model and my journey with it since creating my first certification training in 2009 includes generating millions in highly profitable revenue, certifying over 1,100 graduates, seeing my teachings spread over 14 countries and feeling fulfilled that I am expressing my soul’s divine purpose through my business.

There is both the soul + strategy to creating certification programs and while I always lead with soul first, sometimes the soul work doesn’t come prettily packaged with a nice, shiny pink bow.

If you feel a calling to offer your own certification programs then in the beginning you’re probably going to experience the duality of feeling called to rise up as a leader…and feeling a massive case of “Who am I?”


I remember vividly the split second after I decided I wanted to create my first certification program, feeling immediately overcome with a surprise attack of “Who am I…”

It sounded something like this: Read More


Happy Thanksgiving! (Appreciation blessing)

kendall-red-newIt’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., which is my favorite holiday of the year.

Gratitude. Appreciation. Family.

How deeply can you allow yourself to feel gratitude?

Not only for the events in your life that feel celebratory…

…but also for the experiences you’ve gone through that required faith and courage.
Years ago I wrote this blessing and it’s even more relevant today as women entrepreneurs are rising up and stepping into their brilliance.
I encourage you to read this out loud, as if I were standing right with you.
Blessing of Gratitude and Appreciation

When your intuition says, “Yes” but logic tries to convince you that “You’re not ready,” remember that intuition is the voice of the Divine.

When your desire is to step up but you feel afraid, remember that you wouldn’t have the desire if you weren’t capable and ready to fulfill it.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, remember that you can choose in that moment to feel immense gratitude and appreciation for YOUR unique brilliance.

If you find yourself holding back, remember that you’re standing on the edge between the old and the new you.

If you’re wanting clarity, remember that clarity comes when you decide and take action.

If you’ve been playing small, remember that you only have one life and it’s meant to be played full out and full of passion.

If you always give generously to others, remember that opening up to receiving is an act of grace.

Remember that what you admire and appreciate in others is ALREADY present within YOU!

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Something fun to shift your energy…

kendall-smileAre you meant to be the “courageous champion” in your business, or do you lean towards being the “compassionate service” type?

Maybe you are meant to lead as the “creative visionary” or as the “magnetic celebrity”.

There are 8 styles of leadership and discovering what YOURS isthrough your relationship with money — will instantly give you the mindset and direction you’ve been seeking in order to create a new level of achievement in your business.

I’m honored to share a special gift I created for you – a quick assessment (FREE) where you’ll discover that it isn’t just your thoughts and feelings about money that determine your success…

…there is actually a powerful force at work that defines who you are at a soul level.

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I think you’re going to love what you discover!

And isn’t it time to feel joy in your life?

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In case you didn’t already guess, I am the “courageous champion” in my business.

Discovering this is what opened a multitude of doors for me in my business, quickly leading to making more money, accepting who I am at a soul level, and feeling ultimately fulfilled.

This is what is possible for you, too!

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Standing strong, finding faith and what’s next

heart-fireThe election is over but it has left a wake of emotional upheaval, and the inevitable questioning of, “How will this effect ME?!”

So I’m reaching out to you today to share guidance on how to navigate your way through, find your faith and emerge victorious on the other side, standing strongly in your power.

Some of what I’m about to share may piss you off because I’m not going to recommend giving away your power to a world’s end view of this tumultuous event.

The core belief in all of my coaching is to hold you as powerful and if, at times that means you get a little pissed then I’m okay with that because I love you and care about you.

I hope that the wisdom I’m sharing here will be of service to you anytime that you experience a bump in the road or a setback.

Make no mistake about it, it takes courage and a brave heart to feel your feelings fully…AND to make empowered choices as you move forward.

So hand in hand, let me walk you through this together…

Allow yourself to feel and get your ENERGY moving.

Drowning in negative emotions only deepens our sense of powerlessness. This is not the moment to numb out with alcohol, o.d. on chocolate or binge-watch Netflix.

My advice is to DO something physical – dance wildly, dig in your garden, work out hard, amp up in spinning class …the point is to be fully in your body, moving your muscles and breaking a sweat.

This isn’t about whether you feel like doing it or not (you may not right now)…just do it!

Trust me, giving yourself permission to feel fully as you move your body gives you an immediate emotional detox.

What is YOUR radical change?

Fascinatingly, the message throughout both sides of the election was of radical change.

The status quo has been shaken to its core and ignoring this fact is handing over your power on a silver platter to someone who will not safeguard or nurture it to your benefit.

I’m choosing to use what has happened as a giant wake-up call because regardless of who won, the women’s empowerment movement will not be stopped.

We each have a personal glass ceiling of beliefs that are soooo worth breaking through, because the YOU that you blossom into in the process is who you are meant to be at your soul level.

(I’ll be sending specific tips on how to do this in an upcoming email in just a few days).

Your power doesn’t come from an outer authority, it comes from within YOU.

The work you do matters. Your brilliance is extraordinary.

And where you put your considerably energy and focus is of YOUR choosing.

So if you’re feeling scared then it’s time to stop hiding.

If you’re angry then it’s time to give voice to your style of leadership.

If you’re sad then remember that within your courageous heart lives your dream and your joy, and you can choose not to let anyone take these from you.

Own your power now. Today. Not just when it’s easy and fits into your schedule.

You are a woman of courage and the feeling of owning your power — starting within that huge heart of yours — means YOU are defining your experience and owning your light.

The powerful coaching question I am asking myself is, “What is the BEST reason this is happening?”

I recently came across this beautiful quote from Audre Lorde – “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

The fact that you are AMAZING is more true today than it’s ever been.

And remember, as long as you and I stay connected then you are not alone.

Love to you my courageous, beautiful friend!