Is it okay to be successful right now?

Right now it’s tough not to feel as if you’re facing a crossroads.

For guys, the call to make a difference looks like the hero’s journey of charging forward with sword and shield, ready to fight for what he believes is right.

But for women, it’s the heroine’s journey, and our calling is for empowerment of ourselves and the brave hearted women we are meant to coach.

If your desire is to make a difference then I urge you, don’t shrink because of the world’s difficulties.

Instead, use the power of this time to create the version of YOUR life that you want to live.

When I made the choice to start coaching soulful women entrepreneurs on simple steps that quickly result in creating a lucrative business they love, my life transformed in the process.
From initially struggling to ‘make it’ as a coach, to creating a coaching business that honors my desire to empower women and creates lucrative income for me and my family.

The ‘lucrative’ part of my coaching business journey took me first to 6-figures, then high 6-figures, then into 7-figures+ every year since 2008.

The numbers for your journey may look different but I promise you this: There is a wealth of new clients waiting to work with YOU!

I hope you won’t leave them uncoached!

This is your time, to claim your extraordinary self with lucrative, soul-rich certified coach training.

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Thinking of you…

There are 2 paths you can take for creating your successful coaching business.

The first is to become a marketing machine. You know, launch-centered, consumed with metrics, conversion and numbers.

OMG it makes me tired even writing those words!

The alternative & easier path is the one I call ‘coaching like a rock star’.

Coaching like a rock star is how you effortlessly combine your love of helping people with creating a lucrative coaching business.

Because coaching like a rock star is how you can immediately begin:
  • Attracting high-end clients
  • Creating deeply transformational results
  • Keeping clients longer
  • Making more money in your coaching business
Doesn’t the path of coaching like a rock star sound like the perfect match for you, your integrity and what you value?

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How to unify soul’s purpose & making money as a coach…

kendall-red-wallOne of the topics I love to coach on is unifying our soul’s purpose with making money as a high-end, soulful coach.

I remember the day I made the decision to BE a million dollar business woman.

Was my income even close to that at the time?

Not even remotely close and I was constantly hustling to find my next client!

What I remember so clearly is that decision sprang from a place of intense frustration with what my business looked like then.

It’s like, hitting that emotional bottom became a powerful catalyst for spring boarding me into naming what I truly desired.

That decision felt terrifying (Really? A MILLION dollars? Who did I think I was?!!).

BUT…it instantly catapulted me out of frustration and onto a path that had purpose.

Picture this …

I had no earthly idea how I was going to do it.

I didn’t know other women in the coaching space at that time who were at that level.

I didn’t hang out with wealthy people or highly successful entrepreneurs.

I constantly wondered if what I had to offer would be good enough.

I had intense doubts about whether I could “handle” a bigger business

And I was working from a tiny $99 desk purchased from target.

Hardly the look and feel of a million dollar business woman, right?!

Here’s what’s fascinating…

Back then, if my future-self had said to me, “Listen up girl, because this is a life-changing decision and in 2 years you’re going to reach it. Plus you’re going to radically up-level your sense of purpose, confidence and impact in the world!” …

I would have said, “Oh no, you must be talking about someone else, not me.”

But as it turns out, she was right.

I reached 7-figures in 2 years. Then grew my coaching business far beyond that every year from there on forward.

I’m not sharing this to brag…

…I’m sharing this because I feel intense gratitude that I rebelliously listened to my desire rather than bending to what others thought I “should” do.

I started using high-end, soul client strategies and I allowed my commitment to be stronger than my fear.

In truth, the journey to a million dollar business is not for everyone.

For some it’s achieving the $100k mark…or $350k…or $500k.

Whatever your desire is (not just wishful thinking but true, burning desire) I offer these insights to help get you started:

#1: Make The Commitment.
For me this was declaring, “I want to make a million dollars” out loud, in my office.

My only witness was my dog, but giving voice to that commitment was electrifying and grounded my desire like a tree planting roots.

#2: Start Making Space.
Meaning, don’t let other peoples’ priorities become yours. This means every day being mindful to put time and energy into what moves you forward and NOT allowing the needs of others to creep into (or take over) the space of your day.

Trust me, the strength and confidence you’ll gain from making space is going to serve you in feeling that you are honoring your commitment, plus it will free your energy to create your new offers and opportunities.

#3: Make Decisions Quickly.
Unmade decisions are one of the biggest energy draining aspects of being in business. Making decisions quickly creates clarity and clarity is freedom.

#4: Trust Yourself More. Way More.
We’ve all made decisions in the past that didn’t work out. Let it go. You did the best you could at the time and now is a NEW time.

My intuition is my greatest strength as a coach, and as the CEO of my business. The inklings and whispers of ideas you have, properly nurtured and strategically designed, will get you to your income goal, I promise!

#5: Acknowledge Your Victories.
You become what you acknowledge and give awareness to every day.

Using these insights will help you rapidly become the beautiful, soulful feminine leader of a high-earning coaching business you love!


Client payment problem? (My 3 favorite tips)

Being the Feminine leader of your business means you have to come face to face with not only your own relationship with money…but that of your clients as well.

How do you handle it when a client’s payment bounces?

Do you take it personally? Does it cause you to feel guilty and ask yourself what you potentially did wrong? Is your client now avoiding contact, leaving you unclear as to what to do next?

If this happens to you, the first thing to realize is it’s NOT PERSONAL.

Don’t even start down the road of “I didn’t do enough” or “I’m not good enough” because that is so not true!

When handled correctly, most client payment situations can be quickly resolved and — this may sound weird, but it’s true — can even help you deepen your relationship with your client.

Situations like these can help you clearly define your feminine style of leadership and hold yourself — and your client — as powerful no matter what.

Let me give you my 3 best practices tips for resolving client payment situations and eliminating ANY feelings of guilt, discomfort or self-blame in the process.
Tip #1 Don’t Let Your Emotions Keep You From Standing In Your Power

Seeing that “sorry – payment declined” message appear in your inbox can trigger feelings from anger and righteousness to guilt or self-blame.

Before you let these feelings hijack you from standing in your power, take a deep breath… and another. This is not something that was done “to” you. It’s just something that happens when you’re in business.

What I do is think about the client for a moment. They’re likely feeling embarrassed, guilty or even shame, which means they’ll typically avoid wanting to talk.

Instead of letting them shut you out, you can take the leadership path which is to call them.

Here is a great script you can use — keeping a confident and compassionate tone of voice, say:
“I see that your payment didn’t go through and I’d like to talk with you about how we can get this taken care of.”
If you sound relaxed and confident they’ll feel reassured and you’re much more likely to create a positive outcome of YOU getting paid!

Tip #2 Know In Advance What Your Limits Are

When you discuss the situation with your client you’ll want to know in advance how far you’re willing to flex and for how long you’re willing to wait.

At the beginning of your conversation, clearly indicate that you HAVE limits.

For example, start your conversation by asking them what happened and what their plan is for correcting the situation.

Then, suggest that they make a payment today with you on the phone, even if it’s for a fraction of what they owe. At this point, intention and consistency is more important than the actual dollar amount.

If your client is feeling like a victim of circumstances and isn’t able to make a commitment, then it’s time to stand firm and ask them to creatively brainstorm ways they can create some ready cash.

Trust me, if their life depended on it, they would find the money!

Tip #3 Stand Strong — Your Client Is Looking To YOU As The Leader In This Situation

Always assume that this situation is temporary and that your client has every intention of paying.
Usually this is the truth, and they just need a little support, a few extra days or some creative ways to get back on track.

If you are there as their advocate, collaborating together, their shame will turn into relief and they’ll thank and appreciate you for your help and support.

Just remember, their payment dilemma is not yours to take on!

By you standing in your power as a leader, you help your client stand in their power too, even when they initially didn’t feel they could.

I believe that while client payment issues aren’t personal, they are an opportunity to grow your feminine leadership skills and confidence.

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3 don’ts with your pricing (tips inside)

As a woman entrepreneur, you’re likely highly empathetic.

You care about others’ feelings…maybe too much at times, right?

Which can cause you to hold off raising your fees.

And the result?

There you are again, working too hard, for too little.

I call this “the churn”.

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Let’s get you out of the churn, TODAY, with these tips…

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Tip #3: Don’t think your new fee is your forever fee. For example, you can increase your fees now and sign on a few new clients, then re-evaluate until you hit your sweet spot.

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Nervous about making your coaching program offer? Use my script…

I admit I’m one of those girls who likes to know ahead of time what I’m going to say.

Especially when it comes to making an offer, because ‘winging it’ leaves too much wiggle room to get nervous, talk too much, bumble or just generally sound unconfident.

Maybe you’ve been there, right?

This is why I created a script that feels natural for me, sounds authentic to my client, and closes the sale with grace and ease.

And I LOVE teaching it to my clients so they can start signing on new clients, on the spot.

Even better still, I love demonstrating what to say because then you get to hear me model the energy and inflection behind the words.

Because it isn’t just what you say, it’s how you say it that creates the results you want: new, high-end clients you’re passionate about working with.

I thought you might appreciate taking a peek at the script I teach my clients to use…sound good? Read on…

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Here is the peek at the script I promised you…

This is how you elegantly transition into making your offer at the end of a discovery session (only it’s so graceful, it won’t ‘feel’ like an offer).

First, sit back in your chair, exhale and smile.

Then ask,

“Would it be okay if I took a couple of minutes to let you know how we can work together, so you can get the results you want?”

“You no longer need to struggle with (briefly recap their issues). Imagine having (paint the picture for them of what they can have, feel, do and be instead).”

“You can have all that and here’s how – I created my (name of your coaching package) to help you XYZ (this is your 1-2 sentence description of the core, tangible results and feelings your clients get from your package)”

“Does this sound like what you’ve been looking for?”

Then what follows next?

Discussing the money part, and there are definitely crucial do’s and don’ts I teach on how to do this, including which words to avoid at all costs, and which to always use instead.

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My favorite summer journaling coaching questions…

Richard and I are on our annual summer holiday, soaking up the cool, green majestic quiet of the Oregon coast.

While I’m here, I plan on using journaling to connect with where I am now — mid-year — and to re-align my actions with my vision for 2017.

This is a deeply important process because it’s so easy to slip into busyness that leads you off course from where you want to be by year end.

I thought you would appreciate me sharing with you some of my favorite journaling questions and how I use them.

(This is the same process I’ve used every year in creating my coaching business from scratch…to now being 7+ figures every year)

First, I take out a pretty journal like this one:


Then I sit quietly and set my intention to listen to my intuition — my Wise Self — trusting that she knows what the perfect choices are for me to make.

Next, I begin free-writing to these questions:

  • What is working? And what makes it work?
  • Where am I being powerful? (In my life with my sweetie & with my horses, and in my business)
  • What makes me most proud at this moment? (This inspires deeply felt gratitude at a soul level)

Next, I switch my focus to the future, by journaling the answers to these questions:

  • What is my vision for the end of the year? (This is an opportunity to write out exactly what you are creating your business to look like so be clear & specific!)
  • What do I want that I do not have now? (I’m very specific, using tangible results to answer this question).
  • What am I committed to? (Commitment is the bridge between intention and action, and is a powerful way to create what you want!)
  • What information do I need? What do I need to know? (This directs where to put my time and energy)
  • What daily action would I take if I were unstoppable?

Throughout your journaling you can deepen the process and get even more clarity by asking, “What else?” to each question.

What makes journaling like this a powerful catalyst for growing your business is not judging what comes up.

Simply let your answers flow through you, onto the page.

I promise at the end of this process you will have what you crave the most right now: clarity about exactly what to do to become a premier coach with a lucrative business!

Enjoy and we’ll connect when I’m back from holiday.