Are your coaching sessions too long? (NEW webinar training)

It’s amazing how something as simple as how long your coaching sessions are can play an overwhelmingly HUGE part in how much money you make.


Because too-long sessions can set you up to over-deliver, leaving you feeling drained and burned out.

Plus, long sessions mean you risk losing clients because they get antsy or worse, bored.

Which means clients don’t get the results they want and don’t stick with you as long, making it necessary for you to market even more to get new clients.

Ouch, right?!

Especially when what you want is to do LESS marketing!

The solution?

First, take a breath and exhale…

…Because I’m going to show you simple tweaks to shorten your coaching sessions so you can keep clients happier, longer and getting awesome results.

It’s all part of the NEW *FREE* webinar training I’m leading on Wednesday, May 4th.

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This FREE training is designed for you if you’re a coach, or thinking about becoming a coach.

I’m sharing my 6-step Coaching Call Template with you right in the webinar (FREE of course). Easy, right? :-)

Listen closely: It isn’t selfish to want to shorten your client sessions.

It’s caring.

Because when you have a client’s rapt attention, you can coach them to deeply connect with what it is they want most…

…Then coach them to take powerful action, quickly.

(I’ll share tips with you on how to do this too — it’s so easy you’re going to love it!)

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I greatly appreciate YOU and your time so I’ve loaded this training with CONTENT you can use immediately.

(My colleagues pressured me to make this a paid class, but I’m taking a stand for giving you fabulous VALUE, all free.)

I hope you’ll join me in this special 1-time only FREE online training.

I’m confident you’re going to love it!

When you register for the free training you’ll get instant access to a BONUS checklist, “12 Characteristics of Highly Successful Coaches”.

It’s like a mini assessment (you’ll immediately see how many of these characteristics YOU naturally possess).

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Gratitude for you

This year in our coaching programs I have my clients focused on GRATITUDE.

I’ve discovered gratitude is a powerful antidote to any imposter syndrome that might be secretly holding you back (it happens, don’t worry).

In the spirit of GRATITUDE, I decided to gift you this Sunday with a special, free 15-minute audio training + companion handout.

It’s FREE.

There’s no pitch, no offer, no strings attached and no secret agenda.

Just pure appreciation for YOU bravely being on your entrepreneurial path…all packaged up in this 15-minute audio training + companion handout.

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This free 15-minute online training is me, leading you through a powerful visualization designed for you to immediately and effortlessly press reset on your pricing.

This is like having me as your coach for 15-minutes.

Because if you’re reading this, it tells me you’re ready to create a new mindset about your fees that will prepare you to confidently bring on new clients and increase your income.

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My mistake…

We closed the cart Saturday night for my brand new Package, Price + Sell online video training course, and we’re thrilled to see so many of you jumped on this at the last minute.

BUT…apparently we made a mistake.

Here’s what happened – My team started their week with an inbox full of emails from many of you who didn’t get a chance to get this online training, on such a business-critical topic.

(Note to self – next time, give you the entire weekend to check your email and make your decision!)

The mistake was felt even more deeply because my original plan was to tuck this training into the vault and not offer it again for a long time, if ever.

Soooo…We hear you! And since we’re all about being of service, here is what I decided to do:

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To be clear, I walk you through the exact steps to creating your packages & pricing.

And even better, as you complete each exercise your package & pricing is getting DONE.

Plus you get to see me demonstrating every step, which takes away all the guesswork.

If you’re ready to simplify your business and make more money let’s get you started today with instant access to Package, Price + Sell.

Creating packages that are joyful to deliver, offer great value to clients, and that make more money is the secret behind my success…and the success of hundreds of our clients.

You can do the same.

Wouldn’t you love a NEW way of packaging & pricing your services that gives you feminine grace and ease, frees your time and makes you more money?

This is it!

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3 dont’s with your pricing

As a woman entrepreneur, you’re likely highly empathetic.

You care about others’ feelings…maybe too much at times, right?

Which can cause you to hold off raising your fees.

And the result?

There you are again, working too hard, for too little and while you love helping people, you’re in serious threat of burn out.

I call this “the churn”.

And. It. Totally. Sucks.

Let’s get you out of the churn, TODAY!

Tip #1: Don’t let worrying about how your new fees will impact your current clients keep you from charging what you’re worth. There is an easy way to handle transitioning your new fees and I’ll show you how.

Want to know what to base your fees on?

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Tip #2: Don’t mistake ‘value for volume’. If you’re overloading your packages then not only are you fried, but your clients are overwhelmed and less likely to implement what you’re helping them with.

Want to know exactly what to put into your packages?

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Tip #3: Don’t think your new fee is your forever fee. For example, you can increase your fees now and sign on a few new clients, then re-evaluate until you hit your sweet spot.

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Package, Price + Sell is a complete video training, taken from a recent live workshop I delivered for my private coaching clients.

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Did you know that the wrong strategy can tank your coaching, consulting, speaking, training or professional service business?

Case in point: years ago, when I first started my business, I “did what everyone else was doing” and tried charging by the hour.

I failed miserably and nearly went broke in the process!

Intuitively I knew that creating packages made much more sense, and within 1 day of trusting myself and trying this NEW approach I signed up my first 3 package clients.

Since then I quietly mastered packages (including how to price them and how to communicate the value during an enrolling conversation) and began teaching my clients this same, simple, ultra-successful strategy.

It worked! These 3 easy to implement secrets are the root of how I grew my fledgling business from start-up to 6-figures, then high 6-figures, and then made the leap into being the multi 7-figure leading coaching company that we are today.
So HOW did I transform my services into packages that took me from bare-bones start-up, to what is now a lucrative company?

I followed the SAME steps I’ve beautifully laid out for you, in my BRAND NEW Online Video Training course


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Renee, whether you are aiming for $100k or you’re ready to reach multi 6-figures, you DON’T need a ton of different, complicated marketing strategies.

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I’ll show you how, and make it easy for you to get started.

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Package, Price + Sell
 is a complete 2-day virtual workshop delivered via online video.

You’ll watch and follow along, as I break each step down for you into short, easy to follow exercises.

Best of all, you’ll even get to see me demonstrating every step so that you’re all set and ready to bring new clients into your business.

You’ll have your package DONE, your pricing DONE and you’ll have a NEW approach to selling your services that makes it easy and authentic to sign on new clients into your program.

This is by far the most powerful, success training on this topic anywhere!

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We are so close…

We’ve been hearing from so many of you who are making ‘okay’ money in your business but know it’s nowhere near what it could be.

And despite loving the work you do with your clients, you’re fast approaching burn-out in the process.

Plus, feeling like the opportunities to work with better clients are soooo close…and yet stay just out of reach.

I understand…and I have the solution!

After coaching thousands of women entrepreneurs from the stage and in my programs, I can tell you that the problem is not YOU…it’s your packages, how they’re priced and how they’re being positioned during a client enrolling conversation.

Listen closely, because if you’ve been either charging by the hour, customizing, over-delivering or overwhelming yourself in the process, or you’re looking for that one simple key that will up-level you and your revenue immediately (and without any of those soul-sucking, complicated launches) then what I’m about to announce is specifically designed for you.

This week I’ll be opening the doors to something BRAND NEW, and available for a limited time only, so you’ll want to watch your inbox closely.

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I’m going to open the doors to the exact same system I usually keep exclusive to my private clients, so that you can quickly design packages that dramatically increase your revenue AND your profits (ladies, this is the number you want to be keeping your eye on).

Plus, the right packages, pricing and enrolling skills free your time, simplify your business and reposition you as an emerging leader in the eyes of your ideal clients.

But I must warn you, this is a different type of training — not one of those “skim-the-surface, what and why” type we’re all so bored and tired of seeing out there.

This virtual workshop is specifically for you if you’re at the stage where you want to cut through the noise and clutter, and get real training that takes the guesswork out of packaging, pricing and selling your services.

You’ll have your new package DONE, your pricing DONE and you’ll have a NEW approach to selling your services that makes it easy and authentic to sign on new clients into your program.

Excited? Me, too!

Watch your inbox closely because this opportunity truly is life changing, and will only be available for a limited time.

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My favorite 10 minute ‘quickie coaching’ goals exercise

sparklerHappy New Year!

This is a day I adore because it’s a day of new beginnings.

Towards that, I want to coach you to start your new year with clarity, intention and purpose (which is my “side-door” into goal setting so that you stay connected to what it is you really want).

You’ll notice the easy steps I’m sharing here relate to you AND your business, because feeling whole and integrated is critical for your success as a woman entrepreneur.

To get you started, all you need to do are these 3 simple steps:

#1 Claim Your Current Vision
This is one sentence that declares specifically and clearly what you want to create.

When I first started my business my vision was simple: to replace my j-o-b salary of $55k per year.

At the time I had no idea I would (or even could!) create a multi 7-figure business, empower the lives of thousands of women entrepreneurs to create 6-figure+ coaching businesses, be recognized as an industry leader, certify over 1,200 people in our coaching programs, etc.

There is no way at that time I could have visioned — let alone claimed — the type of impact and success I’ve ended up creating!

The point is to start where you are  NOW.

It’s OKAY if your current vision statement is all about you (you can always go more global once you get your own needs met first. This doesn’t make you a ‘bad person’ – it makes you an empowered leader of your life).

What matters is that your vision makes you light up when you say it, it feels exciting and you would oh-so-love to see it materialize!

Print out this email/blog post and write your vision statement here:

#2 Choose Your “Word of the Year”
This is one word that you’ll carry forward with you throughout the year, using it to illuminate where you can grow personally, plus use it to direct your business actions.

My word last year was “completion” and because of it, I completed projects, rid myself of habits that weren’t serving me, and even let go of team who were great people but no longer in alignment with my goals.

Did I complete everything on my to-do list? Nope.

Did living and breathing my word of the year change who I am and the design of my business? YES!

So what is your word of the year?

Don’t think too hard about this — let the word come to you.

Write your word of the year here:

#3 Claim Your Money Goal
Two beliefs I hold dear (and you’ll often hear others repeating, they’re that good) is that how you do money is how you do everything, and money loves attention.

Claiming your money goal serves as a powerful catalyst for you to give the Big 3 — your time, energy and actions — the FOCUS and direction required to see a real, measurable difference in your income and impact in 2016.

Here’s how: Choose a number that feels like a stretch, yet still feels achievable.

For example, if you’re not yet at 6-figures, then make that your goal.

If you’re already close to 6-figures then double what you’ve already done.

And if you’re already into 6-figures then go for a 2x or 3x goal.

The key here is to choose a money goal that gets you out of your same-old/same-old thinking, because the thinking that got you where you are won’t get you where you want to BE.

Write your money goal here:

I urge you to print this out and write down all 3 elements of this simple system!

Writing connects your head and heart, and is the distinction between wishful thinking, and a powerful intention that has clarity and purpose.

Big New Year’s HUGS to you!


New video I made for you on your pricing (pure content)

Have you ever been in the situation where you’re being asked for a refund?

Or asked if you can give a guarantee?

Or if you can wave a deposit?

If so, then you know how uncomfortable it can feel.

Unless you are prepared with your Pricing Protocol checklist.

I’ll walk you through a checklist of what your pricing protocol should include in this new 10 minute video.

Dive in now and take the first step to get in control of your pricing, because with this handled, you’ll find your business easier to run.

Private Coaching is the quickest way to get help with your pricing.
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Is this trending for you?

hand-yesEarlier this year I let you in on how the number of women who are the primary breadwinner (or substantially contributing to their household’s income) has increased massively in just the past few years.

How are they doing it? An impressive number of women are making their money by growing their business.

If you’re in the spot of being the breadwinner for your family (or you want to increase how much your business pays YOU) then listen closely, as this is for you…

This October is the LAST TIME I’m delivering my Feminine Money Mastery training, and tickets are disappearing rapidly at the Early Bird savings.

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This live training is for you if you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, therapist or practitioner, and you want to own your worth from the inside out (that’s the only way it really happens) and shift into making more money. Like, A LOT MORE.

At Feminine Money Mastery you’re going to learn how to:

  • Raise your fees (because you KNOW the value of what you do is worth so much more than what you’re currently charging)
  • Handle Courageous Money Conversations™ with confidence and ease (I’m show you exactly how, plus hand you my word-for-word scripts)
  • Increase results of your enrolling conversations (no more getting stuck on the money part)
  • See with x-ray vision the exact shifts you can easily make in your business model so you’re increasing how many clients you serve AND freeing your time in the process
  • Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes® and how they crack the code about YOU and your relationship with money.
  • And so much more!

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Here are just a few examples of the ROI participants have shared with us:

  • Like how this training was the catalyst behind one participant struggling at $30k per year to now reaching her $150k annual income goal.
  • And how another participant went from massively over-delivering to cutting her work hours and spending more time each week with her daughter. Oh, and raising her fees, filling her group and starting a waiting list in the process.
  • And how another participant doubled the number of people signing up for her program, at a 30% higher fee and delivered in less time.
  • And how another participant leaped her income forward by 6-figures within a few months of the training while having her team free her time.

Are you ready to own your worth and make more money? Yes?

Then I hope you’ll join us this October!

Remember, this is the LAST TIME I’ll ever deliver Feminine Money Mastery.

Please don’t miss out on this training with me!

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Remember, I believe in you ALWAYS!


Forgive me?

I know it’s the weekend, yet I couldn’t stop thinking about this…and how it impacts YOU…

This is a vulnerable moment for me to share with you…

You may not know this by looking at the success of my business now, but years ago, I was holding myself back in a major way.

You see, even though I kept saying I wanted to make more money, back then I had an unconscious “glass money ceiling” I kept hitting up against.

A LOT of people experience this!

It was a frustrating time, and I didn’t know what to do (if you’ve ever been there, you know how this feels!)

Until I discovered this: what I needed wasn’t more strategy…but the healing power of forgiveness.

That’s when I created the Money Breakthrough Method® – a unique set of coaching exercises that starts with a powerful forgiveness process…

And delivers a complete step-by-step system you can use to confidently and easily coach clients to break free of their “glass money ceiling” so they earn more, keep more and finally own their worth.

Because your clients want a powerful transformation…

And YOU want a new flow of leads, clients and income starting in September.

–> Save $500 when you enroll in Money Breakthrough Method® Certified Coaching before MIDNIGHT, TOMORROW, AUGUST 23rd.
Renee, with Money Breakthrough Method® you’ll create new clients and keep current clients coming back for more…re-enrolling in your programs, attending your workshops, referring people to you, and giving you testimonials expressing how much they value you and how you’ve changed their life.

You get a complete coaching system of over 21 downloadable (brand as your own) Money Breakthrough Method® exercises, handouts, worksheets, coaching questions, session templates and more.

Everything you need to easily create a 1-on-1 or group coaching program, VIP day, workshop materials and more.

Plus, this online certified coach training includes done-for-you marketing materials that include:
  • Done-for-You Lead Generating Quiz
  • Done-For-You Discovery Session Content Outline
  • Done-for-You VIP Day Outlines
  • Pre-Written Website Sales Letter Copy
  • Exciting Ways to Integrate Money Breakthrough Method® into Your Current Offerings
  • …and more!
This online training (with me personally teaching every module) pays for itself with only a couple of clients and it’s easy to enroll new clients within just a few weeks of the training starting.

I’ve intentionally designed this training to HELP YOU enroll your new clients A.S.A.P.

Renee, before the weekend ends and the SAVINGS disappears, how about taking a peek at the details, then decide. Sound fair?

–> Save $500 when you enroll in Money Breakthrough Method® Certified Coaching before MIDNIGHT, TOMORROW, AUGUST 23rd.

I’ll share this additional personal moment with you…The most powerful coaching I’ve ever given has been on the topic of money.

Which makes money coaching NOT about the money, but about changing lives.

If you are committed to being of service to others… and massively improving your own income and life in the process, now is the moment to join me in becoming a Money Breakthrough Method® certified coach.

Remember, the CUTOFF to SAVE $500 ends TOMORROW (SUNDAY) at midnight.

Join us here.

MBM is life-changing and I can’t wait to welcome you into this virtual training!