Feeling Jealous Of Her?

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Be honest, have you ever felt the bite of jealousy when you hear about someone else reaching six or seven figures, selling out their workshop or filling their programs?

No woman wants to admit to feeling jealous. It’s a feeling that comes from a small place within us, where we feel less-than in some way.

Which is why many women are reluctant to admit to feeling jealous, preferring instead to paste a smile on their face and exclaim, “Oh, I’m so happy for you!” when all the time, inside, they’re feeling the burn.

So is there a way to turn jealousy into a positive experience? One than can help you break through a major obstacle that’s been standing between you and creating greater success for yourself in your business?

Yes! Which is why I’m sharing with you today 3 compassionate strategies to help you quickly transform feelings of jealousy so you can stay on purpose with your vision and create more income in your business.

Your goal here is to use any feelings of jealousy as a tool to help you heal your relationship with money so that more of the GOOD green can flow into your life.

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What happened?

So…here’s what happened…

Monday, late afternoon, we sent out a single email letting my community know we were opening the doors to my Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® (CMMS) coach training program.

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We announced how, for the first time EVER, you can attend either live in-person, or via video livestream.

We were excited, for sure.

But what happened next we never expected.

Dozens of you asked to talk with us, wanting more info about CMMS.

This response honestly takes my breath away!

Because my mission is to create done-for-you content you can use as the core of your business (or combine with your own stuff) so you can add clients, re-engage current clients and make more money.

So if you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, therapist or practitioner, and you want to expand your business without having to put in any time creating content from scratch, then click here to get all of the details about CMMS.

It only takes a minute.

And this way, you won’t risk being left out of locking in the $1,000 SAVINGS we’re including today through MARCH 22.

I love offering this savings because you can easily lock it in now, and make your decision later.

Details are on this page.

You can get trained and certified in this highly desirable content, that you take out into the world and profit from.

There are so many new clients just waiting for you to help them!

Click here to get all the details about how to expand your business without putting in any time creating content from scratch.

Love and big hugs to you today,



What Clients Want and Aren’t Telling You

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When I first started coaching over 14 years ago, I was taught to “let the client lead the agenda.”

The problem with this approach is it put me in a reactive position as their coach (meaning, I followed their lead, responding to what they decided to coach on), rather than a proactive position, where I could coach my client and really help them accelerate their progress.

Plus, the problem I discovered with this old style approach is that it opened the door to hearing, “I’m not sure what I want to coach on today” which resulted in higher client drop out rates.

To make it worse, I felt I was hiding out, not speaking my truth and holding back from giving my clients what they needed to thrive and excel.

Finally, one day, I had enough so I threw out the rule book and created my own method of coaching.

Here is what I did: First, I started introducing content in many of their coaching calls. Next, I began weaving in training (complete with handouts, worksheets and checklists) so they felt excited to be learning something new. Then, I began consciously putting them on a step-by-step path with assignments that I KNEW would work for them.

Their reaction? My clients LOVED it, and my business took off!

If you’re a coach trained in the “old school” method, or you’re new to coaching and you haven’t quite found your footing yet, this new paradigm of blending content with coaching is very exciting.

The key is for you to know how much content to include in your coaching sessions, and even more importantly, WHAT content your clients are most likely to pay you to deliver. Here are 3 easy steps to help get you started.

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Are You Asking Your Clients These Powerful Coaching Questions?

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Have you ever asked a client to do something you knew would scare the heck out of them?

Or held firm to requesting a client get something done in a ridiculously short time frame?

Or clearly stated to a client that the story they are telling themselves is keeping them stuck?

Actions like these (taken from my Courageous Coaching® training) challenge your clients to step past fear, to face their growing edge, and to astonish themselves with what they can accomplish.

And they challenge YOU to stop playing it safe, to stop worrying what someone will think of you, and to quit being so nice.

If you’re not regularly challenging your clients then you’re at great risk of losing clients and will have difficulties commanding higher fees.

So, how do you balance being feminine…and edgy?

How do you challenge a client to do more and to be more than they thought they could…without being a bully?

The key is knowing 3 simple secrets that I’m delighted to share with you now. Integrate these into your coaching and you’ll have clients who get results and who adore you for holding their best interests at heart even when you get tough with your coaching.

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Gaining Your Client’s Love + Respect

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When you sign on a client do you feel joyous, happy and excited?

And what about after the initial rush passes…do you feel deserving and confident your new client made an awesome choice in choosing YOU to help them?

Or do you let a thread of doubt creep in…wondering if perhaps you’re going to fail them in some way.

First, know that your path and your client’s met at this time for a purpose, and that purpose is for you to show up fully in your brilliance and to come from a place of deep, caring service.

Which doesn’t mean you have to turn yourself inside-out to please, accommodate unreasonable demands on your time, or put up with bad behavior such as missed coaching/consulting sessions, late payments or excuses about why they haven’t gotten their butt into action.

You deserve respect.

And respect starts within YOU.

So in your coaching/consulting relationship, here are 3 rituals you can do to create respect and establish a close-knit working relationship with your client.

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My Embarrassing First Speaking Gig

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Before I had officially started my business, I had a j-o-b that, on the surface was a “good job” (you know the kind, a salary just big enough for me to feel respectable, but that was keeping me trapped).

I felt as if my spirit, my soul, was suffocating, and I knew in my heart there HAD to be more to life than working so hard for someone else’s profits.

Not knowing anything about starting or running a business, I took a training course to learn how to bring personal development to others.

Graduating from the course, I was on fire, inspired and ready to change the world. I intuitively knew I had to get in front of people so I had the brilliant idea of giving a presentation at my job, for my department. Now, keep in mind, these were people who reported to me so they were more "hostages" than willing volunteers (LOL).

There was just one small glitch in my plan: I was terrified.

I mean, really, really terrified. I had arranged for my first little presentation to be held in the conference room, with all 5 of the people reporting to me in attendance.

Incredibly nervous and awkward, I somehow managed to stumble my way through my carefully scripted speech. I remember croaking out my words and praying I wouldn’t forget one of my “lines”, hoping no one would notice the sweat stains under my arms.

It was an awful experience…and I was truly awful as a presenter. My staff were so kind, mumbling whatever words of encouragement they could find without outright lying!

But here is where it gets better…Fast forward to today, where I regularly lead workshops attended by hundreds of participants, I confidently make offers from the stage, love delivering awesome content and am widely talked about as being one of the top, inspiring women to hear speak about women, money and successful entrepreneurship.

So how did I get from being a nervous wreck to now being a confident, inspiring, top-notch workshop leader?

How did I go from that incredibly embarrassing beginning to now being someone who has often been invited to share the stage with many of our industry’s top leaders?

How did I transform speaking from something I was terrified of, to now being one of the most lucrative, exciting and fun ways of growing my business into a multi million dollar company?

I got STARTED! Which is why I’m sharing with you exactly how you can wisely use speaking to systematically generate income at EVERY stage of your business.

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How To Make Your Sales ‘Stick’ Instead Of Slip

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Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve just signed on a new client. You’re excited, they’re excited.

And then you get the ‘back peddling’ email.

The one from your new client, filled with reasons why they can’t move forward as planned. They pull out every reason as to why their yes is now a no, but it all boils down to one overriding emotion: fear.

Now, before you spiral down into self-doubt ("What did I do wrong? Maybe I’m not cut out for this!") let me reassure you…this situation happens to ALL of us at some point.

And rather than taking it personally, you and your business will be better served by creating a system for getting each new client to "stick" so that situations like this quickly become a thing of the past for you.

Here are 5 of my favorite "stick strategies" that you can use to help cement your new client’s confidence in investing in themselves…and keep your new and exciting sales from slipping through your fingers.

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What to offer in a group program (money breakthrough tip)

Do you love the idea of making more money in less time with a group program?

(click here for awesome content you can use in a group program)

Group programs are my favorite way to increase your income, even if you don’t have a big list yet.

The reason why is because you only need a few people in your group (as few as 4-6) for it to be considered full.

Plus, what I love about group programs is from them spring new private clients, VIP Days opportunities and more.

The question I’m often asked is, “Kendall… what do I put IN my group so it’s easy to fill with ideal clients?”


First, start with a hot topic. Your clients are focused on results so your topic needs to be clear and specific.

Next, offer a step-by-step process you’ll be walking them through during the group. This is KEY to creating a program that fills because you’re making it easy for ideal clients to connect with results they’re going to receive.

By now you’re probably asking, “Kendall, what can I use to get people interested in a group program when I’m already busy or don’t have a big list?”

This is why I created the Money Breakthrough Method® Certified Coach training program (MBM).

It gives you everything you need to offer MBM as a virtual or live group program, which means you can be enrolling clients even before you’ve completed the training.

–> Save $500 when you enroll in Money Breakthrough Method® Certified Coaching before MIDNIGHT, FEBRUARY 3.

Here’s a sampling of what you get in MBM that you can use in a group right away:

1. A step-by-step powerful money belief-shifting process proven to work brilliantly — in just 30 minutes — to heal from any money challenge and move forward rapidly with clarity, joy and empowered action steps.

2. The entirely Done-for-You Money Breakthrough Method® “mini business in a box” series of exercises, templates, checklists, even visualization scripts you can begin delivering right away to your group (or 1-on-1 clients).

3. Done-for-You marketing web copy, scripts and more you can use to fill your first group program (or use to sign on 1-on-1 clients)

If you’re a coach of any kind, or a consultant, trainer, practitioner or therapist, then you’re sitting on a potential gold-mine of new MBM clients who would LOVE to get your help creating a money breakthrough.

MBM is a complete, simple system you can use with a variety of clients — anyone who is an entrepreneur, a small business owner or someone who is expected to help create revenue — because everyone wants to break free of money challenges so they can create financial freedom.

Imagine… You get the joy of coaching clients on a hot topic that creates massive breakthroughs and transformation, touching every corner of their lives.                                                  

Plus you get the excitement of increasing your income by offering this irresistible, Done-for-You content (I’ll show you exactly how).

You get a Done-for-You program you can offer in a wide variety of exciting ways: groups, 1-on-1, workshops, teleseminars, speaking, VIP Days and more.

And as a bonus, throughout each step of this 90-day teleseminar training program I’ll coach you to apply everything you’re learning to your OWN business first.

Imagine how, just by getting this training, you’ll quickly break free of your money glass ceiling, so you earn more, keep more and finally own your worth!

–> Save $500 when you enroll in Money Breakthrough Method® Certified Coaching before MIDNIGHT, FEBRUARY 3.

MBM is starting Feb 3 and this will be the ONLY time I will be teaching this training live this year.

All training calls are recorded + transcribed so you get everything even if you have to miss a call.

–> Save $500 when you enroll in Money Breakthrough Method® Certified Coaching before MIDNIGHT, FEBRUARY 3.

MBM is a proven system I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, plus show you exactly how to market so you fill your coaching groups, 1-on-1 spots and more.

I’m here to make certain YOU succeed!

So if you’re as certain as I am that you want to make fabulous income being of service to others… and massively improving your own income and life in the process, now is the moment to join me in becoming a Money Breakthrough Method® certified coach.

I can’t wait to welcome you into this live, virtual training!

It’s life-changing and you absolutely deserve this!

Remember, February 3rd we’re starting. Join us here.


Love and brilliance,


PS – Excited to get started? With  Money Breakthrough Method® you get a complete system of exercises, handouts, worksheets, visualization scripts and more, that you can use with your clients, instantly creating a group or 1-on-1 coaching program, workshop materials and more.

P.P.S. Is this you? You’re ready to get trained and certified in Money Breakthrough Method® if:
  • You love personal growth with a practical edge
  • You know you’ve been playing small (under-charging and over-delivering)
  • You’re craving a step-by-step system your clients will easily “get” and quickly hire you for
  • You need to generate income quickly
  • You really love working with clients in a deep, meaningful way
  • You’ve been looking for something simple to launch — that pays off big — that doesn’t involve complex or lengthy marketing campaigns
  • You’ve been looking for something that feels authentic to help you quickly build your list
  • You want done-for-you content you can use to fill your programs, teleseminars, workshops, trainings and more
With Money Breakthrough Method® you can attract your first client in as little as just 3 weeks into the training. Awesome!

–> Save $500 when you enroll in Money Breakthrough Method® Certified Coaching before MIDNIGHT, FEBRUARY 3.

It’s TONIGHT (free training, lots of content)

Hi! Been a busy week?

For me too. :-))

We’re putting the final touches on my BRAND NEW, FREE webinar training happening TONIGHT.

“Money Breakthrough Coaching Secrets”

Over 2,000 women entrepreneurs have already grabbed a spot on this free training.

What’s happening for women entrepreneurs and money today is all changing and you definitely don’t want to be left out of this conversation.

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The new level you want to achieve in your business means you need a fresh approach in how you handle money, from the inside out.

This is what you’ll get in this free training…and so much more.

For example, in the training TONIGHT I walk you through a quick 5-minute exercise you can do to create conscious spending (it’s so simple, you’re going to love it!)

There are more exercises I walk you through, too. Plus bonus mindset tips and all the promised content.

Click here to register for this free training now.

I hope I ‘see’ you on the webinar!

Oh, and at just under 1 hour, this free training is one you can easily slip into your day today.

Register right now and have a wonderful rest of your day!

See you tonight! :-))

Big hugs and love,


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PPS –  I’m personally really touched at how many women heard about this training because of the sharing happening on social media.

You’re welcome too, to share this free training with your friends — send them here to reserve their spot: MoneyBreakthroughCoachingSecrets.com
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Free training webinar TONIGHT – discover a conscious approach to earning, spending and saving specifically designed for women entrepreneurs.

Quick Fixes For Keeping More Money

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If you’ve ever felt the thrill of suddenly having a financial windfall, like signing on a new client, launching a program, landing your first higher-fee client or receiving an unexpected commission check — then only to see the money disappear by the end of the month, then you’ve probably wondered, "What just HAPPENED?!"

Most women entrepreneurs react to money, causing feelings of powerlessness or of not having any control.

Despite what it can at times look like on the outside, trust me when I say that money does not control you.

You are MORE in control of money than you realize or give yourself credit for. The trick is in mastering the right ways to BE in control, so your cash keeps flowing in.

Here’s how it works:

On the inside, experiencing a financial windfall can often trigger old patterns of not good enough, guilt, shame or deservability. It doesn’t matter how much you "need" the money, unless you know what to do, these feelings unconsciously take over, putting you right back to where you started.

Now, before you think, ‘Uh, oh" let me reassure you, creating a powerful money breakthrough is actually pretty simple.

I’m going to share the first steps with you right now. And the best part? These steps are super easy and nearly effortless to take.

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