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The saying, “Never underestimate the power of a woman” is more true now than ever!

Because more women are now ready to reach for a new level of financial freedom and empowerment.

And right now there is nothing more important in your business than figuring out how to make — and keep — cash flowing in.

It’s a totally learnable skill that will fuel your ability to feel good about yourself, make your family life more comfortable and keep your business thriving.

Which is why I want to be sure you get my BEST training on cash flow at Feminine Money Mastery.

This is the ONLY training where you’ll get both the powerful inner shifts you need to feel fully aligned and confident with money, PLUS get step by step business training on key strategies you can use to immediately create a surge in new clients and free your time.

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Let’s be honest…much of what we learned about money growing up was second-hand information, overheard from our family.

The problem is while our family may have had the best of intentions, what was taught was designed for us women to just get by.

And school? Forget about that as a resource because nothing about money was taught there.
In fact, most of what we picked up was the exact opposite of what we need to grow our business and with it, own our true worth.

And we know that just getting by is NOT where you want to be as an entrepreneur!
Renee, I am widely acknowledged as the leading expert in women entrepreneurs and money.

Which is why I’m so excited to have you join me for my signature workshop, where I will show you everything you need to master money and cash flow in your business (starting with the emotional link to owning your worth, then how to start getting richer in your business with increased cash flow).

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PS – Remember, while there are tons of general business and marketing trainings available, until now there hasn’t been anything that prepares you to be successful in this ONE most crucial area of running your business –>> cash flow (and your relationship with money that determines your success).

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You are amazing at the transformation you deliver…now it’s time to be free of the inner money fears holding you back.

And if not for yourself, you owe it to the people you care most about to master this topic now — the feminine way, and on your terms — with grace and power.

At just $197, your ticket to Feminine Money Mastery is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the value you’ll receive in hands-on business training, money breakthroughs and results in your business.

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Are you tolerating this?

woman-lanternFor women entrepreneurs, money isn’t something just to be tolerated.

It’s bigger than that. And a lot more personal. Like, in-your-face-can’t-avoid-it personal.

Money is your spiritual path.

One that is deeply emotional. Sometimes complicated. And always mirroring what you believe is possible for yourself.

Which brings me to you and your business.

Did you know that the results of every marketing or business growth strategy you try to implement this year hinge on your relationship with money?

Yes, it’s that powerful of a force.

So why wouldn’t you want it to be rock solid, confident and empowered?

The Whole Money Thing. And What It Means For You.

This autumn I’ll be coaching, teaching, inspiring (and yes, kicking some butt) at my signature live workshop, Feminine Money Mastery.

Tickets are on sale TODAY through Saturday, June 13th for just $197.

Then they will go up.

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This isn’t just a ticket to a workshop…it’s your pass to eliminating the internal conflicts with money that have been diminishing your self-confidence.

It’s your pass to learning exactly how to end the arguments about money you have with your partner (I’ll teach you my Courageous Money Conversation skills. You’ll love them. He’ll love them. You’ll both be happier.)

And it’s your chance to learn my insider’s business secrets to making more money so you can feel amazing about yourself.

Attending Feminine Money Mastery is stepping out of the shadows with money and into your light.

It’s practical training + emotional edginess + my special brand of fierce love and coaching.

And it’s all for you because you deserve the best in a money breakthrough, and this is it!

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No more tolerating, okay?

This is going to help you like nothing else can or ever will.

With this, you’re going to feel like you’ve turned a corner. Where everything about you and money in your business (and in your life too!) feels like it clicks into place.

You’re going to see results and save 90% off your ticket here.

I can’t wait to see you at Feminine Money Mastery!

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Love to you,


PS – This is the ONLY training of its kind. Because everyone else focuses either on trying to get you to understand deadly boring spreadsheets (please!) or tries to hype you up on a flavor-of-the-month strategy that may or may not even work for your business, or tries to get you to chant a new mindset.

Seriously?! If that’s all it took for women to be successful in business, everyone would be a billionaire.

The truth is, I’ve created a business that generates multi 7-figures year after year.

I’ve had to face my own money stuff in a big way.

I’ve learned.

I’ve created amazingly simple systems, templates and money strategies that will transform your business revenue…and give you the confidence you’ve been seeking.

Just one thing…Feminine Money Mastery is for you if you’re willing to be brave…even if you at moments feel afraid (that’s a perfectly normal reaction every time you’re up to a big, personal breakthrough).

This is for you if you’re willing to be vulnerable…so that you’re no longer held back from creating that next level of success you’re hungry for (yes, I get that you are an achiever. Me too. It’s all good).

It’s for you if you’re willing to step up into making more money in a beautifully powerful, aligned way that integrates the practical actions + the emotional edges that this topic always calls forward.

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PPS – Remember how I said making fabulous money is part of your spiritual path?

At Feminine Money Mastery there will a moment where a light goes on within you, and you say, “I got it!”

I’ve coached thousands of women entrepreneurs to have that moment. Now it’s your turn!

Only…you won’t have that moment sitting home. And no, this workshop is not recorded for sale later, and it won’t be offered via live stream.

The only way to get this for yourself — my best training on empowering you with money in your life and business — is by joining me live this October.

Tickets are on sale TODAY through Saturday, June 13th for just $197.

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I’m blowing it up

Know the difference between evolution and revolution?

One takes time…the other is right now.

It’s the difference between being patient, doing the inner work, making time to adjust, accepting change step by step…and saying eff-it, I’m ready for a major change, like RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

Something shifted mightily for me last week on my birthday. A day of rebirth and renewal. A day I can already look back on as The One.

But a shift on the inside is tough to sustain unless it has a place to show up in our world.

So for me, for starters, I’m blowing up my ezine.

I could spin you a cute marketing story about how it’s some well thought out strategic move…but the truth — and my vulnerability — is that I’m tired of fitting into the very mold I created.

My writing is a deeply felt and highly personal creative expression. Like a straight shot of soul espresso.

So instead of the “5 tips to whatever” sameness you’ll be getting shots of that soul espresso.

Some about business and what it really takes to be successful (it’s so different than what you might have thought up until now).

Some about how making money is one of the most divinely spiritual and selfless acts you can ever possibly do in this lifetime. Ever.

Some about how to stand in the truth of your value, because while you’re worth isn’t tied to your income, being broke or just making ends meet does not enrich your self-esteem.

And a lot of how to master being fully in your brilliance, without apology.

Because when I say I believe in you, I mean in it with such fierce love there is no earthly way I’m going to let you give up on yourself. Ever.

So watch your inbox for a new look and feel and a new voice to our connection.

It may come weekly, it may skip a week, it may come only a few days apart.

If on occasion you’re tempted to complain about too much email, don’t.

Be grateful I am here for you.

To support you. Help you.

Keep you from falling into some pit of self doubt that you don’t deserve.

To hold you as powerful no matter what.

To give you the inside view of what it looks like, feels like and is like to be a highly successful woman entrepreneur (it rocks), because no one else is sharing this with you and wouldn’t you like the truth?

I’m glad we’re connected.



PS – It’s a new day – make the most of it. xoxoxox


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Tips On Making Your Offer In A Teleseminar

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Offering complimentary “preview” teleseminars is how I initially got my business off the ground.

You might not guess this about me today, but back then, I was so nervous delivering my very first teleseminar, that I waited until the very last minute to promote it!

I had 5 people on the call and I learned a TON, which gave me the confidence to keep perfecting this profitable strategy.

Now, years later, we still rely on teleseminars (and webinars) to increase signups and make sales of our products, programs and workshops.

One of the ways coaches and other service professionals struggle is in striking the right balance between offering great content in a complimentary call…and over delivering.

And then of course, there there comes the moment in every preview call where it’s time to make your offer.

The few minutes you invest in learning how to make your offer with grace and ease can easily pay you back in more sales, new client opportunities and increased confidence.

Here are 5 tips I’m happy to share with you, that will help you make your offer with confidence, grace and ease, resulting in more sales and more clients.

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Do you want a shot of business courage?

Click here if you would rather listen to this article.

Yes, you traded in the dull, same old routine of a j-o-b for running your own business…but in the process, it may often feel as if you also traded in certainty for feeling anxious.

Every piece of running your business is demanding that you step up and take action in ways you’ve probably never had to do before. Writing, speaking, marketing, pricing your services, creating programs, asking people to promote you, giving discovery sessions, hosting workshops or teleseminars, understanding shopping carts and autoresponders, figuring our your niche…

Sure, it’s a lot to handle. But what contributes to that overwhelm the most is doubt and indecision.

Which is where you often need a shot of courage.

So how do you find your courage when you’re afraid?

How do you stand in your power when you’re being challenged with tasks and opportunities that you’ve never done before?

Having lived through too many “I need a shot of courage” moments to count, I’m happy to share 3 of my best practices tips with you. I just have one request: Use these this week! Courage is a muscle that you can make strong very quickly, with just the tiniest bit of practice.

And trust me, if you’re in business for yourself, every bit of strengthening your courage muscle that you can do will pay you back a hundred fold. I promise!

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Watch the coaching skills video REPLAY (disappears in just a few days)

It’s been exciting here (in a good way)…

We’re getting a ton of questions about last night’s training webinar.

First — YES, there is a replay but we’re ONLY leaving it up for a few days.
Here is the link to watch it now:

It’s just 60 minutes so you can easily fit in watching it today.
In it, you’re going to LOVE the top 10 coaching skills I turned into a checklist for you (they’re right on the webinar screen so you can’t miss them).

Plus the coaching exercise I walk you through to uncover what makes your coaching unique.

I also shared bonus content on what determines where you can set your fees.

Plus a ton of bonus mindset tips (my favorite is the one about how to value your coaching strengths – when you hear it, you’ll want to write it down and pin it to your bulletin board).

Here’s that link again to watch the replay now:

Imagine, in 1 hour you can have new skills and a whole new mindset about your future as a coach. Sweet!

Love and brilliance,


Is this you? (exclusive GIFT training tomorrow)

I wanted to check in with you about this, real quick…

If you are coaching (or want to add coaching to your business) then do you want to know…
  • The answer to never getting blindsided when your clients show up with doubt, fear, indecision or insecurities?
  • The Top 10 skills to creating trust so you attract ideal, higher paying clients? (handy checklist)
  • The #1 most powerful type of coaching question you can ever ask a client?
  • How to shorten your coaching sessions so you save time and inspire even better results for your clients?
I’m excited to share with you the answers to ALL these questions — and a ton more how-to training  in my new free webinar I’m hosting TOMORROW.

“A FREE 1-hour online intensive where you’ll unlock the secret to becoming an extraordinary coach so you can make more money changing people’s lives.”
This free training webinar is happening THIS THURSDAY.

Register TODAY so you don’t miss this chance to hear me share these specific coaching secrets with you, as part of my commitment to showing you how to make more money changing people’s lives.

Click here to grab your online seat for this exclusive free training

I’m excited because this free training is full of content I’ve taken directly from my coaching business, so you know it works and it’s minus any fluff.

I’m also including plenty of mindset secrets to help you make key internal shifts, along with all the practical how-to training I’m sharing with you, for free.

I can’t wait for THIS THURSDAY…and to have you join me!


Love and hugs to you,


PS – Do you know another awesome coach or someone thinking about adding coaching to their business? Please invite her to I’m happy to include them in this exclusive free training.

Together, we’re changing the world through the power of coaching!

See you on the webinar. 



5 Quick, Simple Tips for Creating Fresh Newsletter Content

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I recently received this email:

"Kendall, I LOVE your newsletter. You always have something fresh to say to your readers. How do you manage to come up with new and interesting things to write about every single week? I’m struggling to get a newsletter out even once a month! Can you offer any suggestions to someone desperate for content?"

Email newsletters have been one of the top 3 best strategies I’ve ever used for marketing my business. And our tracking statistics prove it, with more people opening my ezine than any other email we send.

If the idea of publishing a newsletter feels overwhelming, it’s probably because you don’t yet have a good system for creating fresh content.

If you feel stuck trying to figure out what to write about, try using these 5 tips on creating fresh content quickly and easily. I think you’ll find they are a life saver!

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How to shorten your coaching sessions (saving you time)

Did you know this?… How long you make your coaching sessions plays a huge factor in deciding the fate of your business success.

Longer sessions lead to you feeling drained, burned out and over-delivering…and you risking your clients getting antsy or worse, a little bored.

SO not good!

Because that means your clients don’t stick with you as long, don’t get the results they want and it ultimately means you need to market more to fill those spots.

I have the solution to this problem, plus answers to key day-to-day challenges faced by everyone in the coaching industry today.

I’m sharing these specific, how-to solutions in my BRAND NEW FREE training webinar:
Coaching Secrets Master Class
“A FREE 1-hour online intensive where you’ll unlock the secret to becoming an extraordinary coach so you can make more money changing people’s lives.”
Get all the details here for this free 1-hour intensive >>> Claim your seat

This is juicy, how-to content, designed for you no matter what types of clients you serve – small business, corporate, solo-preneurs or individuals.

Claim your seat and here is what you’ll discover:
  • The answer to never getting blindsided when your clients show up with doubt, fear, indecision or insecurities
  • How long to make your coaching sessions so you’re freeing your time and not over-delivering (hint: if you’re already a coach these tips will immediately begin saving you tons of time!)
  • A simple way to tap into your authentic strengths as a coach, so you don’t hold back (what’s so cool is when you don’t hold back, your clients’ results begin to soar)
  • Specific tips on how to coach deeply and boldly, with sensitivity and insight (this is crucial to creating the ultimate client accountability and results
  • The one strategy you must include in all your coaching packages that doubles — and even triples — how long clients stick with YOU as their coach
  • Plus, I’ll share details on how you can get me personally training you to become an extraordinary coach (and get certified to use my most profit-generating done-for-you-content) so you can make more money changing people’s lives.

Feeling Jealous Of Her?

Click here if you would rather listen to this article.

Be honest, have you ever felt the bite of jealousy when you hear about someone else reaching six or seven figures, selling out their workshop or filling their programs?

No woman wants to admit to feeling jealous. It’s a feeling that comes from a small place within us, where we feel less-than in some way.

Which is why many women are reluctant to admit to feeling jealous, preferring instead to paste a smile on their face and exclaim, “Oh, I’m so happy for you!” when all the time, inside, they’re feeling the burn.

So is there a way to turn jealousy into a positive experience? One than can help you break through a major obstacle that’s been standing between you and creating greater success for yourself in your business?

Yes! Which is why I’m sharing with you today 3 compassionate strategies to help you quickly transform feelings of jealousy so you can stay on purpose with your vision and create more income in your business.

Your goal here is to use any feelings of jealousy as a tool to help you heal your relationship with money so that more of the GOOD green can flow into your life.

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