Don’t be fooled (I’m on a RANT)

Let me set the record straight here…

The digital marketing world is like a dog gone mad, chasing it’s tail with gross “trip wire” tricks and crazy online funnels that make me want to scream when I look at them.

And unfortunately, it’s catching too many women coaches in its cross-hairs.

Women who are quickly getting burned out, constantly feeling confused, doubting themselves, and secretly wondering if maybe they don’t have what it takes to live their dream of a successful business.

Do you need to spend tons of money on Facebook ads, leading people from a ridiculous $7 offer up through the “value ladder”, dollar by painful dollar until you finally (hopefully!) make any money?


Do you need to have complex funnels in order to create a 6-figure+ coaching business?

No, definitely not!

(Case in point: My high-end coaching group is filled with women entrepreneurs making multiple 6 figures and most barely have a website.)

Let’s be honest, you didn’t fall in love with being a coach because you secretly wanted to turn into an Internet marketing geek, right?!

Of course not!

LISTEN CLOSELY: I’ve been in business for 16+ years and created a multimillion dollar business by sticking to my core values of integrity, excellence, graciousness and gratitude.

I built my business by creating TRUST.

So here’s why you can safely (and wisely) ignore jumping onto the crazy-train of digital marketing madness…

I recently wrote that women are entering the entrepreneurial space in record numbers.

And how women entrepreneurs redefining — and demanding — how they want to be supported in growing their businesses.

Women want legitimately trained coaches who will help them create a solid money mindset, choose a lucrative niche they love, coach them to transform their gifts into packages so they have a life and aren’t over delivering, and coach them to see past their blind spots when it comes to pricing their services so they’re not under-charging.

Women want to feel confident they are hiring a coach who is trained and certified in proven strategies.

Trip wires are meant to do just that – trip you up.

Trust, on the other hand, is priceless, and it’s earned by having rock solid coaching skills and a proven coaching program that creates real results and meaningful transformation.

And one more thing (since I’d like to get all my ranting done at one time) …

I was asked recently if the coaching market is oversaturated with coaches.

No. It’s oversaturated with b.s.

A report produced by the Global Entrepreneurs Monitor found 224 million women starting or running businesses.

And their survey only counted 67 of the 188 countries recognized by the World Bank!

So…don’t be fooled into thinking you must create some ridiculously complex ‘trip wire’ funnel.

It’s a waste of your time and talent.

And don’t be fooled into thinking there isn’t room for you in the coaching space.

There is an OCEAN of clients available to you.

And don’t you owe it to all of the clients who are out there, waiting and available for you, to be trained, confident and ready to coach them to create a business they love?

It’s time to stop hiding, not living up to your potential.

This is why I am happy to leave the trip wire tricks to the digital marketing dudes.

And instead, take a stand for the power and grace of giving you what you need most in order to be successful:

– world-class certified coach training and done-for-you content you can use to attract clients and create a meaningful and lucrative business changing people’s lives.


PS – If coaching women entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world is how you would like to make amazing money as a coach, then I hope you’ll check out my Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® coach training. The clock is ticking and it’s your soul that’s waiting to be inspired. Click here for details.


Meet your new clients

I admit it, I’m a sucker for the gorgeous poem Marianne Williamson is famous for.

You know, the one about our deepest fears.

You love it too, right?

Today I read that poem in an entirely new light!

I applied it to YOU, coaching women entrepreneurs.

It sounded like this:

“Our deepest fear in COACHING WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear in coaching women entrepreneurs is that we are POWERFUL beyond measure.

It is our COACHING LIGHT, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

When I chose to shine my coaching light on women entrepreneurs, that choice became one of the BEST decisions I’ve made in my entire life.

Now it can be yours, too!


You will make more money coaching when you have Done-for-You content + you’re feeling confident knowing how to coach like a rock star…

…Because the women’s entrepreneurial space is RICH with potential new clients waiting for you to show up and coach them in my Done-for-You modules.

Imagine…In 90 Days you can be certified to coach the most lucrative + soulful clients on the planet — solving the problem FOR YOU of how to add new clients, re-engage current clients and make money as a coach.

Hurry!! Click here to get all of the details.

PS – This isn’t ‘another coaching program’ and it isn’t just adding a bunch of letters after your name.

Becoming a Money, Marketing and Soul® certified coach opens a door of opportunity for you to make money coaching, transforming your creative insights into a lucrative business you love.

So grab one of the remaining spots to talk with us. Your future happiness may depend on it!


What I gave up (personal)

Did you know when I first started my coaching business, like most coaches I was trying to offer life coaching?

You know, changing beliefs, finding confidence, stuff like that.

Only problem was, very few people are walking around saying to themselves that they need to change their beliefs, right?

Don’t get me wrong, life coaching is amazing but it has a FATAL FLAW…the flaw is plain life coaching doesn’t have any context.

Which makes it impossible for high-end paying clients (the kind you deeply desire to be working with) to relate to why they should hire you.

Back then, as a consequence of this cold, hard truth I had 1 or 2 clients (if you could call them that) here and there, buying single sessions from me for $25 bucks.

Ouch, right?

And how did I feel?

Massively frustrated. And super stuck.

Like all my awesome ambition was bottled up inside me.

Oh, and broke.

All around me I saw people who could use my help, but  No. One. Was. Hiring. Me.


Desperate, I took an online marketing course, and immediately saw an opportunity that had been right in front of me all along… Read More


Without apology (my big announcement)

For years I’ve been a stand for what women entrepreneurs crave: a business that is an authentic expression of their soul’s divine purpose.

Without apology.

And without selling out their soul just to make money.

Fortunately, making money becomes SIMPLE when a woman’s business model — how she packages & prices her brilliance — is in alignment with the highest expression of her gifts.

Sound idealistic?

Not anymore! And here’s why…

Women are entering the entrepreneurial space in record numbers…

And in the process, they are redefining — and demanding — how they want to be supported on their journey to making money.

It isn’t the same old ‘boys club’ anymore!

Which is exactly WHERE YOU COME IN…

TODAY is the day we’re opening registration to my Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® (CMMS) coach training. 

Is this for you?…
  • Your ambition is to do soulful work & make money coaching women entrepreneurs
  • You want to start or expand your coaching business without having to put in any time creating content from scratch. Easy!
  • You want the problem solved FOR YOU of how to add new clients, re-engage current clients and make money as a coach
This certification training beautifully prepares you to BE THE ONE women entrepreneurs turn to as their coach.

Which means YOU getting paid gorgeously to do your soul’s work supporting other women on their success journey, using my done-for-you coaching modules.

And right now you can lock in a $1,500 SAVINGS.
The women’s entrepreneurial space is RICH with potential new clients waiting for you to help them.

Imagine…In 90 Days you can be certified to coach this lucrative, soulful and richly rewarding niche — solving the problem FOR YOU of how to add new clients, re-engage current clients and make money as a coach.

I hope you’ll check this out!

Click here to get all of the details about the Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® (CMMS) coach training.
PS – Did you know that every woman entrepreneur I’ve coached to create 6 figures, multi 6-figures — and yes, even the ones I’ve coached to create 7-figure businesses —has achieved her success by using my certified content?

And that each of the 7 Done-for-You modules you’ll get trained and certified in, includes how to use this content with 1-on-1 clients, in group programs, workshops, and more.

One of my most dreaded moments coaching…

Do you ever have this happen to you?…

Your client calls in for their coaching session.

You ask what they want to coach on…only to hear, “Hmmm, I don’t know.”

Your heart sinks, right?


Here is the straight up truth that will save you from losing clients…

This is an early warning sign that your client is starting to disengage from coaching with you.

And trust me, what can easily soon follow are payment problems, blaming, no shows and non-renewals.

And yet this situation is so easily prevented! Read More

Want My Tip On How To Stand Out?

I was responding to a question from one of my high-end clients who is in the midst of rebranding herself and her business.

Yes, it is a messy and sometimes painful process because it demands that we get crystal clear on WHO WE ARE and what we are a stand for.

My response to her this morning is perfect for YOU, too and here’s why…

We are saturated with online marketing that is loaded up with pretty pictures, but falls short on substance and the ability to offer real transformation.


So how do you stand out?

By being crystal clear on ONE THING.Read More


My mentor really got this WRONG

Years ago one of my early mentors advised me, “I shouldn’t coach women on money because other people were already doing it.”


Now I can shake my head in wonder, because that advice was so crazy wrong, it’s laughable.

But at the time, when she said it?

It stopped me in my tracks.

It got me thinking that maybe she was right…

In a snarky way it played right into the “Who do you think you are?” self-doubt that at that time, lied lurking just below the surface of my self-confidence.

For months I allowed what she said to sabotage the progress of my business, until one day (in the shower, of all places) I blurted out, “She’s WRONG!”

That moment was one I will remember for the rest of my life…

Because it’s when I began embracing a high-end business model that was life changing for me and for my clients.

(High-end meaning charging fees that honor the beautiful value you bring to your clients.)

The results of that choice?

Creating multi 7-figures in coaching income year after year…and certifying other women entrepreneurs to achieve their highest income goals.

What emerged from that experience was a simple mindset I created to help me make the soul shift from under-charging to embracing my worth.


It’s a fascinating mindset because you can customize it for yourself…here’s the formula: Read More


Are you hanging out with HER?

There I was…standing up during a networking meeting, nervously sweating the moment coming up, where I was about to recite the dreaded “What I do is…” introduction.

This was back in the first year of my business and I didn’t have a clue…about who my ideal client was (or who I was!) and what they were on fire to solve that I could help them with.

Somehow I stammered out a sentence or two. I think it was something about how I helped people change limiting beliefs.

Wow. So. Not. Powerful.

In a room full of my ideal clients it felt as if I had an invisible barrier separating them from talking with me.

I nearly went broke that year…

So very close to going broke that I had to make a new choice…

So what changed that allowed me to transition from going broke to creating a multi 7-figure coaching business year after year?

At that moment when I was at a crossroads of ‘do I or don’t I give up?!’ I took an honest look at who I was serving and the offer I was putting out into the world.

And I made a new choice.


I decided to choose a new ideal client (I call her my Perfect Client). Read More


Would these beliefs change your commitment?

I’ve been a big believer in charging premium fees for your coaching since early on in my coaching career.

So much so that years ago one of the first phrases I trademarked was “How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It!®.”

It’s really more than just a phrase, it’s a mindset — a perspective — that can change your entire business…

…and challenge the beliefs that are likely holding you back right now from creating 6-figure+ in your business.

Beliefs like, is it even right to charge higher fees? What if someone tells me they can’t afford it, don’t I owe it to them to lower my fee and make it comfortable for them?

Great questions!

Questions like these tell me that you are someone who cares about others, and someone who wants to run your business with total integrity.

Integrity is one of my company’s core commitments. What that means for us is doing what we believe best serves the interests of our clients.

When I first made the switch to charging premium fees I discovered I had to own up to a few key truths, facts really, that quickly became my new beliefs and made it crystal clear I was being fully in integrity by honoring them.


Would you like me to share my beliefs with you? Read More


Article #115: How Long Do Your Coaching Sessions *Really* Need To Be To Deliver Rock Star Results For Your Clients & Income For You? (The Answer May Surprise You)

Are your coaching sessions more than 30 minutes?

Do you end a coaching session feeling like you could have (should have) given more to your client?

If yes, then sister, we need to talk and here’s why…

Women are naturally born to be amazing coaches.

We’re awesome listeners, highly intuitive, creative, and we know how to create deep and meaningful connection.

But the desire to be of service and really help someone can also set you up to let your coaching sessions go too long, costing you time and putting you at risk of losing clients.


Here’s how women get caught in the over-coaching trap… Read More