An opportunity for new clients for you (time sensitive)

Here’s an enlightening question for you…

Imagine if you were to walk into a room filled with women entrepreneurs and ask, “Who here struggles with figuring out your pricing and charging what you’re worth?”

How many hands do you think would go up?

ALL of them, right?

Because every woman entrepreneur struggles with her pricing.

And no matter what stage women are at on their entrepreneurial path, every one of them has a belief that causes her to undercharge and over-deliver.

I think of it as an ‘unconscious leak’ in her money bucket.

And every women entrepreneur deeply desires to fix that leak so she can confidently charge what she’s worth and make more money.

Which makes coaching on pricing like the holy grail for you in signing on new clients every month, even if you’re just starting your coaching business.

So how do you get started?

Where do you lead your client in the coaching and what steps do you follow?

Breathe easy because I’m going to show you a simple framework for coaching women on their pricing that works brilliantly for creating exactly the outcome your client wants: confidence in her fees and making more money.

It’s all part of my BRAND NEW *FREE* online workshop I’m leading on Wednesday, May 31st.

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This FREE training is for you if you want to make money in your coaching business easily — without pushing yourself to market more.

Because when you have the right topic (and pricing IS that topic!) signing on new clients becomes easy and elegant.

And aren’t new clients flowing into your business exactly what you want to experience more of?

I hope you’ll join me in this BRAND NEW *FREE* online workshop…

I promise you’re going to love the 4 secrets I share that will get you started coaching women entrepreneurs on what to charge!

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{BRAND NEW} I’m diving into the Soul of Pricing…

Little did I know when I started my coaching business that helping women with their pricing would be THE topic that…

…instantly attracted new, great paying clients…

…then got me invited to speak in-person and online every month for years, growing my list consistently month after month without ever having to make a ‘cold call’…

…that was super juicy and surprisingly easy to coach on…

…that clients kept asking for help with, bringing consistent money into my business with renewing and referral clients…

…and quickly became the perfect ‘center point’ topic I used to set myself apart from the crowd so I never had to worry about where my next clients would come from.

Fast forward to now, where women are rising up and entering the entrepreneurial space in record numbers, and you can see why I am so excited to invite you into my BRAND NEW *FREE* ONLINE WORKSHOP:

“The Soul of Pricing: 4 Secrets to Start Coaching Women Entrepreneurs On How To Charge What They’re Worth and Get It!”

happening next Wednesday, May 31st.

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Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m going to cover in this BRAND NEW *FREE* online workshop:

  • My #1 secret behind how to confidently hold space for your client to charge premium pricing
  • An exercise you can start using with your clients today so you can easily coach them to instantly own their worth
  • A quickie checklist you can use to pinpoint exactly where your client is likely sabotaging their pricing (and exactly what to ask to create transformation)
  • My 5 simple steps you can use today to start on your path of authentically raising your own fees (and feel confident in the process)
  • See how the topic of pricing is perfect if you want to add 1-on-1 clients, create a coaching group, speak live and in online summits, host your own workshops, run Facebook challenges, capture the interest of ideal, awesome clients and more

Here is why I love this topic so much for you: Every woman entrepreneur KNOWS she needs help with charging more, and she immediately sees the value in hiring YOU as her coach to help her.

Shockingly, no one else is talking about how to coach women entrepreneurs on their pricing.

And yet, this is the #1 topic you can use to attract new clients into your business, get invited to speak, grow your list, and more — even if you’re just getting started as a coach!

I hope you’ll join me in this special 1-time only BRAND NEW *FREE* online workshop.

I’m confident you’re going to love it!

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Do you ask this powerful coaching question?

I admit it, I’m obsessed with coaching.

Because in a world where everyone is trying to sell you the next bright, shiny marketing object, they are entirely missing the most critical center point in creating your coaching business…

You have to be a powerful coach!

It is the power and brilliance of your coaching that makes you stand out from the crowd…

That gives you so much confidence in what you do that its magnetic presence practically oozes out of you when you’re talking with prospective clients…

That keeps clients re-enrolling with you instead of leaving you to try someone else…

And has your best clients referring their friends and colleagues to you…

And gives you the deeply satisfying feeling of fulfillment, knowing you are expressing your soul’s purpose through a business that makes money doing meaningful work in the world.


If you have an interest in coaching women entrepreneurs (who I’ve found to be the most joyful, lucrative and plentiful clients to work with!) then I invite you to explore our certified coach training program starting in just a few weeks.

“Yes Kendall, I want to coach so I can make money doing meaningful work in the world –> show me how”

And if you find yourself saying, “I can’t because…(excuse, excuse, excuse)” then here is one of my favorite, most powerful coaching questions I love asking my clients to bust through a limiting belief…

“What if that wasn’t true?”

What if within you is the brilliant coach women entrepreneurs are waiting for right now?

What if all these new clients aren’t just waiting for any coach…they are waiting for YOU?!

Definitely check this out over the weekend, okay?

Your future successful self will thank you for it!


A coaching secret for creating client accountability

Have you ever felt unsure of how to hold your coaching client accountable?

Maybe because you didn’t want to feel like you were pushing them or that you were coming on too strong?

Or maybe it was the opposite for you, and you were hesitant to pin them down to an action commitment?

Here is my belief: Your role as a coach is to help your clients get unstuck and moving forward QUICKLY.


So your client quickly gains confidence in themselves and experiences first-hand what they’re capable of accomplishing.

It’s all about stretching their envelope, which is what they are hiring you for!

Here is a really important mistake I see coaches make – jumping straight into asking their client what action step they want to take and by when.

Asking this question too soon means your client either gives you an answer they’re not truly committed to…or they don’t know what action to take and now feel even more doubtful about what to do.

So how do you coach your client into an aligned action that they’re sure to accomplish quickly?

First, remember that knowing what action to take comes easily AFTER you coach your client to get their inner game lined up with what they say they want.

Here’s how you do that:

  • 1st, Coach your client to get clear on what their ultimate outcome is (you’ll be surprised how often this step unleashes your client’s power to take action quickly!)
  • 2nd, Coach your client to connect with their ‘why’ (I call this ‘feeling into the outcome’)
  • 3rd, Coach your client to let go of any people pleasing that might stop them from taking action (this is often where their doubts or fears are coming from)

When your client is clear on what they want, passionate about their why, and feels confident about handling the people around them, THEN asking what their action step is simple and feels exciting for your client to answer.

So how long does this type of coaching take to accomplish?

Only 5 – 15 minutes, when you know the right, powerful questions to ask and have a framework for your coaching calls.

And here’s something else…

I have a specific question I ask my clients that instantly sparks them into aligned action, no pushing needed.

In fact, the question I ask is so elegant and easy, your clients will WANT to get into action…and they’ll think that you’re a rock star coach for helping them stretch.

I’m happy to share with you what the question is (and when the right time is to ask it).

It’s in the Coaching Secrets free webinar replay that is available to you right now.

It’s in the content section on the top 10 rock star coaching skills you must know to attract high end clients.

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Busy day? I get it!

How about if I make one thing in your day — today — easier?

I asked my team to give you instant access to the REPLAY of the free coach training webinar I just hosted.

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What did I cover?…

I shared the biggest mistake I made when I first started my coaching business …and exactly what I did to recover from that mistake.

Then I dived into sharing my template for how to structure your coaching sessions…

Plus, I revealed the Top 10 Rock Star Coaching Skills. I turned these into a checklist for you (they’re right on the webinar screen so you can’t miss them)…

I shared exactly how to protect your energy when coaching clients who may show up feeling fear or doubt…

I gave the #1 secret to creating unshakeable client accountability (including exactly what to ask your client to do)…

You’re going to LOVE the coaching exercise I walk you through on-the-spot in the training, so you can identify your core coaching values…

And to top it off, I included bonus tip on how to set your fees.

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Imagine, in just 1 hour you can have new coaching skills and a whole new mindset about your future as a coach. Sweet!



I freaked out about this (time sensitive)

This is embarrassing to admit but…

Early in my coaching career if a client came to a coaching session with even the teeniest thing outside of my too-small ‘coaching comfort zone’ I would totally freak out.

You know, that ‘freeze, faint or flight’ reaction?!

Somehow I stumbled through those coaching sessions but I felt like a fraud afterwards and my confidence would plummet.

Which affected my confidence marketing, getting new client sign ups, raising my coaching package pricing…everything was impacted!

Fast forward to now and there is literally nothing a client can bring to a coaching session that I can’t handle with grace and power, while creating amazing results with my clients.

What was the ONE thing that made all the difference?

Discovering 10 simple, rock star coaching skills that ANYONE can quickly and easily master.

Say hello to your new confidence & signing on new + renewing clients!

I’m sharing exactly what these 10 rock star coaching skills are in my FREE webinar training happening TODAY.

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Here’s what you’ll discover in this content rich FREE training:
  • Exactly how long to make your coaching sessions (so you free your time and stop exhausting yourself with over-delivering)
  • Specific strategies so you can stand strong (and not get sucked into negative energy) when your clients show up with doubt, fear, indecision or insecurities
  • The #1 secret to creating unshakeable client accountability (with this you can increase your client success rate, keeping your business filled with renewing + new clients)
  • An illuminating exercise I’ll walk you through to discover your core strengths as a coach
  • The #1 ‘must include’ strategy in all your coaching packages that doubles — and even triples — how long clients will stick with you as their coach
  • And much more
I hope you’ll join me TODAY!

Because becoming a rock star coach is how you create amazing client results, attract high-end clients and make more money in your coaching business.

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My best-loved, (slightly sneaky) coaching secret for creating client accountability (time sensitive)

Are your clients inspired and fired up *enough* to get into action immediately after every coaching session?
Yes, after EVERY coaching session!

This matters because the higher your client success rate, it gets sooo easy to attract new + renewing clients.

So how do you get your clients unstuck and into action quickly?

I’m happy to share with you my simple technique for getting a client to unstick from their ‘stuck story’. (It’s so simple you’ll want to start using it right away)

Plus I’ll give you my #1 favorite coaching question — and the strategy behind it — for getting clients into inspired, empowered action…fast!

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You’re going to love how easy it is to dramatically increase your client’s accountability (results!), making it easy for you to attract new + renewing clients as a result.

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It’s like a mini assessment where you can instantly see how many of these characteristics YOU naturally possess.

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Is your inner voice saying this? (NEW checklist)

After you finish delivering a coaching session do you slip into self-talk that sounds something like this:

“I wish I had…asked more powerful questions…ended on time…gotten my client out of her story…held my client more accountable to her desires…been a better coach!”

It’s like your inner voice keeps questioning if you’re “good enough.”

Listen, as coaches we’re wired to help people.

It’s what makes us amazing at listening, connecting and seeing fresh possibilities for others.

Problem is, how do we know if our coaching IS good enough?

If you can relate then you’re going to love the NEW FREE CHECKLIST I created for you: “10 Rock Star Coaching Skills”.

This is one of those checklists that you’ll want to pin on your bulletin board so you can refer back to it over and over.

It’s yours (FREE) as part of your downloadable training materials — all included in the *FREE* webinar training I’m leading this TUESDAY, May 9th.

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In this free training I’m going to reveal A TON of tips and coaching techniques I use with ALL my clients, so you too, can be a rock star coach.

Because making more money in your coaching business isn’t about pushing yourself to market more.

It’s about the outcomes you create with your clients (which is the secret to having high-end clients hiring YOU).

This FREE training is for you if you’ve ever slipped into self-doubt about your coaching.

I promise that you’re going to love all the practical how-to’s I’ll share with you.

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Are your coaching sessions too long? (NEW webinar training)

It’s amazing how something as simple as how long your coaching sessions are can play a HUGE part in how much money you make .


Because too-long sessions can set you up to over-deliver, leaving you feeling drained and burned out.

Plus, long sessions mean you risk losing clients because they get antsy or worse, bored.

Which means clients don’t get the results they want and don’t stick with you as long, making it necessary for you to market even more to get new clients.

Ouch, right?!

Especially when what you want is to do LESS marketing!

The solution is this…

First, take a breath and exhale… 

…Because I’m going to show you simple tweaks to shorten your coaching sessions so you can keep clients happier, longer and getting awesome results.

It’s all part of the *FREE* webinar training I’m leading on Tuesday, May 9th.

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This FREE training is designed for you if you’re a coach, or thinking about becoming a coach.

I’m sharing my 6-step Coaching Call Template with you right in the webinar (FREE of course). Easy, right? 🙂

Listen closely: It isn’t selfish to want to shorten your client sessions.

It’s caring.

  Because when you have a client’s rapt attention, you can do the deeply transformational coaching you love…

…Then coach your client to take powerful action, quickly.

(I’ll also share tips with you on how to create unshakeable client accountability too — it’s so easy you’re going to love it!) 

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I greatly appreciate YOU and your time so I’ve loaded this training with strategies and how-to’s you can use immediately.

(My colleagues pressured me to make this a paid class, but I’m taking a stand for giving you fabulous VALUE, all free.)

I hope you’ll join me in this special 1-time only FREE online training.

I’m confident you’re going to love it!

PS – When you register for the free online training you’ll get instant access to a BONUS checklist, “8 Characteristics of Highly Successful Coaches”.

It’s a mini assessment (you’ll immediately see how many of these characteristics YOU naturally possess).


What happened?

So…here’s what happened…

A week ago, late afternoon, we sent out a single email letting my community know we were opening the doors to my Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® (CMMS) coach training program.

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woman-wingsWe announced how, for the first time EVER, you can become certified in my content with an entirely online training, + get weekly access live with me, + get private success coaching included to help you stay accountable on your 90-day journey to becoming certified.

We were excited, for sure.

But what happened next we never expected…

All of the spots we had open to talk were snapped up!

This response honestly takes my breath away.

Because my brilliance is creating done-for-you content you can use as the core of your coaching business (or combine with your own stuff) so you can add clients, re-engage current clients and make more money doing meaningful work you love.

We opened up just a few spots this coming week to talk about becoming certified as a Money, Marketing and Soul® coach (I hope we still have one open when you click on the link!).

If your ambition is to do soulful work and make money as a coach (without putting any time into creating content from scratch), then click here to get all of the details about CMMS.

This way, you won’t risk being left out of locking in the $1,500 SAVINGS available to you right now.

And since INTEGRITY is my core value in business, I promise that when you talk with us there won’t be any pressure or sleazy sales tactics.

This is an honest conversation about whether becoming a Money, Marketing and Soul® coach is right for you.

Remember always: I believe in you and I urge you not to let this pass you by!

This is your moment to join in the exciting women’s entrepreneurial movement that is happening right now: By becoming a Money, Marketing and Soul® coach for women entrepreneurs.

Click here NOW to get all the details about how to add new clients to  your business without putting in any time creating content from scratch.

Love and big hugs to you today!