Head’s up about something that happened to me…

A lot is changing for me right now and I want to be open with you about my journey.

The level of noise – and b.s. – that’s happening out there in the coaching industry has become deafening, and it’s drowning out the voice of our own intuition.

So while others are busy ’10x’ their hustle and deluging their community with the perfectly executed zillion part launch, I’ve been taking a sharp right turn down a different path.

I’ve been intentionally soul-searching. Questioning everything.

And being highly selective as to who I spend time with so that the sweet sound of my intuitive voice has a chance to be heard.

I’m listening to what’s calling me at soul level.

Saying yes to decisions that scare the crap out of me.

Noticing what is my zone of genius and saying yes to that, when it would be all too easy to stay complacent in the zone of comfort.

I’ve said no to seemingly ‘good’ opportunities and retiring many of my highly profitable programs to make space for something new.

Because while I’m really proud of having created a coaching business that generates multi 7-figures year after year, if I keep doing what I’ve always done then I will miss out on fulfilling my Soul’s Divine Purpose.

What has emerged from this space is clarity and an exciting new chapter in my life and business that I am super excited to be sharing with YOU.

Everything I do from here forward is in service of me courageously stepping forward into the role I’ve long known I’m destined to fulfill: being the leader in certified coach training for women entrepreneurs.

kendall-red-newBecause I love everything about coaching…how it gives women a way of turning their passion into their profession.

How with one insightful coaching question you have the power to transform someone’s life into a new direction.

How your passion turned into your profession can create a rich life for you both spiritually and profitably.

How what you learn about yourself in the process of becoming an authentically powerful coach creates a fertile ground for you to become a compassionate, insightful, extraordinary leader.

The kind of woman your family, clients and community look up to.

Being a coach is how you can be utterly amazing in your life and business!

I’m excited to start sharing with you articles that help you empower your coaching, exercises designed to further your personal growth (and result in higher quality, better paying clients), and coaching business best-practices taken from my 16 years of experience running a highly respected, highly profitable coaching business.

And I’m thrilled to be offering premier coach trainings that certify you in the types of topics clients love to hire you for, so that you and your business prosper.

I hope you are excited to be on this journey with me!

I value YOU and our connection.

I believe in YOU.

YOU are a gift in this world and my purpose is to empower you to create a spiritually and financially rich coaching business.

I can’t wait to connect again with you soon Renee!

With grace and gratitude,



[Audio] My Pricing Visualization (a gift from me to you)

I thought you could use a little shot of specialness today…from me to you.

No strings attached. Pure generosity. All free.


Because I care about YOU and your future.

I wanted you to have a special visualization where I lead you through discovering your Empowered Pricing Paradigm.

(Imagine me standing next to you as I guide you through this visualization >> You can access it free here <<)

Determining what to charge doesn’t start with all the technical pieces of figuring out bonuses, components, upsells, offers, cutoffs and all the other yadda, yadda.

Yes, that stuff matters (and I love teaching it) but what counts MOST is how you feel about your fees, what you believe, what you value, and most of all, your spiritual connection to your work.

These are the deeply personal pieces that once aligned, create the energy you need to consciously choose what to charge.

It takes courage to be a woman in business because we need more than just masculine tactics.

It’s time to break the rules and start doing business using your feminine strengths!

Let me know how much you enjoy this free visualization and companion handout.

>> Access the free pricing visualization audio here <<


She was sooo giving away her power in this situation…

You know how it’s soooo much easier to see in someone else where they’re giving away their power?

It’s an amazing feeling to spot when someone may not be owning their brilliance, and to clearly see how and where they can make simple changes that can radically shift their results.

This is the gift and beauty of coaching and it’s why I love it so much!

Because when you see into a client’s heart and soul, and compassionately hold them as powerful, it feels as if you are finally living your soul’s divine purpose.

Pretty lofty ideas? Yes. But let me show you where this gets grounded in practicality…

Right now, there are tons of women entrepreneurs starting their own service-based businesses.

And they are hungry…no, scratch that…they are starving for the kind of coaching that will help them create their packages, price their services and design a business and a life they love.

This is where YOU come in…

What if you were trained and certified to help all these women entrepreneurs create their ideal business?

How amazing could that feel?!

You signing on new clients, doing work that is meaningful, fulfilling and highly lucrative.

I can quickly train and certify you in my proven business coaching systems so that you can begin signing up new clients immediately.

Click here for details on how to quickly become an expert coaching women to create a thriving business and a life they love.

NOTE: This is the LAST TIME I will be teaching this certification training live/livestream.

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There is a wealth of new clients waiting for you to help them, who will happily invest with you because they can’t reach their dreams alone.

They need you, so will you help them?

I’ve personally found coaching women entrepreneurs to be the most joyful and rewarding opportunity to make money doing what we love.

This is for you if you love being creative and you find it easy to see the brilliance in others. Helping women entrepreneurs own their brilliance, create their packages and design a business they love is an EASY way to add clients, re-engage current clients and make more money (without putting in any time creating content from scratch).
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This client could use your help (are you available?)

I just read yet another statistic about the meteoric rise in entrepreneurship.

And the highest rate of people creating their own businesses are women.

What’s fascinating is that while men find it easy to take a linear path to growing a business, for women, the path has many more twists and turns.

Which is where YOU come in…(stay with me for a moment here and I’ll explain)…

Most women are starting service-based businesses, and one area they are quick to admit they really struggle with is in creating lucrative packages.

It’s easy to understand WHY this happens, because they’re so close to what they do it’s hard to see how simple creating their packages can be.

Okay…NOW is the part where YOU come in…

What if you were trained and certified to help all these women entrepreneurs create their packages?

How fun would that be, right?!

kendall-sideImagine…You signing on new clients, coaching them on something you find joyful, creative and rewarding.

I can quickly turn you into an expert in packages (plus key add-on services that clients love to sign up for) and best of all, certify you in my proven how to package your services system so that you can begin signing up new clients immediately.

Click here for details on how to quickly become an expert in creating packages for your new clients.

I hope you’ll seriously consider this because this is the LAST TIME I will be teaching this certification training live/livestream.

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Think about it Renee, there are tons of new clients who know they need help creating their packages — women and yes, some great guys too.

Why not check this out before the JUNE 13th cutoff?

It’s truly one of the most fun, rewarding ways to create income in your business!


Watch the coaching skills video REPLAY

We’re getting a ton of questions about yesterday’s training webinar.

First — YES, there is a replay but we’re ONLY leaving it up for a few days.

Click here to watch the LIMITED TIME REPLAY now

It’s just 60 minutes so you can easily fit in watching it today.

What did I cover?…

I shared the biggest mistake I made in my first year of coaching (humbling)…and what exactly I did to recover from that mistake.

Then I dived right into exactly how long to make your coaching sessions.

I shared my template for how to structure your coaching sessions (you’ll see it right on the webinar slide).

You’re going to LOVE the coaching exercise I walk you through on-the-spot.

Plus the bonus mindset tips I covered (my favorite is the one about how to value your coaching strengths – when you hear it, you’ll want to write it down and pin it to your bulletin board).

Plus I revealed the Top 10 Rock Star Coaching Skills. I turned these into a checklist for you (they’re right on the webinar screen so you can’t miss them).

And to top it off I included bonus training on how to decide where to set your fees.

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Imagine, in just 1 hour you can have new coaching skills and a whole new mindset about your future as a coach. Sweet!



Are you TOO sensitive with your clients?

Have you noticed your emotions can easily be impacted by the energy of your clients?

It’s like your emotional antennae are super-tuned to what your client is feeling.

This is an awesome gift because it means you’re intuitive…

But it’s also a big problem for many coaches and sensitive professionals (therapists, consultants, trainers, speakers).

Because not knowing how to coach powerfully — regardless of ANY emotion your clients are feeling — means you’re unconsciously holding back in both your coaching AND from adding clients to your business.

Would you like to know exactly what *I* do to balance being highly sensitive AND standing in my power with my clients? And with my business?

Join me on my NEW FREE training webinar where I’m going to share 3 easy strategies I use to solve this problem, authentically and with full confidence.

This FREE webinar truly is a master class — I’m including checklists, how-to coaching questions you can ask your clients, an awesome companion handout you can download, and more.

Perfect if you’re a coach or thinking about adding coaching to your business.

Wondering if you can’t make the training live?

No worries, we’re going to offer a replay too, so go ahead & register now…then listen to it later in the week. (CLICK HERE to register now)



Are your coaching sessions too long? (NEW webinar training)

It’s amazing how something as simple as how long your coaching sessions are can play an overwhelmingly HUGE part in how much money you make.


Because too-long sessions can set you up to over-deliver, leaving you feeling drained and burned out.

Plus, long sessions mean you risk losing clients because they get antsy or worse, bored.

Which means clients don’t get the results they want and don’t stick with you as long, making it necessary for you to market even more to get new clients.

Ouch, right?!

Especially when what you want is to do LESS marketing!

The solution?

First, take a breath and exhale…

…Because I’m going to show you simple tweaks to shorten your coaching sessions so you can keep clients happier, longer and getting awesome results.

It’s all part of the NEW *FREE* webinar training I’m leading on Wednesday, May 4th.

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This FREE training is designed for you if you’re a coach, or thinking about becoming a coach.

I’m sharing my 6-step Coaching Call Template with you right in the webinar (FREE of course). Easy, right? 🙂

Listen closely: It isn’t selfish to want to shorten your client sessions.

It’s caring.

Because when you have a client’s rapt attention, you can coach them to deeply connect with what it is they want most…

…Then coach them to take powerful action, quickly.

(I’ll share tips with you on how to do this too — it’s so easy you’re going to love it!)

>>> Click Here to Discover How to Coach Like a Rock Star (NEW FREE training) <<<

I greatly appreciate YOU and your time so I’ve loaded this training with CONTENT you can use immediately.

(My colleagues pressured me to make this a paid class, but I’m taking a stand for giving you fabulous VALUE, all free.)

I hope you’ll join me in this special 1-time only FREE online training.

I’m confident you’re going to love it!

When you register for the free training you’ll get instant access to a BONUS checklist, “12 Characteristics of Highly Successful Coaches”.

It’s like a mini assessment (you’ll immediately see how many of these characteristics YOU naturally possess).

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Gratitude for you

This year in our coaching programs I have my clients focused on GRATITUDE.

I’ve discovered gratitude is a powerful antidote to any imposter syndrome that might be secretly holding you back (it happens, don’t worry).

In the spirit of GRATITUDE, I decided to gift you this Sunday with a special, free 15-minute audio training + companion handout.

It’s FREE.

There’s no pitch, no offer, no strings attached and no secret agenda.

Just pure appreciation for YOU bravely being on your entrepreneurial path…all packaged up in this 15-minute audio training + companion handout.

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This free 15-minute online training is me, leading you through a powerful visualization designed for you to immediately and effortlessly press reset on your pricing.

This is like having me as your coach for 15-minutes.

Because if you’re reading this, it tells me you’re ready to create a new mindset about your fees that will prepare you to confidently bring on new clients and increase your income.

Download this free 15-min training audio + companion handout now.




My mistake…

We closed the cart Saturday night for my brand new Package, Price + Sell online video training course, and we’re thrilled to see so many of you jumped on this at the last minute.

BUT…apparently we made a mistake.

Here’s what happened – My team started their week with an inbox full of emails from many of you who didn’t get a chance to get this online training, on such a business-critical topic.

(Note to self – next time, give you the entire weekend to check your email and make your decision!)

The mistake was felt even more deeply because my original plan was to tuck this training into the vault and not offer it again for a long time, if ever.

Soooo…We hear you! And since we’re all about being of service, here is what I decided to do:

For just 48 hours — this TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY only — we are re-opening access to Package, Price + Sell so if you missed out over the weekend, you can get your copy right now.

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Take fast action & grab your spot in this online video training while you can.

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To be clear, I walk you through the exact steps to creating your packages & pricing.

And even better, as you complete each exercise your package & pricing is getting DONE.

Plus you get to see me demonstrating every step, which takes away all the guesswork.

If you’re ready to simplify your business and make more money let’s get you started today with instant access to Package, Price + Sell.

Creating packages that are joyful to deliver, offer great value to clients, and that make more money is the secret behind my success…and the success of hundreds of our clients.

You can do the same.

Wouldn’t you love a NEW way of packaging & pricing your services that gives you feminine grace and ease, frees your time and makes you more money?

This is it!

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I’m glad we had this chance to connect…join me in Package, Price + Sell?

I hope so!

3 dont’s with your pricing

As a woman entrepreneur, you’re likely highly empathetic.

You care about others’ feelings…maybe too much at times, right?

Which can cause you to hold off raising your fees.

And the result?

There you are again, working too hard, for too little and while you love helping people, you’re in serious threat of burn out.

I call this “the churn”.

And. It. Totally. Sucks.

Let’s get you out of the churn, TODAY!

Tip #1: Don’t let worrying about how your new fees will impact your current clients keep you from charging what you’re worth. There is an easy way to handle transitioning your new fees and I’ll show you how.

Want to know what to base your fees on?

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Tip #2: Don’t mistake ‘value for volume’. If you’re overloading your packages then not only are you fried, but your clients are overwhelmed and less likely to implement what you’re helping them with.

Want to know exactly what to put into your packages?

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Tip #3: Don’t think your new fee is your forever fee. For example, you can increase your fees now and sign on a few new clients, then re-evaluate until you hit your sweet spot.

>> Are you ready to package & price your services so you make more money, starting today?

Watch me on video as I teach you exactly how to package and price your services in my BRAND NEW online video training course ON SALE ONLY through THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 12th.


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Package, Price + Sell is a complete video training, taken from a recent live workshop I delivered for my private coaching clients.

If you’ve been wanting to workshop with me but couldn’t make the trip, then you’re going to love this new, exciting online virtual training.

It’s all on video that you get instant access to so you can watch and create your packages & pricing, at your own pace, all from the comfort of your home on your computer.

The training is yours to keep but I urge you to check this out TODAY, as this SALE ENDS MARCH 12th at midnight.

After that it goes into the vault and I can’t promise when (or if) I’ll make it available again.

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