Coaches: Want to create a best-selling package? (time sensitive)

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with how to take all the brilliant pieces you love to deliver and organize them into clear, compelling packages?

Believe me, this is an issue I’ve seen woman at all levels struggle with.

Whether you are ready for the magic of your first clients, or you’re aiming to step into 6-figures, you DON’T need a ton of different, complicated marketing strategies.

What you DO need is to take the guesswork out of creating your packages so you feel confident and in control of your offerings, without over-delivering.

Are you ready for creating your packages to feel easy? And to finally get them done in a fun, simple way?




This is my personal system for how to design your packages that is so paint-by-numbers simple, you can quickly get this crucial part of your business handled, freeing your time and your energy.

It’s all organized into a simple, step by step online video workshop that you can access instantly once you register,but here’s the kicker

This online workshop is only available for purchase until Saturday August 5th. After that, it will be secreted away back in my training vault.

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Just watch and follow along in each online workshop video, as I walk you through each of the simple steps, and quick, easy to follow exercises.

The result? You quickly transforming what you love to do into your new, best-selling packages.

Best of all, you get to see me demonstrating every step on video so you’ll have your package DONE (no more package overwhelm).

You’ll have your pricing DONE (no more second guessing what to charge).

And you’ll have a FRESH approach to discussing your services that makes it easy for you to confidently sign on new clients into the right package.

I’ve taken my years of experience on the topic of packaging & pricing your services and created what many consider to be by far the most powerful success training on this topic ever.

Remember, it’s all on video that you can access instantly once you register.

Plus, as a bonus I’m including a gorgeous, downloadable workbook filled with each step by step exercise, templates, scripts and more.

This bonus is the perfect companion to enrich your online video training experience.

If you’re in a service business, learning how to quickly and easily package & price your services is life changing for you and for your business.

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PS – Imagine…within just a few hours you’ll have your packages DONE, your pricing DONE and you’ll have a FRESH approach to discussing your services that makes it easy for you to confidently sign on new clients into the right package.

PPS – I’ve made the investment in this exceptional program so incredibly reasonable that it will easily pay for itself with just one client.

Once you register you get instant access to everything: the training videos + beautiful, downloadable workbook.

My suggestion? Take advantage and secure your spot in this Online Video Workshop now…then either start right away, or if you’re busy with summer plans it will be waiting for you once you’re ready.

Remember, Package, Price + Sell is ONLY available and ON SALE until Saturday, August 5th. After that it disappears. 



It works better if you nurture it (24 things about confidence I wish I’d known sooner than now)

kendall-new-laughI’m confident. I’m fearful.

I’m certain. I’m terrified.

It’s all happening in the space of a few split seconds and it’s a mix of emotions that as a woman entrepreneur there is no way you’re going to escape feeling.

Maybe guys don’t get into this feeling space but we women do.

We constantly question our confidence.

Or rather, we over-focus on self-doubt, leaving little room for confidence to take root, grow and blossom.

So let’s change this, okay?

Because confidence isn’t an item you check off your to-do list.

Confidence is something sacred you protect, nurture and care for every day.

Here’s why it matters…

Confidence (and it’s sister feeling of certainty) impact how you close a sale, how often you market, what much visibility you create for yourself, how you speak, how many clients you decide you want, and your pricing.

It impacts how much you grow into being the leader in your business with your team, your clients and your colleagues.

And all this determines what kind of income you make in your business.

When you feel confident, where do you feel it? In your heart or in your belly? When you feel it do you feel unstoppable, certain and determined? Do you feel excited or joyful?

It’s time to call in your God-given power to create a deep well of confidence.

Because lacking (or a lapse in) confidence isn’t a permanent state. It’s temporary, no matter how soul-sucking it may feel in the moment.

Here’s what I recommend you do: Print and post this list and read it daily.

Because this is where being in business for yourself is a huge part of your spiritual path.

So here are 24 things about confidence I wish I’d known sooner than now.

Consider this list a wake-up call for accessing your feminine grace and power.


For Business

1. Excessive worry about not being good enough is an act of spiritual self-centeredness. Start really listening and focusing in – like your life depends on it – on what your ideal client really wants you to help them with.  From corporate leaders to moms, this always works. Start enjoying the feeling of relief of getting out of your own way.

2. Be extraordinary at the things people most want from you – listening, then challenging them to get out their own way and to take action fast.  

3. Calling people out on their b.s. is an act of fierce love. Do it more often and you’ll have more clients. sm-tweet-bird

4. In the end, your clients’ results happen because they take action (not because you have to be a freaking genius).


For Goals

5. Setting small, frequent goals you meet every day tells your subconscious you can trust yourself.

6. Obsessing is good. Just choose what you’re going to obsess over.

7. Confidence doesn’t come from always succeeding, from massive time spent preparing or from wanting to know what will happen before you begin. Confidence comes from finding that feeling of certainty that you’re willing to be curious, to learn and to grow.

8. When you decide to take action, include the decision to do whatever it takes to see something through, even when it isn’t convenient or it feels risky. Hugely confidence boosting because you’ll know ahead of time you won’t quit on yourself.

9. If you’re relentless every day about listing what you did well you’ll start flooding your subconscious with proof of how awesome you truly are.

10. There are no bad decisions because every decision seemed like a good one at the time. So what if it didn’t turn out the way you expected? Hanging on to the negative just gets you more of the same. Instead, get clear on the gift the decision brought you and you’ll naturally make a different choice in the future. Done.

11. Soul searching to find even one small thing you can feel absolute certainty about as you try something new, trumps “fake it till you make it” every time.


For Relationships (In Business and Personally. Because it’s all the same)

12. Decide what you’re not going to tolerate any more. Include other people talking you down or out about what you want to do, because that’s their b.s. Don’t make it yours.

13. It’s actually really simple to ask for what you want, without over-explaining or apologizing. Practicing this daily creates a bank of confidence within you that you can draw from later when you really need it.

14. Staying silent or telling people what they want to hear (which includes over-committing, accepting inferior service or work or excuses, not getting paid) because you’re worried about their feelings isn’t doing them any favors and perpetuates you feeling unworthy. Stand in your truth. Say what needs to be said.

15. Lowering the bar because others can’t get their act together doesn’t empower or uplift anyone. It’s okay to have high expectations – you just need to surround yourself with people who share your vision of excellence (and let the others play in someone else’s sandbox).

16. Tell someone who champions you each time you stand up for yourself. Because reaching out for support and encouragement doesn’t make you weak or needy, it strengthens your confidence muscle.


In Money

17. Get into a courageous money conversation every week. Because between vendors, clients, your sweetheart, family, banks or credit card companies there’s always a situation that’s calling to you to be powerful with money.

18. You don’t have to give more to charge more. Keep shifting your energy off yourself and onto the results your clients are creating and you’ll always have the evidence you need that you can charge more.


For Yourself

19. If confidence flowed from a lava hot center this center would be your core, authentic integrity. Which means you gotta say what needs to be said. When you own your truth you steer clear of blame and any temptation to slip into old cycles of feeling disempowered.

20. Taking full responsibility for your own experience doesn’t mean criticizing – yourself or others. It means being honest about the need you were trying to get met. This is the truth that will set you free. Amen.

21. Negative self-talk is toxic garbage that needs to get dumped for the trash that it is, and replaced with compassion for the young, tender part of you that didn’t get the message of how amazing, magnificent, extraordinary, brilliant and beautiful you truly are. Believe it because it’s the truth.

22. Feeling vulnerable is the bridge you’re going to have to walk to get from that hideous, soul-wasting self-doubt you want to get rid of forever, to the joyful feeling of getting your gifts out into the world in a big, profitable way.

23. In the moments when you stop asking “What will others think?”, you open yourself up to aligning with the soul forces of grace and power. Intoxicating.

24. Keep the promises you make to yourself (which doesn’t mean being perfect – it means being honest and course correcting when you get off track) because the ability to trust yourself is a sacred gift.


Are you tolerating this?

woman-lanternFor women entrepreneurs, money isn’t something just to be tolerated.

It’s bigger than that. And a lot more personal. Like, in-your-face-can’t-avoid-it personal.

Money is your spiritual path.

One that is deeply emotional. Sometimes complicated. And always mirroring what you believe is possible for yourself.

Which brings me to you and your business.

Did you know that the results of every marketing or business growth strategy you try to implement this year hinge on your relationship with money?

Yes, it’s that powerful of a force.

So why wouldn’t you want it to be rock solid, confident and empowered?

The Whole Money Thing. And What It Means For You.

This autumn I’ll be coaching, teaching, inspiring (and yes, kicking some butt) at my signature live workshop, Feminine Money Mastery.

Tickets are on sale TODAY through Saturday, June 13th for just $197.

Then they will go up.

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This isn’t just a ticket to a workshop…it’s your pass to eliminating the internal conflicts with money that have been diminishing your self-confidence.

It’s your pass to learning exactly how to end the arguments about money you have with your partner (I’ll teach you my Courageous Money Conversation skills. You’ll love them. He’ll love them. You’ll both be happier.)

And it’s your chance to learn my insider’s business secrets to making more money so you can feel amazing about yourself.

Attending Feminine Money Mastery is stepping out of the shadows with money and into your light.

It’s practical training + emotional edginess + my special brand of fierce love and coaching.

And it’s all for you because you deserve the best in a money breakthrough, and this is it!

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No more tolerating, okay?

This is going to help you like nothing else can or ever will.

With this, you’re going to feel like you’ve turned a corner. Where everything about you and money in your business (and in your life too!) feels like it clicks into place.

You’re going to see results and save 90% off your ticket here.

I can’t wait to see you at Feminine Money Mastery!

(Get your ticket before the Saturday, June 13th cutoff – it’s a huge savings you don’t want to miss out on).

Love to you,


PS – This is the ONLY training of its kind. Because everyone else focuses either on trying to get you to understand deadly boring spreadsheets (please!) or tries to hype you up on a flavor-of-the-month strategy that may or may not even work for your business, or tries to get you to chant a new mindset.

Seriously?! If that’s all it took for women to be successful in business, everyone would be a billionaire.

The truth is, I’ve created a business that generates multi 7-figures year after year.

I’ve had to face my own money stuff in a big way.

I’ve learned.

I’ve created amazingly simple systems, templates and money strategies that will transform your business revenue…and give you the confidence you’ve been seeking.

Just one thing…Feminine Money Mastery is for you if you’re willing to be brave…even if you at moments feel afraid (that’s a perfectly normal reaction every time you’re up to a big, personal breakthrough).

This is for you if you’re willing to be vulnerable…so that you’re no longer held back from creating that next level of success you’re hungry for (yes, I get that you are an achiever. Me too. It’s all good).

It’s for you if you’re willing to step up into making more money in a beautifully powerful, aligned way that integrates the practical actions + the emotional edges that this topic always calls forward.

>>> Click here to reserve your ticket now, while they’re on sale 90% off. <<<

PPS – Remember how I said making fabulous money is part of your spiritual path?

At Feminine Money Mastery there will a moment where a light goes on within you, and you say, “I got it!”

I’ve coached thousands of women entrepreneurs to have that moment. Now it’s your turn!

Only…you won’t have that moment sitting home. And no, this workshop is not recorded for sale later, and it won’t be offered via live stream.

The only way to get this for yourself — my best training on empowering you with money in your life and business — is by joining me live this October.

Tickets are on sale TODAY through Saturday, June 13th for just $197.

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I’m blowing it up

Know the difference between evolution and revolution?

One takes time…the other is right now.

It’s the difference between being patient, doing the inner work, making time to adjust, accepting change step by step…and saying eff-it, I’m ready for a major change, like RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

Something shifted mightily for me last week on my birthday. A day of rebirth and renewal. A day I can already look back on as The One.

But a shift on the inside is tough to sustain unless it has a place to show up in our world.

So for me, for starters, I’m blowing up my ezine.

I could spin you a cute marketing story about how it’s some well thought out strategic move…but the truth — and my vulnerability — is that I’m tired of fitting into the very mold I created.

My writing is a deeply felt and highly personal creative expression. Like a straight shot of soul espresso.

So instead of the “5 tips to whatever” sameness you’ll be getting shots of that soul espresso.

Some about business and what it really takes to be successful (it’s so different than what you might have thought up until now).

Some about how making money is one of the most divinely spiritual and selfless acts you can ever possibly do in this lifetime. Ever.

Some about how to stand in the truth of your value, because while you’re worth isn’t tied to your income, being broke or just making ends meet does not enrich your self-esteem.

And a lot of how to master being fully in your brilliance, without apology.

Because when I say I believe in you, I mean in it with such fierce love there is no earthly way I’m going to let you give up on yourself. Ever.

So watch your inbox for a new look and feel and a new voice to our connection.

It may come weekly, it may skip a week, it may come only a few days apart.

If on occasion you’re tempted to complain about too much email, don’t.

Be grateful I am here for you.

To support you. Help you.

Keep you from falling into some pit of self doubt that you don’t deserve.

To hold you as powerful no matter what.

To give you the inside view of what it looks like, feels like and is like to be a highly successful woman entrepreneur (it rocks), because no one else is sharing this with you and wouldn’t you like the truth?

I’m glad we’re connected.



PS – It’s a new day – make the most of it. xoxoxox


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Why Resolutions Don’t Work For Women Entrepreneurs

Click here if you would rather listen to this article.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I finally figured out the problem with setting resolutions.

For women, they typically spring from a place within us where we don’t feel we’re good enough, or where we feel we’ve failed in some way. They emotionally scold us with a message of "you need more discipline" and they just feel darn difficult.

No wonder we avoid them!

As women entrepreneurs, we are not emotional wimps but let’s face it, we are pretty hard on ourselves.

What I discovered to be true is this:

The BIGGEST gift you can get out of the new year energy is one of commitment and clarity. You don’t have to know all the answers (truly!).

All you need to do is make 1 simple decision designed to accomplish these 3 goals:

#1. To continue becoming fully and powerfully aligned, and financially independent as a woman entrepreneur

#2. To help you immediately begin making more money in your business

#3. To support you in strengthening your core muscle of courage.

Here is the ONE decision I make instead of setting resolutions at the beginning of the year.

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Simple Bookkeeping Basics For Women Entrepreneurs

Click here if you would rather listen to this article.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Recently, I was chatting with a friend of mine — a therapist and coach with a busy, private practice. She groaned as she shared that she wasn’t seeing any clients for an entire week.

I was dumbfounded. "Why?" I asked her.

Because she needed to spend all of that time getting her receipts and bookkeeping ready for her accountant, in order to prepare her taxes.

I looked at her, and asked one question: "So how much is it costing you in lost business, to do your own books?"

She looked back at me in shock, her mouth forming a perfect "O", as she said, "O.M.G.!!!"

Bookkeeping, taxes…I get it. They’re likely not be your favorite topics. But by following a few simple tips you can sail through keeping your books in order, with minimal time spent each month.

While I’m not an accountant or a bookkeeper, I HAVE developed simple systems that make it easy for me to keep my books in order, in just a few minutes per month.

Want to know what I do? Here are 5 of my easy-to-follow tips you can start using today, so that when tax time rolls around next year, you’re all set and ready to go. :-))

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