Coaches: Want to create a best-selling package? (time sensitive)

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with how to take all the brilliant pieces you love to deliver and organize them into clear, compelling packages?

Believe me, this is an issue I’ve seen woman at all levels struggle with.

Whether you are ready for the magic of your first clients, or you’re aiming to step into 6-figures, you DON’T need a ton of different, complicated marketing strategies.

What you DO need is to take the guesswork out of creating your packages so you feel confident and in control of your offerings, without over-delivering.

Are you ready for creating your packages to feel easy? And to finally get them done in a fun, simple way?




This is my personal system for how to design your packages that is so paint-by-numbers simple, you can quickly get this crucial part of your business handled, freeing your time and your energy.

It’s all organized into a simple, step by step online video workshop that you can access instantly once you register,but here’s the kicker

This online workshop is only available for purchase until Saturday August 5th. After that, it will be secreted away back in my training vault.

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Just watch and follow along in each online workshop video, as I walk you through each of the simple steps, and quick, easy to follow exercises.

The result? You quickly transforming what you love to do into your new, best-selling packages.

Best of all, you get to see me demonstrating every step on video so you’ll have your package DONE (no more package overwhelm).

You’ll have your pricing DONE (no more second guessing what to charge).

And you’ll have a FRESH approach to discussing your services that makes it easy for you to confidently sign on new clients into the right package.

I’ve taken my years of experience on the topic of packaging & pricing your services and created what many consider to be by far the most powerful success training on this topic ever.

Remember, it’s all on video that you can access instantly once you register.

Plus, as a bonus I’m including a gorgeous, downloadable workbook filled with each step by step exercise, templates, scripts and more.

This bonus is the perfect companion to enrich your online video training experience.

If you’re in a service business, learning how to quickly and easily package & price your services is life changing for you and for your business.

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PS – Imagine…within just a few hours you’ll have your packages DONE, your pricing DONE and you’ll have a FRESH approach to discussing your services that makes it easy for you to confidently sign on new clients into the right package.

PPS – I’ve made the investment in this exceptional program so incredibly reasonable that it will easily pay for itself with just one client.

Once you register you get instant access to everything: the training videos + beautiful, downloadable workbook.

My suggestion? Take advantage and secure your spot in this Online Video Workshop now…then either start right away, or if you’re busy with summer plans it will be waiting for you once you’re ready.

Remember, Package, Price + Sell is ONLY available and ON SALE until Saturday, August 5th. After that it disappears.