Feeling Jealous Of Her?

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Be honest, have you ever felt the bite of jealousy when you hear about someone else reaching six or seven figures, selling out their workshop or filling their programs?

No woman wants to admit to feeling jealous. It’s a feeling that comes from a small place within us, where we feel less-than in some way.

Which is why many women are reluctant to admit to feeling jealous, preferring instead to paste a smile on their face and exclaim, “Oh, I’m so happy for you!” when all the time, inside, they’re feeling the burn.

So is there a way to turn jealousy into a positive experience? One than can help you break through a major obstacle that’s been standing between you and creating greater success for yourself in your business?

Yes! Which is why I’m sharing with you today 3 compassionate strategies to help you quickly transform feelings of jealousy so you can stay on purpose with your vision and create more income in your business.

Your goal here is to use any feelings of jealousy as a tool to help you heal your relationship with money so that more of the GOOD green can flow into your life.

Tip #1 Jealousy Can’t Grow In A Garden Of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the purest, most Divinely inspired emotions we can feel. In the moment you catch yourself feeling jealousy, use it as your cue to immediately switch your focus to all the good that you have in your life. Do more than just skim the surface here — really dive deep into listing everything you have that’s amazing.

Even the person who triggered that bit of a jealousy attack in you is someone to feel gratitude towards. Why? Because she’s showing you where you’re ready to grow.

Tip #2 Jealousy Is A Mirror For Where You’ve Been Afraid To Grow

Jealousy is an emotion of contraction. So chances are good when you feel it, it’s a sign you’ve been holding yourself back, afraid to move forward and fulfill your soul’s divine purpose.

If someone else is growing fast on the outside, it’s likely they’re growing quickly on the inside, too. To help you accelerate YOUR growth, pinpoint where you’ve been holding back, or where you’ve been afraid to make an important move with your business (or even in your personal life).

This is the moment to be ruthlessly honest with yourself, to face a specific fear and to move through it. Yes, it’s scary. But the alternative is to stay stuck, which isn’t what you want.

Jealousy is your soul giving you a wake-up call, so reach out to your mentor or to someone who has already walked the path of success ahead of you. Lean on them for support and strategies to help you see your gifts, and to take action towards what you want.

Tip #3 Stop Telling Your Old Tale…It’s Time To Tell A New Story Of Success

What is the story you tell when you’re feeling jealous? Don’t let a negative, inner voice convince you that other people have all of the luck, that others are better than you or that you never get the same opportunities. This kind of tall tale telling will only serve to keep you small.

Feeling Jealous Means You’re Ready To Become A New, Higher Version Of Yourself

It isn’t the shoes or the purses other gals have that you envy; it’s who they are being. Instead of coveting their success, it’s time to create your own.

Here’s a great exercise I’ve done before, that will really help you:

  1. Think of someone you’ve felt a little jealous of
  2. List everything they have that you would like for yourself (you can include things like money, a bigger list, greater celebrity, etc. as well as things such as a nice house, a happy marriage or a better car)
  3. Next to each item on this list, honestly answer this question, “What will I have to let go of to get that?“ (it’s okay if you find yourself coming up with the same answer each time)
  4. Finally, write down 3 specific action steps you’ll take to begin letting go of what you just listed. Be brave, be bold and be specific here! This is your pathway to achieving what you want, so use it.

This simple exercise will save you years of frustration and misspent energy, helping you to let go of all that old story that is keeping you from achieving your dream life and business.

Remember, someone else’s success is a beautiful reminder of what is possible for YOU to enjoy as well!



  1. Thanks for sharing practical steps to address jealousy. Very helpful.

  2. This is an interesting angle to this subject, because us women usually don’t want to talk about jealousy or admit we are jealous of others. I like the way you challenge us to think about issues we don’t want to address, like this one. Thanks!

  3. A brilliant wake up call! It’s so easy to slip into thinking others have it better than you and forgetting all the wonderful things you have!

  4. Thanks Kendall, this was very insightful for me, not just in the area of money and/or business but in one’s personal life also. If you have it in your personal life then it’s definitely affecting your money/business life etc. and vice versa.

  5. Excellent Kendall, thank you!!

  6. Thanks for telling it as it is! #2 is particularly poignant – the naked truth, and not easy to swallow.

  7. Really great points, Kendall – and very insightful. I love the exercise you recommend. Thanks so much, as always.

    Pat Mussieux