Head’s up about something that happened to me…

A lot is changing for me right now and I want to be open with you about my journey.

The level of noise – and b.s. – that’s happening out there in the coaching industry has become deafening, and it’s drowning out the voice of our own intuition.

So while others are busy ’10x’ their hustle and deluging their community with the perfectly executed zillion part launch, I’ve been taking a sharp right turn down a different path.

I’ve been intentionally soul-searching. Questioning everything.

And being highly selective as to who I spend time with so that the sweet sound of my intuitive voice has a chance to be heard.

I’m listening to what’s calling me at soul level.

Saying yes to decisions that scare the crap out of me.

Noticing what is my zone of genius and saying yes to that, when it would be all too easy to stay complacent in the zone of comfort.

I’ve said no to seemingly ‘good’ opportunities and retiring many of my highly profitable programs to make space for something new.

Because while I’m really proud of having created a coaching business that generates multi 7-figures year after year, if I keep doing what I’ve always done then I will miss out on fulfilling my Soul’s Divine Purpose.

What has emerged from this space is clarity and an exciting new chapter in my life and business that I am super excited to be sharing with YOU.

Everything I do from here forward is in service of me courageously stepping forward into the role I’ve long known I’m destined to fulfill: being the leader in certified coach training for women entrepreneurs.

kendall-red-newBecause I love everything about coaching…how it gives women a way of turning their passion into their profession.

How with one insightful coaching question you have the power to transform someone’s life into a new direction.

How your passion turned into your profession can create a rich life for you both spiritually and profitably.

How what you learn about yourself in the process of becoming an authentically powerful coach creates a fertile ground for you to become a compassionate, insightful, extraordinary leader.

The kind of woman your family, clients and community look up to.

Being a coach is how you can be utterly amazing in your life and business!

I’m excited to start sharing with you articles that help you empower your coaching, exercises designed to further your personal growth (and result in higher quality, better paying clients), and coaching business best-practices taken from my 16 years of experience running a highly respected, highly profitable coaching business.

And I’m thrilled to be offering premier coach trainings that certify you in the types of topics clients love to hire you for, so that you and your business prosper.

I hope you are excited to be on this journey with me!

I value YOU and our connection.

I believe in YOU.

YOU are a gift in this world and my purpose is to empower you to create a spiritually and financially rich coaching business.

I can’t wait to connect again with you soon Renee!

With grace and gratitude,