Leading your own certification program

My predication for 2017 is that we will see a rapid rise in the number of women entrepreneurs offering certification programs as a key piece of their business model.

The reason why is because the ‘certification model’ is lucrative, can easily leverage your time so you’re creating freedom, and speaks to women entrepreneurs who are at heart, leaders.

I truly ADORE the certification model and my journey with it since creating my first certification training in 2009 includes generating millions in highly profitable revenue, certifying over 1,100 graduates, seeing my teachings spread over 14 countries and feeling fulfilled that I am expressing my soul’s divine purpose through my business.

There is both the soul + strategy to creating certification programs and while I always lead with soul first, sometimes the soul work doesn’t come prettily packaged with a nice, shiny pink bow.

If you feel a calling to offer your own certification programs then in the beginning you’re probably going to experience the duality of feeling called to rise up as a leader…and feeling a massive case of “Who am I?”


I remember vividly the split second after I decided I wanted to create my first certification program, feeling immediately overcome with a surprise attack of “Who am I…”

It sounded something like this:

“Yeah BUT … I’m not as successful/famous/big/published as [fill in with guru expert name]”

“Yeah BUT…who am I to think I can train and lead others?” (This was my personal favorite)

“Yeah BUT…there’s still more I need to learn”

“Yeah BUT…people might see I don’t really have my shit perfectly together”

“Yeah BUT…what will people think of me?”

“Yeah BUT…I don’t know how to teach something that is so intuitive for me” (Another personal favorite)

“Yeah BUT…I’m not done yet perfecting what I do”

“Yeah BUT…[insert your own yeah but here]”

My ‘yeah BUT’s were a sign that every part of my conscious mind was resisting my soul’s desire to step out of the crowd.

I remember being in a high-end coaching program, standing at the front of the room in front of my peers, feeling frozen, literally rooted to the floor with fear, barely breathing.

Every single person in that room was pushing me to ‘just do it’ which was advice I ached to take but in that moment couldn’t see my way through.


The shift happened. I got over myself. And I got out of my own way.

90-Days later I was leading my first certification program, loving every moment of it, creating a 6-figure+ payday and hearing the gratitude and appreciation of my first group of certified students.

Here’s the truth I discovered that year…

When you have a feminine leader’s heart, the ‘Yeah buts…’ are a sign you are stepping into your brilliance.

Not everyone is called to create certification programs. But if you are already using this exciting income stream, or you’re considering adding it to your business, then here are 4 leadership best practices to help you get out of your own way:

1. Know WHY you desire to certify others.

Do you want to break the rules? Perhaps your why is because you see a better way of creating results in your area of expertise? Or a different way of doing something that you know works better than the status quo.

My why is the same today as it was when I started back in 2009: To create financially and spiritually successful coaches. I knew that the model of training coaches came from a paradigm that refused to discuss making money, hence the proliferation of broke coaches.

It pissed me off because it didn’t value the incredible transformational power of coaching so I decided to create a new paradigm where a coach could learn how to create financial AND spiritual success and be celebrated every step of the way.

2. See your personal ‘Yeah Buts’ for what they really are.

As a Certification Program Leader your #1 role is to believe in what is possible for your students. When you shine a light on yourself it’s easy to only see flaws and faults.

But when you shift your perspective off of yourself and shine that light on what is possible for your students you change your inner conversation. You’re going to see new opportunities for them that will feel exciting for you.

One internal dialogue technique I use if I slip into the ‘Yeah But’s’ is I simply ask myself, “What is possible for my students?” And, “How amazing would it feel to see them rise up?”

3. Start SIMPLE.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making when creating a certification program is trying to turn their students into the ultimate expert. All this does is create a program that is over-full, over-whelming, and feels un-doable.

Your students want to feel confident and masterful with the basics first. You can easily design a next level option for those who want more (which also gives you the opportunity to create lucrative upsells later).

Plus, this takes the pressure off of you because while the basics are new and exciting for your students, for you they are easily within your wheel-house.

In my certification programs we make sure our students get training and understand the basics thoroughly, and we emphasize practicing what they’re learning weekly.

This is one of the key reasons why we have nearly 100% of our students complete the training requirements, get their certification and rave about the experience.

4. Give yourself permission to BE in the process of becoming a leader.

Being a feminine leader is a messy process of working through triggers and getting grounded in your truth so that you can come from a place of courageous compassion…for yourself AND for your students.

Courageous compassion doesn’t make you weak…it makes you AMAZING.

You’re not going to have all of the answers ahead of time! Get used to it so that your perfection bell isn’t constantly ringing.

What are the core values you embody as a feminine leader?

How well can you hold your boundaries without sacrificing compassion?

What do you do when someone pushes your buttons and you find yourself triggered?

What do you need to give yourself permission to say? Or to take a stand for?

Being a feminine leader is finding YOUR place of strength, trusting your wisdom, and continuing to do your own personal growth work.


By paying attention to these 4 best practices you don’t have to let the ‘Yeah buts’ stand in your way of stepping into your feminine leadership.

Creating and leading lucrative certification programs isn’t for everyone. But if you’re already in this fascinating and lucrative model (or you find yourself attracted to it) that is a clear signal that your feminine leadership is wanting to be more fully expressed.

I’ve been witness to so many women completely transforming themselves by getting certified in the content I’ve created that I’ve now focused my entire multiple 7-figure business on leading my own …and teaching you how to create and lead yours.

So watch for future articles where I’ll share insights into the practical how-to’s of creating and leading your own lucrative certification program.

And if you are interested in finding out more about how to offer lucrative certification programs, how to automate your income and how to become fully aligned as an empowered, feminine leader then click here to reach out and hear more about my NEW mentoring group. It’s specifically designed for women already into multi 6-figures who want to break the rules of how to create + lead a soulful 7-figure business.



  1. Perfect timing Kendall! I was working on something exciting but noticed my doubts starting to creep in. Thank you so much!

  2. Brilliant, Kendall! Clear, inspiring and so from the heart as I remember and have experienced you.

  3. Awesome. I am at the verge of this right now. My coach does it and I have scheduled a retreat that will become a program to ignite others in the coming years
    THANK you!