Specifically for Coaches, Mentors and Those Of You Who Are Considering Coaching, Who Want to Market and Grow Your Business Quickly, Easily and Simply

"In this downloadable training intensive I will personally hand you the PROVEN Online Marketing Success System
*Specifically for Coaches*

PLUS give you Done-for-You CONTENT and all the detailed,
step-by-step templates, scripts and forms you need to quickly grow your list, begin to attract ideal, high paying clients and make a bigger impact with your message... ALL so you can consistently generate as much as $2,500 - $25,000 in new coaching
income each month."

This home study intensive is for you EVEN if you don't have a list or a website. You'll walk away with a quick and easy-to-implement marketing system, freeing you up to get your message and your coaching magic out into the world in a big, inspiring and powerful way.

Kendall SummerHawk
Leading Expert on Women Entrepreneurs and Money and Co-Founder of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching

From: Kendall SummerHawk,
Leading Expert on Women Entrepreneurs and Money
Co-Founder of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching

Are you frustrated with draining and complicated marketing and have been wishing for a simpler approach to securing coaching clients and cash flow?

Are you looking for easy-to-implement opportunities to grow your list?

Are you ready to get your new coaching business off to the right start or take your established coaching business — including your income and your freedom — to the next level?

If you answered "Yes!" to ANY of these questions then the training you'll receive in this home study intensive is right for you.

As the co-founder of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching, I — along with my husband and Master Coach, Richard Shapiro — have successfully coached MORE coaches to create 6-figures than any other mentors we know of.

I was honored with the 2011 Stevie Award for Women Helping Women and we've built a multi-million dollar coaching business from scratch. Which means you can trust that we've been in your shoes, know exactly how you feel and know how you can turn around your situation fast.

Ladies, (and guys, you're included too!), get ready to be given the step by step templates that will allow you to transform your marketing, attract more clients, generate more income and earn higher fees starting now...whether you're an established coach/mentor or are ready to become one.

This LEAP home study intensive is a MUST if you are:

Just starting out as a coach or considering adding coaching to your business and want to learn what's proven to work (and what to skip) in today's coaching market to quickly grow your list and attract exciting, new, ideal clients
Already established as a coach and want time-saving tools and strategies to streamlining your marketing so you can comfortably and confidently grow your list, attract more clients and increase your income
A Life, Business, Executive, Career or other coach who is attracting entrepreneurs and small business owners and wants to learn the latest business and coaching skills to make you indispensable to this fast-growing and lucrative niche
A coach seeking networking, collaborating and joint venture opportunities so you can grow your list, increase your visibility and open the door to exciting, new opportunities
A virtual assistant, web designer, copywriter or other expert who serves coaches
Ready to be given done-for-you templates detailing every step of how to profitably take your coaching business online, even if you're not computer-savvy
Ready to get off the "1 on 1" burn-out track and be given a step by step template for selling more of your products, programs and services via simple ONLINE tools ANYONE can use, all so you can easily generate an extra $2,500 - $25,000 in additional monthly coaching income
Tired of trying to figure out the "how and when" of everything in your business and would like a detailed marketing calendar, step by step checklists and done-for-you materials so that your next (or your first) launch will be simple, successful and stress-free
Excited to learn the secrets of coaching at the 6 and high 6-figure level (yes, how good you are as a coach DOES make a difference in how much you'll earn)

In this home study intensive, I'll walk you through, step by step, how to:

Make More Sales 24/7:

"How to sell more of your coaching programs, products and services from simple ezines and emails"


Includes Done-for-You, step-by-step templates, checklists and examples that outline every simple secret you'll learn, all so you can use to get started immediately!

Simple proven ways to generate sales every time you send your ezine
How to create dozens of article ideas in 15 minutes or less
Simple step by step, done-for-you article writing template
checkmark Sample ezines that generate sales
checkmark Detailed, sample email campaign calendars for promoting your next teleseminar preview call
checkmark Easy step by step, done-for-you email writing template
checkmark Example emails using the 3 most popular styles proven to increase your open rate, authentically get attention and melt away objections
checkmark Subject line examples and done-for-you templates
checkmark and many more tips, templates and examples!

Ending "List Size Shame":

"How to Quickly and Easily Grow Your List of People Who Are Eager to Invest in Your Coaching programs, products and Services"


Includes Done-for-You, step-by-step templates, checklists and examples you can use to get started growing your list in a variety of easy ways!

Detailed sample opt-in page formula you can use for generating abundant leads every time you're speaking or giving teleseminar interviews
Step by step sequence for how to create the most leads from your free give away
Which are the best list building activities for you, based on what stage you're at in your business growth
The right mindset you need to confidently and consistently build your list
Proven, step by step formula to create a rush of people asking you for Discovery Sessions and getting on your list, every time you speak
checkmark and many more tips, templates and examples!

Video Marketing Secrets:

"How to Increase Your Visibility, Attract More Clients and Generate More Income on a Shoestring Budget"


Includes Done-for-You, step-by-step templates, checklists and examples of you can use to get started with video immediately!

Word for word template you can use to quickly script a lead generating opt in page video
Detailed, sample video opt in page formula that you can easily follow to quickly create your own high-conversion video marketing launch
Behind the scenes, "What goes where" samples of all web pages you need to quickly and effectively launch a video marketing campaign
The exact 6-step sequence to follow when planning your video launch of any program, product or service
Word for word template and sample scripts you can use to create your high content, lead generating videos for launching any type of program, product or service
My secrets for looking your best, sounding natural and feeling confident in your videos (including the one simple tool you can make for free with cardboard and foil that will make you look like a movie star!)
Easy ways to re-purpose your videos, helping you to connect with more people and generate more leads
What supplies you'll need (you can get them all inexpensively online) to make awesome videos on a tiny budget
...and many more templates, tips and scripts you can easily implement


Putting It All Together:

"Creating and Marketing Your Irresistible Coaching Offers"



Includes Done-for-You, step-by-step templates, checklists and examples clearly outlining how to create a variety of the most popular and lucrative ways of making money as a coach, no matter where you're currently at in your coaching business!

Step by step, how to create your irresistible offer, eliminating "idea overwhelm" and making it easy for you to market your services
Simple steps to determine what you should be charging
How to keep cash flowing in without having to start over every month
Quick and simple ways to generate money online
... and more!


"Yes, I'm ready to get this valuable home study intensive:
Leap Online Marketing Success System for Coaches!"
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MP3 Recordings of the Leap Online
Marketing Success System for Coaches

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Downloadable Workbook and Charts


You get ALL of the DOZENS of:

  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Word for word scripts
  • Formulas
  • Samples
  • Done-for-You marketing calendars
  • Done-for-You plans, examples and so much more

This home study intensive is like no other because of the abundance of done-for-you materials included. And they are ALL instantly available to you to download, once your order is complete.

VALUE: Priceless!

Plus, to put you 100% at ease, I'm giving you...

My Personal
"Your Happiness is Guaranteed" Guarantee

I want you to be MORE than satisfied with Leap Online Marketing Success System for Coaches , and if for some reason you aren't then I want to make sure you end up happy.

If this course doesn't meet your expectations, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase.

We'll give you a 100% equivalent CREDIT up to 30 days from your purchase. Use this credit towards any of my Success Store products or my future events within one year. Please note since the digital version includes instant access to all recordings, transcripts, templates, scripts and materials, that no cash refunds can be granted. But again, we're happy to offer you a full credit toward any other product.

You have my personal word on it!


"In the past 20 days I presented my Platinum Program to 5 people...and all 5 said YES!"

“Before I attended Leap I had so many doubts about what I could accomplish in my own business. I heard people get on stage and talk about their amazing results and I wanted it so badly for myself…I just didn’t know how to make it happen. I learned quickly after coming into “Kendall Land” that outstanding results are possible no matter where you are in your business.

Based on what I learned from you at Leap, and am continuing to learn from all that you so generously share, I have held 5 Business Breakthrough Sessions designed to enroll people into my new (higher end) program. I am so excited to report that in the past 20 days I presented my signature, 3P Platinum Program to 5 people…and all 5 said YES! Two signed in the same day, giving me not only my first 5 figure month, but my first 5 figure day! So, from every ounce of my soul, I wanted to say a huge heart felt ~THANK YOU~ From the moment I was able to say YES to being a part of your program I have felt honored. Your guidance has changed my life, and the biggest blessing of all is that I am now able to pay it forward and change other women’s lives too.”

Jennifer Johnson, Powerof3p.com

“Within a month, I had scheduled 6 VIP days!”

“I was thrilled to attend Kendall’s LEAP event. Everything she taught was very quick to implement. One of my favorites was learning about VIP days. Within a month, I had scheduled 6 VIP days (and I had never done VIP days before!!! ). What a fabulous way to help give my clients a huge jump start, while increasing my income. Thank you for making this so easy, Kendall!” 

Kate Beeders, SuccessCoachingWithKate.com

“Created my own signature system!” 

“Before LEAP, I didn’t have any private clients, only those enrolled in a group program, and desperately needed to create my own Signature System that I feel confidence about marketing to my list and existing clients. Right after returning, I implemented Kendall’s Discover Session strategy to my list and had a wonderful response. I also completed the Niche Breakthrough Secrets program, and outlined my own Signature System to coach clients through.”

Michelle Martin, C3forWomen.com

“Closing ratio jumped from 25% to 71%!”

“I attended Leap because I wanted to know how to have more meaningful and effective enrollment conversations, that helped my clients to get past their gremlins and into coaching, where they could have the businesses and lives that they envisioned. Prior to LEAP, my closing ratio for Discovery Sessions was 25%. After going to LEAP, that number ‘leaped’ to 71%. “ 

Karen Cappello, PCC, CLC, KarenCappello.com

“Clients are now seeking me out!”

“Clients are seeking me out and I am practicing my discovery sessions every day. Potential JV partners are very open and offering to help me, I think in a large part due to my content AND my proposal to make it valuable to their clients and them through affiliate fees. I am finding out that I have valuable information AND services and that others believe that too. I started my writing services at one price point and since everyone was saying yes, I increased my prices, and they are still saying yes! Since Leap, I have moved from three writing package clients to seven in two months, and will have to begin booking forward a whole month” 

Deb Gilroy, WritingYourWayToSuccess.com

“I was able to quickly use the strategy and within a week generated and extra $10,000 with one call!” 

“As a result of learning this one simple tip I was able to quickly use the strategy and within a week generated and extra $10,000 with one call instead of going back and forth in the past which was draining. To date I have used this strategy each time to get clients taking action. Using the money meter I was able to double my monthly income and was shocked when I kept seeing the numbers go up.”

Heather Picken, HeatherPicken.com

“Generated over $8,000 revenue!” 

“Before attending Leap, my challenge was getting enough flow of clients into my business. Once they “showed up” I could convert them to clients. But, with working 35 hours a week at a local college, it was a challenge to get out to meet potential clients. In the last 3 weeks since implementing my calendar from Leap, I have booked 5 new speaking gigs; launched 1 Master Mind; got 5 new clients; generated over $8,000 revenue ”

Bonita Richter, BonitaRichter.com

“Clarified my niche and quickly generated $3,500+ in new revenue!” 

“The biggest challenge before attending LEAP was fully focusing on a specific, narrowed niche. I had been working with women (and some men) entrepreneurs in a number of diverse specialties and although they always generated great results, I realized how much time and energy it was taking away because I often had to learn about a new area of focus each time I began with a client. Leap helped me gain greater clarity on my niche and gave me the additional tools and formulas to create greater results and I quickly generated $3,500+ in new revenue!”

Lisa Hromada, LisaHromada.com

“I received $9,500 from client programs in one day!” 

“Realizing the value of what I offer and listening to Kendall and her clients at LEAP, I took courage to the next level by increasing my prices and by not holding back. I have added three private programs: one year, six months, and three months in duration. I have held eight discovery sessions and have two new clients, a strong prospect, and several people who are “not now but interested for later.” Upon returning from LEAP, I received $9,500 from client programs in one day at the new rates.”

Janis Charlton Pullen, OWLWeightloss.com

“At LEAP I learned about a brilliant coaching strategy that would help me deliver results to my list fast …I earned $15,000 in new contracts 4 weeks after attending LEAP!” 

“I truly thought my list was dead. I’ve been building my list since 2007 and I was ready to dump it and start again. I have great products, but was having a hard time getting those on my list to invest in them. No matter how many emails I’d send, only 1 or 2 people would invest in my home study programs. At LEAP I learned about a brilliant coaching strategy that would help me deliver results to my list fast. This strategy is such a no brainer and I was excited to implement it. As soon as I got home, I used the email templates I got at LEAP and sent them off to my list one by one. I was flabbergasted at the reaction. By sending just 3 emails, I earned $15,000 in virtual event contracts 4 weeks after attending LEAP. I’m truly grateful to Kendall for helping me avoid dumping my list. All I needed to do was offer a way for people to get personalized attention from me at a higher price point in a fast, intensive way.”

Leesa Barnes, VirtualEventSuccess.com

“The first day home from Leap, I gave my first VIP day, and signed that client into my first Platinum coaching client!”

“I have been coaching, teaching and speaking for many years. I have never seen this particular approach and it is refreshing and empowering. The VIP day course was excellent, and I got 2 VIP day clients with one email, in one day for $2000 each. With a few small, but profound tweaks to my coaching offer I learned at Leap, I signed up my first Platinum coaching client. The small tweaks freed up more than half the time I was spending and raised my rates by over 7 times! All this with a thrilled and happy client, who said “yes!” immediately to my offer. Thank you all for providing such a loving, beautiful environment and sharing your unique vision, it has transformed my business and vision in such a sold and fast way, I am still spinning and smiling!” 

Nan Akasha, NanAkasha.com

“Thanks to Kendall’s step-by-step materials I have enrolled 3 high-end clients for a total of $9,200!”

"Before attending Leap I didn’t have a marketing plan or an effective way of turning prospects into clients. The first thing I did after attending the workshop was to launch Discovery Sessions. I used all of the templates and strategies Kendall taught and after announcing it to my list I held 31 sessions. Then I also created Platinum Programs and VIP Days with different entry levels so I would have something to offer in my Discovery Sessions. Thanks to Kendall’s step-by-step materials I have enrolled 3 high-end clients for a total of $9200! I am so grateful to Kendall for her presence, for holding the space for me to step up to the next level and the systems she shares so generously to make it all so easy."

Monique Morimoto Flaherty, SoulWorksCoaching.com

“As a result of what I learned at Leap I closed $19,250 in sales in just one day!”

"Before attending Leap my biggest challenge was that I did not have a streamlined and effective system for generating income on a consistent basis. The first thing I did after the workshop was to change how I was offering Discovery Sessions and tweak the Platinum Programs I was offering.  As a result of what I learned I closed $19,250 in sales in just one day! I feel enormous gratitude for Kendall and the beautiful way she offers practical and profitable trainings that help coaches be a success and deliver their gifts. I am also enormously grateful and humbled being able to serve my clients. Helping them realize their dreams in business is really a sacred trust they give me, and it's something I honor and cherish every day."

Carolyn Ellis, BrillianceMastery.com

“I had a 70% conversion on my Discovery Sessions and brought in $16,000 in one month alone.”

"Before attending Leap I felt very scattered. I did not have clarity on the direction of my business and as a result I was focusing on the wrong things. As a result of Kendall’s teachings at the event I went home and set up my Discovery Session offer as well as VIP Days and Platinum Style Programs. I could not have been more thrilled with my results. I had a 70% conversion on my Discovery Sessions and brought in $16,000 in one month alone. These are numbers that felt huge to me but now I know I can do it and I have the systems in place so that I can do it whenever I want. That is a great feeling. I am so grateful to Kendall and her team for creating and delivering such an empowering and content rich event, providing me with the necessary tools to transform both my own and my clients’ businesses."

Kimberley Lovell, KimberleyLovell.com

"Yes, I'm ready to get this valuable home study intensive:
Leap Online Marketing
Success System for Coaches

With my purchase I will receive:

  • MP3 audios of the entire 2-day training event

  • PDF course workbook complete with ALL charts, scripts, checklists, templates and materials – download these prior to listening to the audios so you can easily follow along

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I can't wait to help you create the financially and spiritually successful coaching business you've dreamed about with the done-for-you online marketing success system I’ll be handing you at this workshop. When you leave you'll have a simple plan in place specifically designed to help you increase your coaching income by as much as $2,500 - $25,000 each month.

So if you're ready to take your new or existing coaching business to the next level and you want the specific training, mindset shifts, systems and coaching skills to do so, then don't wait another moment. Grab your LEAP home study intensive now!

Love and brilliance,

Kendall SummerHawk
Leading Expert on Women Entrepreneurs and Money
Co-Founder of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.