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If you’ve been looking for something new to offer then imagine adding the exciting healing power of money coaching to your business.

TODAY — for 5 days only — you can get my Sacred Money Archetypes® online certified coach training ON SALE, SAVING nearly 40% OFF.

With this done-for-you coaching tool you’ll have everything you need to confidently and effectively coach new AND current clients to break free of their “glass money ceiling”…and add NEW income into your business.
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Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach Training (SMA) gives you everything you need to:

1. Create exciting Sacred Money Archetypes® workshops, 1-on-1 and group coaching programs (even if you’re just starting out)

Choose between offering each of the SMA modules to your clients, or create your own custom SMA coaching programs, workshops and vip days. We even include 6 done-for-you vip day outlines, organized hour-by-hour with SMA exercises & handouts, so you’re ready to go even if you’re just starting out or don’t have a list.

2. Include Sacred Money Archetypes® exercises as a BONUS in your programs and packages

People LOVE getting juicy bonuses and the SMA content (plus the gorgeous archetype cards) work beautifully for giving clients an exciting reason to sign up now.

3. Re-engage current or even past clients by offering Sacred Money Archetypes®

People get so excited when they hear about Sacred Money Archetypes, it makes it easy for you to re-engage past clients, generating YOU new income.

4. Transform people you meet speaking or networking into prospective clients with the eye-catching Sacred Money Archetypes® ASSESSMENT

With this beautiful professionally-designed assessment, you’ll get clients excited by what it reveals and have them wanting to learn more from you (AND you can start using this after our FIRST training class!).

5. Enroll clients easily into your offers using the Sacred Money Archetypes® discovery session content

I’ll give you a checklist & script of exactly what to cover in your discovery sessions so prospective clients are delighted to say “Yes” to your offer. No more giving away free coaching or over explaining your process!  

6. Give done-for-you templates & handouts to your clients

You’ll receive over 20 templates, checklists, and handouts that you can use with your clients, automatically boosting your credibility and making your service more valuable and engaging to clients.

7. Plus you get marketing training that includes pre-written website copy, social media posts, done-for-you detailed VIP day outlines, a presentation template, and much more.

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Our graduates report the marketing training included works brilliantly to attract new clients of all types: entrepreneurs, individuals, corporate, therapy, consulting and more!

Imagine how much creating new income from adding Sacred Money Archetypes® to your business will help ensure you kick-off 2017 with new income and impact.

Plus, how good would it feel to break free of your OWN glass money ceiling in the process? (The personal transformation you’ll experience going through this training will have you owning your worth in a new, powerful way!)

Remember, with Sacred Money Archetypes® you get proven, transformational exercises and materials you can use to make new, exciting offers so you can attract new clients and keep your 1-on-1 clients signing on with you.

I hope you’ll get in on this special sale!

==> Click here to get Sacred Money Archetypes® online training ON SALE, SAVING nearly 40% OFF.