My mentor really got this WRONG

Years ago one of my early mentors advised me, “I shouldn’t coach women on money because other people were already doing it.”


Now I can shake my head in wonder, because that advice was so crazy wrong, it’s laughable.

But at the time, when she said it?

It stopped me in my tracks.

It got me thinking that maybe she was right…

In a snarky way it played right into the “Who do you think you are?” self-doubt that at that time, lied lurking just below the surface of my self-confidence.

For months I allowed what she said to sabotage the progress of my business, until one day (in the shower, of all places) I blurted out, “She’s WRONG!”

That moment was one I will remember for the rest of my life…

Because it’s when I began embracing a high-end business model that was life changing for me and for my clients.

(High-end meaning charging fees that honor the beautiful value you bring to your clients.)

The results of that choice?

Creating multi 7-figures in coaching income year after year…and certifying other women entrepreneurs to achieve their highest income goals.

What emerged from that experience was a simple mindset I created to help me make the soul shift from under-charging to embracing my worth.


It’s a fascinating mindset because you can customize it for yourself…here’s the formula:

“As I ________, others __________ with me.”

Let me show you an example: “As I RISE UP, others RISE UP with me.”

Another example: “As I PROSPER, others PROSPER with me.”

Or you might like this one: “As I create WEALTH, others create WEALTH with me.”

And one more: “As I become SUCCESSFUL, others become SUCCESSFUL with me.”

Simple. Generous. Inspiring.

And designed to give you FULL permission to make amazing money in your coaching business and owning your magnificence with feminine grace and ease.

I urge you to write out this mindset and post it where you can read it every day.

Because centering your coaching business on a high-end model means you become a woman of wealth at a soul level and in your bank account!

Oh…and as a highly respected mentor, what is MY advice for you?

Don’t let ANYONE else’s thought virus keep you down.

Just sayin’

Because the more you rise up, the more others rise up with you!

I would LOVE it if you would share this message with your friends and fans.



  1. I love that simple format for a quote- I will share it on social and with the women whom I coach on first steps in website marketing.
    Your site and info is such a model of generosity. Sometimes it’s a simple thing- but it’s amazing the shift it can bring. I know i”ll study with you one day soon.