One of my most dreaded moments coaching…

Do you ever have this happen to you?…

Your client calls in for their coaching session.

You ask what they want to coach on…only to hear, “Hmmm, I don’t know.”

Your heart sinks, right?


Here is the straight up truth that will save you from losing clients…

This is an early warning sign that your client is starting to disengage from coaching with you.

And trust me, what can easily soon follow are payment problems, blaming, no shows and non-renewals.

And yet this situation is so easily prevented!

The secret is this: instead of having your clients “enroll in coaching”…

You have them enroll in a program centered on creating an end result.

Which means what you coach on in your program includes:

  • skills & content they will learn from you
  • exercises you will coach them through
  • coaching on their mindset blocks that come up
  • coaching on who they need to become to achieve their goal
  • short timeframe accountability that keeps them inspired and on track
  • celebrating their achieving milestones, plus the shifts in their mindset
Can you see how with THIS as your coaching paradigm you’ll never hear “I don’t know” again from any of your clients?

And how with this model your coaching has purpose?

And how this empowers you AND your client?

This is how I deliver all of my coaching (and how I teach my certified coach training graduates to coach).

It’s what engages and creates desire within your clients to stick with you and to keep re-enrolling.

And makes YOU feel fulfilled because it’s so clear that your coaching is making a difference for people.

Sweet for everyone, isn’t it?!
PS – If you’re not sure what skills & content you can center your coaching programs on then you’ll definitely want to watch this space for a NEW announcement I’ll be making in a few days.

It’s life changing (and you don’t want to miss it).