This unlocked more clients for me with less marketing (it felt like a Godsend…)

Let’s be honest, marketing relentlessly every day, all day, is NOT why you wanted to become a coach, right?

Your coaching business should feel fulfilling, rich and joyful for YOU…while you sign on new clients in the process.

What makes this possible?

For starters, you know all that relentless marketing that feels inauthentic and is just too hard to sustain?

Let it go!

All that pushing isn’t serving you and it’s actually keeping clients away from you.


Imagine instead clients flowing IN to you.

Yes, you CAN have clients reach out to you, to hire you as their coach or sign up for your group coaching programs.

Here’s how…

What WILL fill your coaching business with clients is choosing the right ideal clients (I HIGHLY recommend choosing women entrepreneurs, for a whole host of proven reasons).

Then simplifying your offers to include the topics women entrepreneurs are hungry to hire a coach for.

Happily, these topics are really soulful and fulfilling to coach on, which is how you can make money coaching, doing meaningful work you LOVE.

For example, if you were to offer coaching on just ONE of these topics you would start to land new, high-paying clients: Packages, Pricing, Branding with Archetypes®, Signature System®, Niche, Money Mindset, Courageous Coaching®.

These are the content modules in my Money, Marketing and Soul® coach training that you can get certified in so you can quickly attract and sign on new, high paying clients.

Renee, there is literally a wealth of women entrepreneurs in the world, who want to get coaching from someone who is trained and uses a proven system.

This coach can easily be YOU!

And you don’t need to be a recognized brand-name expert to get started as a credible business coach.

Why not?

Because you’ll be trained and certified in my proven, done-for-you Money, Marketing and Soul® coaching modules, so you’ll feel confident and secure, knowing you can deliver amazing coaching, even if you’re just starting out.

I asked my team to open up a few spots this week (and on Saturday, too) to talk with you about joining us in becoming a certified Money, Marketing and Soul® coach.

Renee, it’s time to start signing on new clients, seeing money flow into your bank account, and feeling fulfilled that your coaching business is (finally!) taking off.

I encourage you to grab one of these spots to talk with us before they are gone.


PS – Did you know that this certified coach training has launched the careers of many of the top coaches you see flourishing today?

Why not let that be YOU?!

For sure, new clients are out there right now, waiting for YOU to help them.

If you desire to do soulful work and make money as a coach, (without putting any time into creating content from scratch), then this is definitely for you.

PPS – We’ve designed this certification so you can sign on clients rapidly, even while you’re still in the training. We’ll show you how.

For example, one student just signed on a $5k client during her first week in the training!

Click here now to get all the details about getting certified.