Want My Tip On How To Stand Out?

I was responding to a question from one of my high-end clients who is in the midst of rebranding herself and her business.

Yes, it is a messy and sometimes painful process because it demands that we get crystal clear on WHO WE ARE and what we are a stand for.

My response to her this morning is perfect for YOU, too and here’s why…

We are saturated with online marketing that is loaded up with pretty pictures, but falls short on substance and the ability to offer real transformation.


So how do you stand out?

By being crystal clear on ONE THING.

That being the ONE clear outcome that your clients create for themselves by being in your coaching program.

The key is to make this SIMPLE. Don’t overcomplicate it and go so high level that it sounds airy-fairy and ungrounded.

For example, it isn’t that your clients get to ‘know themselves better’ or ‘are happier’…

It is that they __________. (Fill in here).

Yes, it’s okay to put emotion in there, just not at the expense of clarity.

Take us for example… we are obsessive about certifying women to be platinum level coaches that make 6-figure+ incomes working only with clients they love. (Boom!)

And I’m just as clear about our WHY.. which is leading women to create kick-butt financial independence through their business.

When you’re this clear on one powerful outcome then your marketing and languaging is rich with a wealth of different angles & examples about:

  • How your clients achieve that outcome
  • What happens when they have it
  • What happens when they don’t
  • Why they are afraid of it
  • Why attaining that outcome is a good thing
  • How they prosper from it
  • How they feel having it
  • How they feel when they don’t have it
  • What is at stake by not having it
  • What they achieve when they do..and on and on.
You never run out of marketing angles and you stop feeling like you’re switching gears every month.

THEN your programs, courses and events fill because the messaging is so awesomely congruent to YOU!

And self-doubt is gone, gone, gone.

Make sense?

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