Want to use my Branding with Archetypes® to sign on new clients?


I’ve been sharing about this for a few weeks and the response has been beyond what I expected, so I wanted to make sure you’re in on it, too.

If you’re serious about making real income as a coach — keep reading.

As you’ve probably heard, I believe that hands down, women entrepreneurs are the PERFECT clients for you if you want to create a lucrative, joyful coaching business you love.

(Real quick, to catch you up, here’s why: Women are entering the entrepreneurial space in numbers never seen before, which means an abundance of potential clients for you.

Coupled with the fact that women LOVE seeking out coaching in key areas they know they struggle with — pricing, packages, money mindset and expressing their authentic self in their messaging — and you have the perfect recipe for YOU to become successful as a women’s entrepreneurial coach.)

To help you get started, you’ve probably noticed my commitment to bringing you awesome free content.

Like my recent free training webinar on pricing.

We had an amazing response to this free training, and if you missed it, I am so SORRY…the replay has now expired.

Here is how I’m going to make it up to you…

Since this week is our final stretch before going live with our NEW certified coach training course, starting Monday, June 19th, I decided to share with you a series of NEW, free tips on coaching women entrepreneurs on the juicy topics they WILL hire you for.

My commitment is to give you awesome value, along with an invitation to talk with us about how you can get certified to use my content so you can quickly attract and sign on new, high paying clients.

So whether you choose to take me up on my invitation to talk with us or not, simply by opening these emails you’ll get tips you can start using right now.


Let’s talk about branding first, because one of the biggest hang-ups women entrepreneurs have is how to express their authentic self in their messaging.

It’s like, there is noooo separation between who we are and what we do, right?
Here is a quick coaching checklist you can use to help your client fully align herself at a soul level, with the messaging and branding she shows to the outside world:

  • First, pinpoint her strengths & coach her to step up and own them, without apology, so her brand immediately begins to feel congruent with who she is at a soul level.
    The coaching you do here will pay off for your client in the niche she ultimately chooses, her pricing, her social media presence and more. It all hinges on letting her light shine!
    (If you use our Branding with Archetypes® system, your clients take a simple assessment we include, where they discover their archetypes, complete with their strengths, brand soul, examples and more. The experience is like opening a window of light where the soul of your client finally gets to shine through powerfully, in all of her marketing)
  • Next, create a list of words and phrases that uniquely position your client’s personality and point of view.
    (Having a list like this makes it easy to start creating on-target marketing messaging, everything from blog posts, soc media posts, voice mail messages and more. Each archetype in Branding with Archetypes® includes a list of over 40+ words your client can choose from to create her brand messaging)
  • Then, create a single sentence that uniquely expresses the essence of her brand.
    (For example, my Branding with Archetypes® are Ruler & Explorer so my sentence is “I Empower Others to Make Money with Authenticity and Meaning”)


With these 3 simple steps you can completely transform a client’s branding — how she is putting herself out into the world — from ho-hum and confusing…to powerfully aligned with her soul’s strengths so she stands out in a crowd.


And the best part is that you don’t have to be a branding ‘expert’ to get these types of results.

All you need is my Branding with Archetypes® system, which is included with your Money, Marketing and Soul® Certified Coach training.

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PS – To be clear, this isn’t ‘another coaching program’ and it isn’t just adding a bunch of letters after your name.

Becoming a Money, Marketing and Soul® certified coach is how you can quickly begin making money in your coaching business — using my done-for-you content.

Remember my brand statement I shared with you a moment ago?

“I Empower Others to Make Money with Authenticity and Meaning”

Imagine quickly transforming your desire to make money as a coach into a lucrative business you love.

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