Why Resolutions Don’t Work For Women Entrepreneurs

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I finally figured out the problem with setting resolutions.

For women, they typically spring from a place within us where we don’t feel we’re good enough, or where we feel we’ve failed in some way. They emotionally scold us with a message of "you need more discipline" and they just feel darn difficult.

No wonder we avoid them!

As women entrepreneurs, we are not emotional wimps but let’s face it, we are pretty hard on ourselves.

What I discovered to be true is this:

The BIGGEST gift you can get out of the new year energy is one of commitment and clarity. You don’t have to know all the answers (truly!).

All you need to do is make 1 simple decision designed to accomplish these 3 goals:

#1. To continue becoming fully and powerfully aligned, and financially independent as a woman entrepreneur

#2. To help you immediately begin making more money in your business

#3. To support you in strengthening your core muscle of courage.

Here is the ONE decision I make instead of setting resolutions at the beginning of the year.

Make This One Simple Decision >> How much income do you want to generate this year?

This isn’t the moment to get all dreamy fairy-tale and wishful, pop that ancient copy of The Secret you have laying around into your DVD player and proclaim you want to make millions.

Wanting to make millions may be a worthy goal but if you’re starting at under six figures, you need to set yourself up for success and choose an income goal that feels do-able.

Or if you’re already at six figures and you’re drowning in overwork then you, too, need to set yourself up for success and choose an income goal that feels reachable, and here’s why: It’s crucial for your financial empowerment that you anchor the feeling of successfully achieving your goals!

For example, one of my clients earlier last year tearfully confided she was so used to not meeting her goals, she was fearful to set one, only to just let herself down…again.

I coached her to first, stop comparing herself to what everyone else’s goals were, and next, to choose an income goal that felt do-able to HER. She did that.

Then I coached her on a plan to reach her goal. A simple plan that didn’t rely on complicated Internet launches or time-consuming email campaigns. She loved it.

And I coached her on the most crucial tool of all: the money tracking she would need to do to let her know how she was progressing with her plan.

That terrified her.

There were moments throughout the year when she felt resistant or wanted to give up, but she didn’t (this is what holding you as powerful no matter what looks like).

But a funny thing happened because she didn’t give up. Part-way through the year she had a major breakthrough. She started to trust she could reach her numbers…and that month she did.

She started to see how the tracking and the income-generating strategies I coached her on each month would work for her.

Together, we anchored that feeling of success so that she felt it in her very heart and soul, and down deep in her bones.

The next month she met her goal. And the next.

By the end of the year, she reported she met her original Bold Money Goal.

Then she emailed she’d made a math error, and she had not met it…she had surpassed it by another $5,000!

Now it’s your turn…Fill in these coaching power sentences:

"My 2015 income goal is $ _________"

"By reaching this goal I will feel _________, _________, _________,"
(name 3-5 rich, juicy, positive feelings that make you feel passionate, proud, elated, joyful and more)

Let your Bold Money Goal for the year show you where you get scared or where you’re tempted to give in to excuses, and instead, reach out for powerful coaching that helps you remember how brilliant you are and strengthens your core courage muscle.

Do this and you’ll not only reach your goals, you’ll transform who you are in the process and you’ll never need to set a resolution again!