Without apology (my big announcement)

For years I’ve been a stand for what women entrepreneurs crave: a business that is an authentic expression of their soul’s divine purpose.

Without apology.

And without selling out their soul just to make money.

Fortunately, making money becomes SIMPLE when a woman’s business model — how she packages & prices her brilliance — is in alignment with the highest expression of her gifts.

Sound idealistic?

Not anymore! And here’s why…

Women are entering the entrepreneurial space in record numbers…

And in the process, they are redefining — and demanding — how they want to be supported on their journey to making money.

It isn’t the same old ‘boys club’ anymore!

Which is exactly WHERE YOU COME IN…

TODAY is the day we’re opening registration to my Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® (CMMS) coach training. 

Is this for you?…
  • Your ambition is to do soulful work & make money coaching women entrepreneurs
  • You want to start or expand your coaching business without having to put in any time creating content from scratch. Easy!
  • You want the problem solved FOR YOU of how to add new clients, re-engage current clients and make money as a coach
This certification training beautifully prepares you to BE THE ONE women entrepreneurs turn to as their coach.

Which means YOU getting paid gorgeously to do your soul’s work supporting other women on their success journey, using my done-for-you coaching modules.

And right now you can lock in a $1,500 SAVINGS.
The women’s entrepreneurial space is RICH with potential new clients waiting for you to help them.

Imagine…In 90 Days you can be certified to coach this lucrative, soulful and richly rewarding niche — solving the problem FOR YOU of how to add new clients, re-engage current clients and make money as a coach.

I hope you’ll check this out!

Click here to get all of the details about the Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® (CMMS) coach training.
PS – Did you know that every woman entrepreneur I’ve coached to create 6 figures, multi 6-figures — and yes, even the ones I’ve coached to create 7-figure businesses —has achieved her success by using my certified content?

And that each of the 7 Done-for-You modules you’ll get trained and certified in, includes how to use this content with 1-on-1 clients, in group programs, workshops, and more.