Would these beliefs change your commitment?

I’ve been a big believer in charging premium fees for your coaching since early on in my coaching career.

So much so that years ago one of the first phrases I trademarked was “How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It!®.”

It’s really more than just a phrase, it’s a mindset — a perspective — that can change your entire business…

…and challenge the beliefs that are likely holding you back right now from creating 6-figure+ in your business.

Beliefs like, is it even right to charge higher fees? What if someone tells me they can’t afford it, don’t I owe it to them to lower my fee and make it comfortable for them?

Great questions!

Questions like these tell me that you are someone who cares about others, and someone who wants to run your business with total integrity.

Integrity is one of my company’s core commitments. What that means for us is doing what we believe best serves the interests of our clients.

When I first made the switch to charging premium fees I discovered I had to own up to a few key truths, facts really, that quickly became my new beliefs and made it crystal clear I was being fully in integrity by honoring them.


Would you like me to share my beliefs with you?

Belief: Charging premium fees inspires my clients to show up inspired and energized to do the work necessary to get amazing results.

Belief: Clients really do value what they invest in at a premium level.

Belief: Charging what you’re worth allows you to have fewer clients that you’ll have the time and energy to serve at the highest level, without burnout.

Belief: Quality clients refer their friends to you so that you can build your business with people you love.

Belief: Charging premium fees inspires and lifts everyone up to be their best so everyone wins (I love this one!)

Belief: When someone is committed to achieving the result they want they will find a way to pay a premium fee (and feel proud of themselves in the process).

Belief: My passion is to be of service at the highest level (I don’t serve anyone when I’m tired, burned out or overloaded with low-end clients)

Belief: Charging premium fees challenges me to keep learning and growing, which I love!

Would these beliefs support you in charging premium fees?

If your core coaching offer was always $3,000 – $15,000 and you were signing on new clients every month, how would that change your income and your lifestyle goals?

How good would that feel, knowing you were charging what you’re worth…while transforming people’s lives?

It would feel pretty cool and deeply satisfying, wouldn’t it?

I’m excited to continue this conversation with you…

Next I’ll share tips with you on the types of clients who are perfect for you…and more.

PS – Which of these beliefs is your favorite? Share it with me in the comments below!



  1. Belief: When someone is committed to achieving the result they want they will find a way to pay a premium fee (and feel proud of themselves in the process).