2 strategic coaching skills that get you to $100K faster

by Kendall SummerHawk | October 16, 2020 | Coach Training

2 strategic coaching skills that get you to $100K faster

Do you ever wonder how high-end coaches who are so in demand at those high price points you hear about, actually work with their clients?

Trust me, they weren’t born knowing the perfect coaching question to ask.

Instead, they rely on strategic coaching skills that create a powerful transformation for their clients in the blink of an eye.

It’s the coaching equivalent of having Wonder Woman’s magic bracelets 😉

And because these are skills, that means anyone can learn and master them.

Want an example?

Strategic Coaching Skill #1 Coach Your Client To ‘Unhook’ From Their Story

When a client goes into their story what they’re doing is cementing their reality.

So your role as a Business Coach is to first interrupt their pattern and here’s how:

Either ask a powerful question or share what you’re observing.

Think of the ‘Snap out of it!’ moment Cher had with Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck and you’ll get the idea.

That snap out of it moment is magical because you’ve now opened a door of possibility for them that they couldn’t have seen for themselves.

Want another example?

Strategic Coaching Skill #2 Coach Your Client To Take Action Within Short Time Frames

Think hours here — or maybe a couple of days — but certainly not weeks.

Why this works is because our brains love short time frames and a quick turnaround on taking action doesn’t leave room for excuses or loss of energy.

When you as their coach hold a short time frame as normal, your clients will step up and surprise themselves with the results they achieve.

Being a Business Coach for women entrepreneurs is easier than you think – it just takes having the right skills and strategies in your back pocket, ready to go.

Plus, knowing how to coach with courage is priceless for you to increase your coaching self-esteem (yes, this is a real thing!).

So along with supporting your clients in creating true transformation, you get to feel confident about your coaching, and you also get to enjoy those dreamy higher coaching fees.



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2 strategic coaching skills that get you to $100K faster