If you’re marketing coaching online and it’s not working out…

by Kendall SummerHawk | November 5, 2020 | Coach Training

If you’re marketing coaching online and it’s not working out…

So you’ve been ‘marketing online’ and not gaining any new coaching clients.

And now you find yourself mesmerized, staring at the dancing cat wearing sunglasses gif in your Facebook feed.

I get it!

What you need is a simple way of mastering your online marketing.

Because marketing your coaching online is where all of your clients will connect with, fall in love with, and ultimately hire you.

Marketing your coaching online isn’t meant to make you overwhelmed or frustrated…

It’s there to serve you in launching and growing a thriving, high earning coaching business with clients all over the world.

So what does it take? And what needs to shift for you?

First, let’s talk about what you’re posting…

Are you focusing your social media posts and on-camera time on 3-4 core, specific topics?

And are you talking about those core topics from dozens of different angles?

For example, since I train and certify women to be Money Breakthrough Business Coaches, my core topics are High-ticket packaging and pricing, Making sales, Simple online marketing, and Running your coaching business like a boss.

I hope you’re considering pivoting into coaching women entrepreneurs.

Because then, you’ll have confidence, knowing that your topics are going to be listened to, commented on and shared because every women entrepreneur (all your potential clients) care deeply about topics that help them create a breakthrough and get into alignment with growing their businesses.

Next, take any one of your core topics and talk about it on camera and in posts, a variety of different ways, from the:

  • Mindset angle
  • Practical tips angle
  • How to implement angle
  • How to up-level angle
  • Just getting started angle
  • Mistakes being made angle
  • Self-talk angle
  • Branding angle
  • Identity angle
  • Mastering it angle
  • Lifestyle angle

Are you getting the idea?

There are dozens of different angles you can talk about on a single core topic, and every one of them is going to resonate for your ideal client.

THIS is how you build your coaching brand and how you elevate above the noise online.

The hard truth is that I see coaches making the mistake of commenting too much about what everyone else is doing, and not focusing their online presence on posting content that’s actually going to attract clients and make you money.

If you take all your marketing time and channel it into creating presence and content that matters — every single week — you will start shifting your results into going your way.


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If you’re marketing coaching online and it’s not working out…