How To Coach Your Client To ‘Unhook’ From Their Story

by Kendall SummerHawk | April 22, 2022 | Coach Training

How To Coach Your Client To ‘Unhook’ From Their Story

I’m obsessed with transforming Firestarter, soul-driven women into certified business coaches for women entrepreneurs.

Because in a world where everyone is trying to sell you the next bright, shiny marketing object, they are entirely missing the most critical center point in creating your coaching business…

You have to be a powerful coach!

It’s the power and brilliance of your coaching that…

… makes you stand out from the crowd.

… gives you unbeatable confidence in your coaching talking with prospective clients.

… has your very best clients re-enrolling AND referring their friends and colleagues to you.

… gives you the deeply satisfying feeling of fulfillment, knowing you are expressing your soul’s purpose through a business that makes money doing meaningful work in the world.

Being a powerful coach takes having the right skills and strategies in your back pocket, ready to go.

Here’s one of my favorite strategic coaching skills to create a powerful transformation for your clients in the blink of an eye…

I call it ‘Coaching Your Client To Unhook From Their Story’.

When a client goes into their story, what they’re doing is cementing their reality.

So your role as a Business Coach is to interrupt their pattern.

You do that by asking a powerful question or by sharing in plain language what you’re observing.

Think of the ‘Snap out of it!’ moment Cher had with Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck and you’ll get the idea.

That snap out of it moment is powerful because you’ve now opened a door of possibility for them that they couldn’t have seen for themselves.


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How To Coach Your Client To ‘Unhook’ From Their Story