My word-for-word script for announcing your new coaching niche

by Kendall SummerHawk | August 26, 2022 | Coach Training

My word-for-word script for announcing your new coaching niche

Are you excited about adding coaching women entrepreneurs to your current business…

…but you’re worried what your existing clients will think?

Don’t allow that fear of judgment to hold you back.

Because jumping into a new niche doesn’t make you a bad entrepreneur or a flakey person.

It’s simply a signal that you’ve grown and now you’re meant for something more.

So instead of holding yourself back, send your clients a special announcement letting them know that you’re excited to be heading in a new direction and you’re looking forward to taking them with you.

Here’s my word-for-word script to announce your new direction:

“Did you know that I love coaching women entrepreneurs and helping them charge what they’re worth? This is an exciting new direction I’m taking in my business. I believe supporting women to be successful in their business can impact the world in so many powerful and positive ways, and I’m thrilled to have you join me in this new direction. If you want specific insights and strategies on pricing services like yours, let’s definitely talk. You can reach out to me at _____________ and we’ll schedule a complimentary Pricing Strategy Session.”

That’s it, Firestarter.

You can send it right now and wake up tomorrow morning with prospective business coaching clients in your inbox.

And how awesome will that feel?!


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My word-for-word script for announcing your new coaching niche