How becoming a high-earning coach will change your life

by Kendall SummerHawk | September 16, 2022 | Coach Training

How becoming a high-earning coach will change your life
In Certification, we believe that women making money matters.
Because money is power. Money is choice. Money is freedom.
And the more money getting into the hands of women, the more the world changes for the better. (There are stats to prove it!)
But don’t misunderstand me, Firestarter.
I’m not talking about having the money to buy fast cars, luxury holidays, or designer clothes.
There’s nothing wrong with those things, but what I’m really talking about is you having the money to create a life of freedom.
Freedom to be present for your kids and give them the education they want, wherever they want.
Freedom to make a difference and do good in the world.
Freedom to break the cycle of underearning and build an unbreakable nest egg for your family.
And freedom to spend time doing exactly what you want.
For me that’s ample time everyday spent outside with my horses!!
FREEDOM is what women making money inside of Certification means.
And the soul-driven coaches we train and certify are proof that as a coach for women entrepreneurs, the power of making money is firmly in your hands.
Tell me in the comments, how will becoming a high-earning coach change your life?

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How becoming a high-earning coach will change your life