Have You ‘Snap Shot’ Your Business Yet?

by | Sep 11, 2013 | Coach Training

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Woman notoriously put a lot of pressure on themselves to do and be ‘better’. Only better isn’t clearly defined or worse yet, it’s code for “I better be doing as well as the top leaders in my industry otherwise I’m failing.”

Listen carefully, because what I’m about to share with you can help you eliminate endless, spirit-draining comparison from your life and business.

Comparison can be a positive tool if used properly. The basic formula for using comparison in a positive way is to first, choose what and why you are comparing.

For example, most women compare themselves to others who are massively successful, for the purpose of subconsciously repeating a pattern of not feeling good enough or worthy.

A more positive approach to comparison is to use the success of others as an inspiration for what’s possible. Then, to compare just 3 simple things: where you used to be compared to where you are now, and where you are now compared to where you want to be.

Done correctly, you’ll end up with clarity about what needs to shift and a list of which specific action steps you can quickly take to be IN the level you want, instead of just wishing and hoping.

My favorite tool for this type of strategic comparison is to ‘Snap Shot’ your business. Snap Shot your business and you’ll find out instantly where your business blind spots are, the mind set you need to shift in order to grow both personally and professionally, the income opportunities that you may be missing and more.

To Snap Shot your business is really fast and easy. Here are the simple steps to begin using this tool with your business:

Step #1 Create Which Categories You Want To Measure For Success

Success is often reduced to measuring income, but income is only one aspect of how we women judge ourselves.

I recommend creating 5 categories that will accurately portray where you can best use your time and talents, plus help you pinpoint where to improve.

Examples of ideal categories include Focus, Time, Support, Clients and Income.

Step #2 Create How You’ll Assess Your Blind Spots (Which Are Golden Opportunities For Growth)

Within each category, you want 2-4 statements that you’ll check off only IF they’re rock solid in your business.

For example, within the category of Support I have these three:

“I have a team who frees my time”

“I invest in a mentor who gives me regular private coaching and who will pull me forward the fastest”

“I have let go of the do-it-alone mentality that previously held me back”

Any of the statements you can’t check off as already being solidly in place in your business mean you’ve identified a blind spot that is holding you back from generating more income and making it harder to grow your business.

Step #3 Let Go Of Justifying Why You’re Not Where You Want To Be Right Now

While it’s tempting to find fault with the economy, blame other people for not “getting” what you do, tell yourself you’ve been distracted by life events, etc., etc., the truth is, this is a path of excuses.

And on a deeper level, it’s a form of ‘playing victim’ to what happens to you, instead of taking personal responsibility and placing yourself at choice for what you create.

Justifying holds you back, placing you in a mindset of powerlessness. You can break that pattern by being ruthlessly honest with yourself. Use your Snap Shot to help you identify where you need to make changes!

Step #4 Putting It All Together

Any item not checked off in your assessment gives you a Snap Shot of where to focus your time and attention.

For example, if you’re not able to check off the 3 statements (above) in the area of Support then your action steps are to join a coaching program that gives you private coaching and accountability. Otherwise, you’re trying to do too much on your own and likely using excuses as “reasons” to explain away not bettering your best.

Making A Big Impact In The World Means Being Accountable…

And the only way to know if you’re progressing is to compare YOU to YOU. Being willing to do today, what you weren’t able to do yesterday, is the surest path to success and to making major leaps forward on your entrepreneurial journey!

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Have You ‘Snap Shot’ Your Business Yet?