Overcoaching? Don’t make it a thing

by Kendall SummerHawk | January 29, 2021 | Coach Training

Overcoaching? Don’t make it a thing

People always ask me:

“Kendall, how long should I make my coaching sessions?”

My answer: 30 minutes.

Not 1 hour, not 90 minutes.

Because going over 30 minutes is overcoaching.

Meaning, you’re going to deliver too much, exhaust you, overload your clients and shorten your coaching relationships with them.

Hitting that magical 30 minute mark means sharpening 3 core coaching skills:

Skill #1 Deliver coaching that is bold, sensitive and creates a breakthrough within just a few minutes

Skill #2 Know how to end your coaching sessions on time, without feeling rushed

Skill #3 Let go of feeling like you need to over-caretake or over-nurture

30 minute coaching sessions is the holy grail of a successful, scalable coaching model.

You’ll never burn out and your clients will stay excited to coach with you.

Your business will have that flowy grace and ease that you’re looking for.

You won’t be trading time for money.

You’ll create freedom to grow your business.

You’ll be a sharper, better, braver coach who goes deep with her clients in every session.

And your clients will get faster, more powerful results.

Remember that serving high-ticket clients isn’t about your time, it’s about their transformation!


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Overcoaching? Don’t make it a thing