My take on why you want to be a high ticket coach

by Kendall SummerHawk | February 4, 2022 | Coach Training

My take on why you want to be a high ticket coach

If you desire to coach women entrepreneurs then embracing high-ticket is an absolute must.

It’s not skippable.

It’s not for later when you’re ‘ready’.

It’s for right now, for all sort of practical reasons, yes.

But really, it’s for now because embracing high-ticket is all about elevating you into your highest self in the process.

You discover how to open yourself up for wealth.

You experience an *overflow *of income and impact.

You become insanely profitable with every client.

You activate the badass part of you who stands in her power, owning her worth and being paid to coach.

You break through all those self-limiting stories and release money blocks.

And the wisdom, insights, transformation you experience magnify because it’s not only for and about you…

You know those women entrepreneur clients you want?

They love paying high ticket, even when it’s a stretch for them, because of how *they *get to feel.

Worthy. Elevated. Taking themselves seriously. Tapping into their bad-ass self and achieving their goals.

There’s a power to high-ticket coaching that transcends money.

It’s about value: you valuing your work, and the women hiring you valuing their own potential at the highest level.

When you become a certified coach for women entrepreneurs, embracing high-ticket coaching is so much more than just a strategy…it becomes your way of life, that *changes* your life.

How do you imagine high-ticket coaching elevating and changing you for the better?



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My take on why you want to be a high ticket coach