Coaches: You Gotta Put Your Freedom On Your Calendar

by Kendall SummerHawk | June 3, 2022 | Coach Training

Coaches: You Gotta Put Your Freedom On Your Calendar

Here’s the problem with most coach’s calendars:

What they spend time on is NOT on their calendar.

And most of what is ON their calendar isn’t moving the needle in their coaching business.

For example, I guarantee that if I looked at your calendar right now I would see …

…Things other people want you to do.

…Things you think no one will do unless you do them.

…Things you feel obligated to still be doing, from the past.

…Things that do not give you joy.

…Things that do not directly make it possible for you to create income and impact in your coaching business.

Which all adds up to busyness and stress, rather than you making money and feeling freedom.

Listen up, Firestarter.

Time freedom is one of THE greatest opportunities available to you by becoming a Business Coach for women entrepreneurs.

And I want that for you.

YOU want that for you!

Here’s a million dollar mindset tip on creating time freedom in your coaching business:

Start treating your calendar like your Freedom Template.

That looks like…

Consciously building freedom into your schedule – not just a vacation here and there but real freedom every single day and week.

Asking yourself this question about every single event in your calendar: “Is this appointment/meeting/etc. directly related to creating income and impact in my coaching business?”

Being willing to say “I’m not available for that” or “That’s not a fit for me”.

Not apologizing, or making excuses, or hedging or assuming you have to figure out an alternative.

It may feel weird at first, but trust me Firestarter…

That magical feeling of freedom is worth it!


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Coaches: You Gotta Put Your Freedom On Your Calendar