Coaching Questions That Expand What Your Client Thinks Is Possible

by Kendall SummerHawk | July 8, 2022 | Coach Training

Coaching Questions That Expand What Your Client Thinks Is Possible

Next time you have a coaching client who’s fixed on an idea of what she can and can’t do, ask her a question that creates possibility.

Like setting a higher goal.

Or making a leap.

Or raising her standards.

The power of creating possibility is your questions instantly cause her to think outside of the story she’s stuck in.

And once that happens, she can’t go back to the old way of thinking.

For example, say you’re coaching a woman entrepreneur on her pricing.

She knows she needs to raise her fees, but she has concerns like, “What if I lose my clients?” and, “What if I have to work more to fulfill on my services?”

You want to flip a switch in her thinking by asking possibility questions’ like:

  •  What if that thought about charging a higher fee wasn’t true?
  •  What would you love to have your new fees say about you?
  •  What if offering your services at a higher fee was even easier than the old undercharging fee?
  •  If feeling concerned about charging higher fees was no longer an option, what would you feel instead?

And just like that, you have a client who is moving forward and excited that you helped her stand in her power!


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Coaching Questions That Expand What Your Client Thinks Is Possible