Coaches: don’t underestimate the power of your niche

by Kendall SummerHawk | October 14, 2022 | Coach Training

Coaches: don’t underestimate the power of your niche

When you choose the right coach niche to focus on, it’s truly limitless what you can create for yourself.

Wealth, freedom, making an incredible impact doing work you love.

It’s all possible.

For example, you see me as a leader in the coach training space now, but did you know that when I first started I was trying to offer life coaching?

You know, changing beliefs, finding confidence, stuff like that.

Only problem was, very few people walk around saying to themselves, “hey, I need to change my beliefs”.

Don’t get me wrong, life coaching is amazing but it has a FATAL FLAW…the flaw that typical life coaching doesn’t have any context.

That lack of context is what makes it soooo difficult for high-end paying clients (the kind you deeply desire to be working with) to relate to why they should hire you.

Back to that time… I had nearly zero clients and felt like all my awesome ambition was bottled up inside me.

What changed is that one day I opened my eyes to an opportunity that had been right in front of me all along…

Coach women entrepreneurs.

It was that simple.

That moment changed my life and within just one day I signed on 3 new women entrepreneur clients.

I coached the heck out of mastering their money mindset, then coached them to choose a niche, package up their services in a juicy way and to claim their worth in their pricing.

They were thrilled and I was in deep gratitude because I was making an incredible impact and the money was starting to flow in.

What happened next is that my business took off, moving into 6-figures, then 7 and multi 7-figures every year.

And since then, I’ve created the #1 coach certification training for Firestarter women who want to become a soul-driven business coach or money coach, serving women entrepreneurs.

I’ve fully funded my retirement.

I live debt free.

And I have so much time freedom, it’s unbelievable.

All because I made that decision to coach women entrepreneurs.

What choice will you make?


PS – If your ambition is to do soulful work and make money coaching… choosing to coach women entrepreneurs is the answer.

And getting certified and paid to coach is easier than you think!

Go to www.CertifiedCoach.Training for all the details.

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Coaches: don’t underestimate the power of your niche