Pricing Your Coaching? Here’s The Secret

by Kendall SummerHawk | November 18, 2022 | Coach Training

Pricing Your Coaching? Here’s The Secret

For women, mindset always comes before mechanics…

So pricing your coaching doesn’t start with ‘picking a number’…

It starts with ditching every pricing belief that doesn’t serve you.

Pricing beliefs like:

👉 “My clients won’t pay that”

There are plenty of new clients who will pay. These are the ones you focus on attracting.

👉 “I can’t charge more because…”

Whatever comes after ‘because’ is a thought that often speaks to worrying about what someone else might think. Let it go.

👉 “I’m just getting started coaching women entrepreneurs”

You know that experience, wisdom, expertise and gifts that you’ve worked hard to attain, fought for at times and have nurtured for all these years?

Yes, all that goodness added up is worth a ton to your ideal clients. It’s time to own your awesomeness.

👉 “I’m afraid if I charge more I’ll…”

Be super awesome? Successful? Seen as a leader? Step out from the status quo?

It’s time to put your rebel hat on and own charging what you’re worth.

Remember, Firestarter…

Charging what you’re worth isn’t a numbers game. It’s a belief exercise.

And you have the power to shift those beliefs, so you can charge what you’re worth and create all the abundance you desire.

You’ve got this!


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Pricing Your Coaching? Here’s The Secret