Money Coaching Is The Single Most Powerful Way You Can Make An Impact For Women

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Coach Training

Women have struggled with money because they’ve been stuck in a pattern of fear, unconscious shadow behavior or disempowerment.

So they have money fights with their loved ones, give up their power or boundaries with money, or “shrink to fit”.

But today’s woman is highly motivated to own her worth and stand independently with money.

💎 She doesn’t want to abdicate her power with money … she wants to claim her sovereignty.

💎 She wants to understand where she’s giving away her power with money, how to recognize when it’s happening, and know how to vanquish her money shadow side.

💎 She wants to create new, empowering money boundaries with herself, her partner and her family.

💎 She wants to feel comfortable and confident discussing money, without stressing or feeling inner conflict.

💎 She wants to reinvent her relationship with money in a deep, meaningful way, that isn’t based on tedious spreadsheets or silly advice like ‘just cut out lattes’.

💎 She wants to discover her innate money strengths and become a rule-breaking, feminine money badass.

This is where YOU come in to make an impact as a Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach!

By getting certified in this remarkable money system, you quickly become qualified to confidently lead women through re-inventing their relationship with money.

Plus, one of the FIRST exciting benefits of enrolling today is you’ll immediately begin discovering your Sacred Money Archetypes® and create your OWN money breakthroughs…

And that gives you all the authenticity and experience you need to confidently coach others.

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Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz

Free Money Quiz

Discover Your Unique Money Personality & Get Instant Access to This New, 3-Part Money Training That Includes:

  • Fascinating, key insights about your specific money personality, and how you can start easily applying these to boost your business & income.
  • That sneaky ‘boundary shadow side’ to watch out for and practical tips on how you can create supportive boundaries that feel good for YOUR unique money archetype (TIPS Included).
  • 8 simple ways to make more money in your business today with Sacred Money Archetypes® (CHECKLIST Included).


Money Coaching Is The Single Most Powerful Way You Can Make An Impact For Women