5 Reasons To Coach A Woman Entrepreneur On Her Pricing

by Kendall SummerHawk | January 27, 2023 | Coach Training

5 Reasons To Coach A Woman Entrepreneur On Her Pricing

As a business coach for women entrepreneurs, do you know the single most important element of your client’s business to coach on?

It’s how much to charge.

This is true no matter what … if your client is brand new to running a business AND if your client is a powerhouse who has been successful for years.

Because pricing is money, and ‘money stuff’ never really goes away.

Here are 5 reasons to coach a woman entrepreneur on her pricing, no matter where she is on her business journey:

1. When she wants to raise her fees. Remember: your client may have plenty of experience with raising her fees, but that doesn’t mean it feels easy or conflict-free.

2. When she creates a new offer.

3. When she changes an existing offer. This is a fantastic time to reassess what she’s charging, and if that number still feels in alignment.

4. When she’s overworking, or when she wants to work less.

5. When she hits a glass money ceiling and is ready to have clarity and a strong, positive relationship with money.

If you want to become the coach who confidently coaches on pricing, let’s talk about you getting certified as a Money Breakthrough Business Coach™.

Our Certified Coach Training gives you ALL of the emotionally-rich + practical pricing coaching process and exercises you need to effortlessly coach women entrepreneurs on how much to charge.

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5 Reasons To Coach A Woman Entrepreneur On Her Pricing