How To Give Yourself A Money Makeover

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Coach Training

If you want to make more money in your coaching business, it’s time to give the old “money you” a makeover.

Because every woman harbors inside her a secret, money comfort zone.

This is the part of you that busily keeps tabs on how much you’re getting or not getting… how much you feel you need and don’t have… and how much you dream of having.

This part of your subconscious is happy as long as the money it’s keeping tabs on are within its comfort range.

But what happens when you want to make more money?

That part of your brain gets uncomfortable.

And even if you’re able to push past it and make more money, as the numbers begin to increase above that secret comfort level, life gets tricky and you may experience unexpected money drama.

How do you upwardly shift the amount your subconscious has secretly settled on, so that YOU don’t have to settle?

Try this self-coaching trick: for the next 72 hours, practice asking yourself,

“As someone who makes ___________ (that new amount you want to be making) …

how do I _____ (fill in the blank with every task you perform in your business)?

At first this may feel a little uncomfortable or uncertain but stick with it and you’ll find yourself seeing everything about your coaching business in a new light, allowing your next level of income to flow in.

Remember, there is no ceiling on how much you can make!

So set your new income level, use the self-coaching question to get your subconscious onboard, and don’t settle for anything less!



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How To Give Yourself A Money Makeover