(VIDEO) The Energy of Creating $10k Coaching Months

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Coach Training

Ready to make $10K months from coaching women entrepreneurs your new, powerful normal? Then today’s #MoneyClass is for you, all about the EMOTION of creating $10k coaching months. Because when it comes to reaching your income goals as a coach for women entrepreneurs… It’s not about the number. It’s about your emotion around the number. And achieving $10k months is fully available to you once you start tapping into those thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Watch now and discover:

💎 Why the first step to creating $10K months as a coach is DECIDING that you are worthy.
💎 A practical exercise for shedding the old history around money we all have that’s not serving us any more.
💎 How to shift your negative beliefs around making money as a coach into thoughts, feelings and actions that are an aligned match with your income goals.
💎 The surprisingly simple math for creating $10K coaching months as an emerging Business Coach for women entrepreneurs.

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(PODCAST EPISODE #22) How Coaching Frameworks Transform Your Business

(PODCAST EPISODE #22) How Coaching Frameworks Transform Your Business

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(VIDEO) The Energy of Creating $10k Coaching Months