How to feel confident leading a money conversation

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Coach Training

What’s keeping you from expertly handling an awkward money conversation is not what you think.

For many coaches, they don’t over think the upcoming conversation…they ‘over feel’ it.

It’s like you’re feeling all of your emotions AND all of the emotions you’re imaging the other person is experiencing as well.

You feel like there is an emotional wall between you and knowing how to handle that money conversation with grace and confidence.

You’re not sure what to say, what to ask for, what to insist on.

You’re not sure how to hold your boundaries from a calm, centered place.

You’re a coach because you have insight, intuition and great coaching skills, so why does it seem like all of your coaching skills suddenly fly out of the window when there’s a money conversation you need to have?

Learning how to handle money conversations with grace & respect (such a powerful combo!) is a skill that will serve you every week for the life of your coaching business.

But HOW?

Start with these 3 basics:


Starting any money conversation while feeling upset, angry or triggered in any way is not going to support you in creating a positive outcome for yourself.

So before you pick up the phone or send that text, spend the time you need to release the initial reactive emotions.

Underneath those emotions are a truth you want to discover that will free you to think clearly, and lead the money conversation with grace and respect.


A big mistake is what I call, ‘relinquishing on the fly’.

Not being clear ahead of time about what outcome you want, where you’re willing to flex and where you’re not, means you’re more likely to agree or settle for something that you’re not ultimately going to be happy with.

For example, let’s say a client is late on their monthly coaching payment, or keeps showing up late for their coaching sessions. Knowing in advance what your boundaries are will keep you from accepting behavior that doesn’t align with your values.


Being in your power matters to you, and that means proactively addressing money conversations as they come up.

You’re not a ‘bad person’ because you have money boundaries.

You’re not greedy or selfish because you’re not willing to be taken advantage of.

You’re a leader, a coach who empowers others and that includes empowering yourself!

Remember that money conversations are never about money. They’re about self respect, boundaries, and values.

If you want major breakthroughs with money this year, the place to start is developing the SKILL of mastering money conversations!

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How to feel confident leading a money conversation