Leading a “Money Convo”: How To Be Unwavering

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Coach Training

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you have to have the ‘money convo’?

Most coaches end up LOSING tens of thousands purely because they don’t know how to handle, “the money convo.”

The money conversation is when…

… Clients want to drop out of your coaching container
… That new client wants to get creative with their own payment plan
… That assistant you hired is now ghosting you and their invoice is due next week
… A client wants to ‘take a break’ from coaching for a few weeks
… That client payment is late or delinquent
… You just had a launch and now people are asking for a refund
… The vendor supporting your website/social/whatever is late with deliverables
… A client keeps showing up late for her coaching sessions
… You’re ready to raise your fees but not sure how to handle it with your current clients
… Your partner isn’t on the same page with you and investing in your business

You may be doing all the things to bring money into your coaching business, but if you don’t know how to plug your money leaks, money becomes just like water pouring through a pasta strainer…it all falls right through.

I’m here to change that for you!

There are 4 critical steps of leading a money convo using many of the coaching skills you already have.

As a result, when you know how to create and hold your leadership in a money convo, and NOTHING wavers you… you plug money leaks, fast.


Starting any money conversation while feeling upset, angry or triggered in any way is not going to support you in creating a positive outcome for yourself.

So before you pick up the phone or send that text, spend the time you need to release the initial reactive emotions.

Underneath those emotions are a truth you want to discover that will free you to think clearly, and lead the money conversation with grace and respect, as a result you’ll see the situation resolved to your satisfaction.


A big mistake is what I call, ‘relinquishing on the fly’.

Not being clear ahead of time about where you’re willing to flex and where you’re not, means you’re more likely to agree or settle for something that you’re not ultimately going to be happy with.

For example, let’s say a client is late on their monthly coaching payment, or keeps showing up late for their coaching sessions. Knowing in advance what your boundaries are will keep you from accepting behavior that doesn’t align with those million dollar standards you want for yourself.


How you open the conversation contributes 80% towards creating a successful conversation.

The key to leading is YOU are the one asking the questions. When you lead you’re less likely to cave in to someone’s excuses, feel guilty or get off track.

Remember that the person who is asking the questions is the leader, and that’s YOU!


Being in your power matters to you, and that means proactively addressing money conversations as they come up.

After all, avoidance isn’t a coaching strategy and let’s be honest, the situation isn’t like wine, it doesn’t get better with age.

Remember this…

You’re not a ‘bad person’ because you have money boundaries.

You’re not greedy or selfish because you’re not willing to be taken advantage of.

You’re a leader, a coach who empowers others and that includes empowering yourself!

And know that money conversations are never about money. They’re about self respect, boundaries, and values.

Making millions isn’t from a fancy sales strategy. Making big money in your coaching business is effortless when you’ve mastered your money conversations.

Most coaches end up LOSING tens of thousands purely because they don’t know how to handle, “the money convo”.

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Leading a “Money Convo”: How To Be Unwavering