Be the Guardian of Your Dream: 4 Tips for Million-Dollar Success

by | May 4, 2024 | Podcast

Have you ever felt like your dream is bigger than you?

Trust me, you are not too much.

And your dream is not too big.

And all that desire you have to make money and be a woman of wealth is not greedy.

Your dream is authentic and being the guardian of your dream is the most powerful way you can approach it.

When you’re the guardian of your dream, you aren’t looking for permission to grow the beautiful coaching business you deserve.

When you’re the guardian of your dream, you get to hold million-dollar mindsets and million-dollar standards, and I’m showing you how to become that woman in this episode.

Listen to this week’s Money Coach School Podcast episode & discover:

☑️ Why holding million-dollar mindsets and million-dollar standards is vital to your success.

☑️ 4 key mindsets for going after your powerful million-dollar vision.

☑️ How to know who to share your dream with so that you’re protecting your bubble.

☑️ The difference between asking for support versus asking for permission.

☑️ A peek at the manifesto I use to propel my dream forward.

Plus, you’ll learn how to handle yourself and your mindset powerfully when your desire for more feels like it’s in conflict with the people and situations around you, so you can build the coaching business of your wildest dreams while taking control of your own future.

Listen now – find episode 32 at or on your favorite podcast app.


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Be the Guardian of Your Dream: 4 Tips for Million-Dollar Success