Do you ask this powerful coaching question?

I admit it, I’m obsessed with coaching.

Because in a world where everyone is trying to sell you the next bright, shiny marketing object, they are entirely missing the most critical center point in creating your coaching business…

You have to be a powerful coach!

It is the power and brilliance of your coaching that makes you stand out from the crowd…

That gives you so much confidence in what you do that its magnetic presence practically oozes out of you when you’re talking with prospective clients…

That keeps clients re-enrolling with you instead of leaving you to try someone else…

And has your best clients referring their friends and colleagues to you…

And gives you the deeply satisfying feeling of fulfillment, knowing you are expressing your soul’s purpose through a business that makes money doing meaningful work in the world.


If you have an interest in coaching women entrepreneurs (who I’ve found to be the most joyful, lucrative and plentiful clients to work with!) then I invite you to explore our certified coach training program starting in just a few weeks.

“Yes Kendall, I want to coach so I can make money doing meaningful work in the world –> show me how”

And if you find yourself saying, “I can’t because…(excuse, excuse, excuse)” then here is one of my favorite, most powerful coaching questions I love asking my clients to bust through a limiting belief…

“What if that wasn’t true?”

What if within you is the brilliant coach women entrepreneurs are waiting for right now?

What if all these new clients aren’t just waiting for any coach…they are waiting for YOU?!

Definitely check this out over the weekend, okay?

Your future successful self will thank you for it!


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