Eavesdropping on this conversation…

kendall-red-wallOne of the topics my 7-figure girlfriends and I often end up talking about is the beautiful relationship between our soul’s divine purpose and creating a 7-figure business.

Recently we asked, where does the desire to create a 7-figure business come from?

For me, it was a decision that sprung from a place of intense frustration with my then 6-figure business.

(It’s fascinating how hitting an emotional bottom can be a powerful catalyst for spring boarding us into what we truly desire.)

What I loved about making that decision was that it felt terrifying (Really? A MILLION dollars? Who did I think I was?!!).

And…it instantly catapulted me out of frustration and onto a path that had purpose.

I had no earthly idea how I was going to do it.

I didn’t know other women in the coaching space at that time who were at that level.

I didn’t hang out with wealthy people or highly successful entrepreneurs.

I wondered if what I had to offer would be “enough”.

I had intense doubts about whether I could “handle” a bigger business (another version of the “Who am I?” imposter complex popping up).

And if my future-self had said to me, “Listen up girl, because you’re going to make this life-changing decision and in 2 years you’re going to reach it. Plus you’re going to radically up-level your sense of purpose, confidence and impact in the world!” I would have thought she was talking about someone else, not me.

But as it turns out, she was right.

I reached 7-figures in 2 years. Then multi 7-figures every year after that.

I’m not sharing this to brag…

…I’m sharing this because I feel intense gratitude that I rebelliously listened to my desire rather than bending to what others thought I “should” do.

At one point in my journey I realized that the strategies I used were only part of the 7-figure equation.

What mattered even more than strategy was that I allowed my commitment to be stronger than my fear.

In truth, the journey to a million dollar business is not for everyone.

But if you feel that desire within you (not just wishful thinking but true, burning desire) then I offer these insights to help get you started:

#1: Make the commitment.
For me this was declaring, “I want to make a million dollars” out loud, in my office.

Yes, my only witness was my dog but giving voice to that commitment was electrifying and grounded my desire like a tree planting roots.

#2: Start making space.
Meaning, don’t let other peoples’ priorities become yours. For me that means every day being mindful to put time and energy into my projects and not allow the needs of others to creep into my schedule. Making space gives you freedom! And saying no becomes easier and easier because you are clear what you allow in…and what isn’t your responsibility or need to take on.

Remember that every yes is also a no, so give yourself permission to say no to anything that isn’t in alignment with your new decision.  

Trust me, the strength and confidence you’ll gain from making space is going to serve you in multiple, priceless ways, starting with you feeling that you are honoring your commitment, plus freeing your energy to create your new offers and opportunities.

#3: Make decisions quickly.
Unmade decisions are one of the biggest energy draining aspects of being in business. Making decisions quickly creates clarity and clarity is freedom.

#4: Trust yourself more. Way more.
We’ve all made decisions in the past that didn’t work out. Let it go. You did the best you could at the time and now is a NEW time.

I consider my intuition to be my greatest strength as a coach, and also the CEO of my business. The inklings and whispers of ideas that you have, properly nurtured and strategically designed, are likely the heart of your 7-figure business.

#5: Set a daily intention to be a million dollar feminine business woman.
Recommitting daily centers your heart and soul with your desire, getting you into powerful alignment.

#6: Acknowledge your victories.
You become what you acknowledge and give awareness to every day.

If it IS your desire to create a million dollar business, then the intentional and consistent use of these insights will help you rapidly experience becoming the beautiful, soulful feminine leader of a high-earning business that you love!