I’m blowing it up

Know the difference between evolution and revolution?

One takes time…the other is right now.

It’s the difference between being patient, doing the inner work, making time to adjust, accepting change step by step…and saying eff-it, I’m ready for a major change, like RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

Something shifted mightily for me last week on my birthday. A day of rebirth and renewal. A day I can already look back on as The One.

But a shift on the inside is tough to sustain unless it has a place to show up in our world.

So for me, for starters, I’m blowing up my ezine.

I could spin you a cute marketing story about how it’s some well thought out strategic move…but the truth — and my vulnerability — is that I’m tired of fitting into the very mold I created.

My writing is a deeply felt and highly personal creative expression. Like a straight shot of soul espresso.

So instead of the “5 tips to whatever” sameness you’ll be getting shots of that soul espresso.

Some about business and what it really takes to be successful (it’s so different than what you might have thought up until now).

Some about how making money is one of the most divinely spiritual and selfless acts you can ever possibly do in this lifetime. Ever.

Some about how to stand in the truth of your value, because while you’re worth isn’t tied to your income, being broke or just making ends meet does not enrich your self-esteem.

And a lot of how to master being fully in your brilliance, without apology.

Because when I say I believe in you, I mean in it with such fierce love there is no earthly way I’m going to let you give up on yourself. Ever.

So watch your inbox for a new look and feel and a new voice to our connection.

It may come weekly, it may skip a week, it may come only a few days apart.

If on occasion you’re tempted to complain about too much email, don’t.

Be grateful I am here for you.

To support you. Help you.

Keep you from falling into some pit of self doubt that you don’t deserve.

To hold you as powerful no matter what.

To give you the inside view of what it looks like, feels like and is like to be a highly successful woman entrepreneur (it rocks), because no one else is sharing this with you and wouldn’t you like the truth?

I’m glad we’re connected.



PS – It’s a new day – make the most of it. xoxoxox


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