My favorite summer journaling coaching questions…

Richard and I are on our annual summer holiday, soaking up the cool, green majestic quiet of the Oregon coast.

While I’m here, I plan on using journaling to connect with where I am now — mid-year — and to re-align my actions with my vision for 2017.

This is a deeply important process because it’s so easy to slip into busyness that leads you off course from where you want to be by year end.

I thought you would appreciate me sharing with you some of my favorite journaling questions and how I use them.

(This is the same process I’ve used every year in creating my coaching business from scratch…to now being 7+ figures every year)

First, I take out a pretty journal like this one:


Then I sit quietly and set my intention to listen to my intuition — my Wise Self — trusting that she knows what the perfect choices are for me to make.

Next, I begin free-writing to these questions:

  • What is working? And what makes it work?
  • Where am I being powerful? (In my life with my sweetie & with my horses, and in my business)
  • What makes me most proud at this moment? (This inspires deeply felt gratitude at a soul level)

Next, I switch my focus to the future, by journaling the answers to these questions:

  • What is my vision for the end of the year? (This is an opportunity to write out exactly what you are creating your business to look like so be clear & specific!)
  • What do I want that I do not have now? (I’m very specific, using tangible results to answer this question).
  • What am I committed to? (Commitment is the bridge between intention and action, and is a powerful way to create what you want!)
  • What information do I need? What do I need to know? (This directs where to put my time and energy)
  • What daily action would I take if I were unstoppable?

Throughout your journaling you can deepen the process and get even more clarity by asking, “What else?” to each question.

What makes journaling like this a powerful catalyst for growing your business is not judging what comes up.

Simply let your answers flow through you, onto the page.

I promise at the end of this process you will have what you crave the most right now: clarity about exactly what to do to become a premier coach with a lucrative business!

Enjoy and we’ll connect when I’m back from holiday.