Standing strong, finding faith and what’s next

heart-fireThe election is over but it has left a wake of emotional upheaval, and the inevitable questioning of, “How will this effect ME?!”

So I’m reaching out to you today to share guidance on how to navigate your way through, find your faith and emerge victorious on the other side, standing strongly in your power.

Some of what I’m about to share may piss you off because I’m not going to recommend giving away your power to a world’s end view of this tumultuous event.

The core belief in all of my coaching is to hold you as powerful and if, at times that means you get a little pissed then I’m okay with that because I love you and care about you.

I hope that the wisdom I’m sharing here will be of service to you anytime that you experience a bump in the road or a setback.

Make no mistake about it, it takes courage and a brave heart to feel your feelings fully…AND to make empowered choices as you move forward.

So hand in hand, let me walk you through this together…

Allow yourself to feel and get your ENERGY moving.

Drowning in negative emotions only deepens our sense of powerlessness. This is not the moment to numb out with alcohol, o.d. on chocolate or binge-watch Netflix.

My advice is to DO something physical – dance wildly, dig in your garden, work out hard, amp up in spinning class …the point is to be fully in your body, moving your muscles and breaking a sweat.

This isn’t about whether you feel like doing it or not (you may not right now)…just do it!

Trust me, giving yourself permission to feel fully as you move your body gives you an immediate emotional detox.

What is YOUR radical change?

Fascinatingly, the message throughout both sides of the election was of radical change.

The status quo has been shaken to its core and ignoring this fact is handing over your power on a silver platter to someone who will not safeguard or nurture it to your benefit.

I’m choosing to use what has happened as a giant wake-up call because regardless of who won, the women’s empowerment movement will not be stopped.

We each have a personal glass ceiling of beliefs that are soooo worth breaking through, because the YOU that you blossom into in the process is who you are meant to be at your soul level.

(I’ll be sending specific tips on how to do this in an upcoming email in just a few days).

Your power doesn’t come from an outer authority, it comes from within YOU.

The work you do matters. Your brilliance is extraordinary.

And where you put your considerably energy and focus is of YOUR choosing.

So if you’re feeling scared then it’s time to stop hiding.

If you’re angry then it’s time to give voice to your style of leadership.

If you’re sad then remember that within your courageous heart lives your dream and your joy, and you can choose not to let anyone take these from you.

Own your power now. Today. Not just when it’s easy and fits into your schedule.

You are a woman of courage and the feeling of owning your power — starting within that huge heart of yours — means YOU are defining your experience and owning your light.

The powerful coaching question I am asking myself is, “What is the BEST reason this is happening?”

I recently came across this beautiful quote from Audre Lorde – “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

The fact that you are AMAZING is more true today than it’s ever been.

And remember, as long as you and I stay connected then you are not alone.

Love to you my courageous, beautiful friend!