Want to be hired as her coach?

Let’s jump right in and talk about coaching a woman entrepreneur on her packages, okay?

Because no matter what type of business a woman has started, if you want to be hired as her coach then getting confident creating packages should definitely be on your ‘what to learn next’ list.

Here’s why (and why it’s one of the most fulfilling and lucrative coaching topics you can offer)…

Women get hung up creating their own packages for all kinds of valid reasons…

It’s hard to take our creative mess and make lucrative order out of it…

We get overly attached to what we do and struggle to cut the cord and let go of over delivering…

And in our desire to love and help our clients, we slip into believing we have to shower them (okay, flood would be a better description) with everything under the sun we think they need.

Which is exactly WHY every woman in business is quick to reach out and hire a coach to help her untangle her ideas and make lucrative packages out of them.

This is YOUR moment to sign on a new client Renee!

Here are 3 simple steps you can use to get started coaching women on creating awesome packages (and why she’s going to LOVE having you as her coach!):

#1. Share with her exactly what goes into a great package.

(If you use our done-for-you ‘How to Create Packages’ training you’ll have a template to coach your clients through – easy!)

#2. Next, coach her to create her high-end package FIRST – here’s why: she’ll immediately make more money, and stop giving away too much in low-end offers that are eating up all of her time for too little income.

(Tip: Your clients only need 2 packages to build a healthy, thriving service-based business. Same goes for you, too!)

#3. Then coach her to own her worth, without apology, letting go of outdated beliefs that no longer serve her and where she wants to take her business.
(If you use my packages coaching template you can coach your clients through this transformation in a matter of minutes, making YOUR coaching packages infinitely more valuable & easy to offer).  

The best part of coaching on packages is you don’t have to be a marketing ‘expert’ to get awesome results for your clients.

Coaching on packages is exactly what I did to start making real money as a coach…and still do today with all of my clients.

Plus, coaching on packages is fun, creative, rewarding work that makes it easy for you to make money in your coaching business.

Imagine how easy it would be to quickly have this expertise, with my How to Create Packages system!

It’s all included — and can be yours — with my Money, Marketing and Soul® Certified Coach training.

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