Your Simple, Readiness Checklist For Attracting Higher Paying Clients

by Kendall SummerHawk | September 18, 2012 | Money and Mindset

One of the biggest ways women entrepreneurs hold themselves back from rapidly growing their business is by telling themselves they’re not ready. After coaching thousands of women business owners, I’ve heard it all! Maybe you can relate to some of these examples:

“Kendall, I’m not ready to…charge higher fees, to attract higher paying clients, to let go of my old business model that’s making me crazy and overworked, to be visible, to let go of draining clients, to get my first high-end client, to…”

Crazy as it seems, even though we women mentally want a simpler business and fabulous clients flowing in, inwardly, our little girl is worried about being good enough

The only way to soothe this inner worry so that you can take the steps necessary to grow your business with higher paying clients is to get your hands on a practical checklist that makes it easy for you to confidently know you are ready.

Which is why I am excited to give you these 4 easy tips to get you started…

Tip #1 For Attracting Higher Paying Clients:
If It’s Not Pretty Or Inspiring, Get Rid Of It

You don’t need to have been in business any great length of time in order to begin attracting higher paying clients. But what you must do is think, act and believe in new ways that represent you valuing yourself! And did you know that your work space represents these thoughts and beliefs? Which means it’s critical that your surroundings set the stage for greater success, helping you to feel confident that you’re charging what you’re worth.

So, what’s on MY desk? Hand-made glass hearts, a gorgeous amethyst crystal, my jeweled Goddess calculator, a blooming orchid and my Money Tracking sheet. What is not on my desk? Clutter, messy stacks of paper and unfinished projects.

If you’re work space is a mess, grab a box, the recycling bin and a shredder and get busy getting rid of everything that isn’t high-end!

Tip #2 For Attracting Higher Paying Clients:
Include A “Done-for-You” Element In Your Programs

When I began adding done-for-you checklists, templates and scripts to my programs, the quality and quantity of my clients skyrocketed. People love anything that saves them time which is why I now include done-for-you materials in all of my workshops and programs.

Start simple. For example, plan on including a simple checklist of getting started tips or helpful do’s and don’ts in your high end client packages. Turn these tips into a colorful sheet that can be downloaded or mailed to your client in a packet. Information presented this way is seen as immensely valuable!

Tip #3 For Attracting Higher Paying Clients:
Follow A Proven Template That Spells Out Your Exact Marketing Steps

Marketing for higher paying clients is tons simpler than most women realize. The trick is to have a step by step plan that lays out for you exactly what to do, when and how. By taking the guesswork out of your marketing, you boost your confidence and your ability to take action.

Tip #4 For Attracting Higher Paying Clients:
Create Your Irresistible, High-End Offer

What I love about the higher paying client strategy for rapidly building a business is that you don’t need a list or even tons of experience to get started. What you DO need is a clear offer that is rich with clear results clients will get from working with you. Add in a few bonuses and the details of how you’ll be delivering your service and you have the beginnings of an awesome offer.

Just be sure to avoid the temptation to overload your offer because of the mistaken belief that if people are investing more with you, they need more “stuff”. Higher end programs are elegant in their focus and simplicity.

Should Creating High End Programs Be Part Of Your Business? Yes!

Creating high-end client offers is something every business should be including in their business model. And because it doesn’t require a list it’s the perfect strategy for being a great source of immediate income for you. Plus, if you’re already busy with clients, transitioning to high-end offers frees up your time while increasing your cash flow.

Remember that all it takes to be ready is to make a “yes” decision!

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Your Simple, Readiness Checklist For Attracting Higher Paying Clients