You Gotta Get Control Of Your Numbers

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Money and Mindset

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As a woman entrepreneur, one of the most powerful mindset shifts you can make is to choose your numbers instead of letting your numbers choose you.

Here’s what I mean— most women entrepreneurs add up how much income they think they’re likely make for the month, then settle for that as their income.

While this approach sounds logical, in reality it creates an endless cycle of scarcity in your business. And from an energetic standpoint, it places you in a position of being at the mercy of what fate may bring to you, while you’re secretly hoping someone will come along to save you.

Ladies, Prince Charming isn’t going to save you! But knowing how to step into your power as a smart, savvy woman entrepreneur will. Because once you know how to choose your numbers (instead of letting them choose you) you’ll find yourself generating more income, creating more financial security and gaining confidence as a woman entrepreneur.

Which is why I’m giving you these 3 easy steps to implement that will have you choosing how much you make, and creating the kind of security and freedom you desire from your business.

Step #1 Start By Setting A Revenue Goal For The Year That Is Double What You’ve Made Before

The first year I did this my accountant thought I was nuts! I found that setting a goal to double my revenue was exciting and it forced me to take an honest look at how I had been running my business, where I was giving away my power with money and what changes I needed to make in my programs and in my fees.

Step #2 Next, Divide By 12, Then Round Up To Get Your New Monthly Minimum

Money has a fascinating way of rising only to the level you see is possible.

Which means you need to set the stage for your success by determining in advance what amount you will reach each month. And because you attract what you track write down your monthly amount and post it where you can see it daily.

Step #3 Use Your Monthly Minimum To Determine Your Marketing, Launches, List Building And Other Business Building Actions

One of the secret energies of money is that it’s easier to make more than it is to make less. And when you think about it, the energy you invest in answering email, speaking, networking and marketing and growing your business all requires the same amount of time.

So let your bigger number — the number YOU choose — give you the motivation, energy and courage to reach out for bigger partnerships, to raise your fees, to market a little more to fill your programs, to make those potential client Discovery Session calls and more.

You’ll have so much more confidence AND income to show for your efforts!

So What Do You Do If You Don’t Reach Your Number?

Determining how much you want to make instead of letting fate — or fear — decide for you will cause you to stretch in a big way. So even if you don’t meet your number exactly, you WILL have generated more income and more opportunities than if you stuck with the old, tired ritual of letting your numbers choose you!

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You Gotta Get Control Of Your Numbers